More Children Killed by Pillows Than by Firearms

By Fred Riehl

Firearms Less Than 1.5% of Accidental Fatalities Among Children
Firearms Less Than 1.5% of Accidental Fatalities Among Children
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( For children and youth 14 years of age and under,unintentional injuries are the leading cause of fatality, but firearms account for the lowest cause of injury among youth.

“Tragically, 18 times more children are killed by suffocation from bedding, plastic bags or small objects than guns.” said Ammoland Editor, Fredy Riehl

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This just reports unintentional deaths..What about intentional deaths?


no more pillows to lay they wittle heads on.

John Doe

We can take the guns away from the children. But we can't take the pillows away from them. Think hard and confess, 1% less deaths amogst children if we just ban guns!

John Clarke - Corona

18 TIMES more children are killed by accidental suffocation, not 18% more.


Good catch John. Thanks.