Silencerco Launches Official Campaign For The How Loud Is It Show

Silencerco Launches Official Campaign For The ‘How Loud Is It’ Show


Salt Lake City, UT –-( SilencerCo, the leader in firearm suppressors manufacturing has launched the “How Loud Is It” campaign.

Following up on the launch of its “Silencers Are Legal” campaign which asked the questions “Did you know that silencers are legal for civilian ownership? Yes! They absolutely are!”

SilencerCo’s “Silencers Are Legal” campaign was created because only a small percentage of American citizens knew that Silencers are indeed legal. Silencerco/SWR introduced the “Silencers Are Legal” campaign to expand the silencer market out of obscurity and into the mainstream general shooting sports industry.

The campaign has showed great success with its “Yes, Silencers Are Legal” brochure, posters, and the Silencers Are Legal website. Now Silencerco/SWR is introducing a new video campaign that is intended to be educational as well as funny called “How Loud Is It?” To see the video, click the link here:

This video series will compare everyday sounds with sounds of suppressed gun fire. The premier episode compares a .22 lr suppressed pistol with a slap to the face of Silencerco/SWR’s very own CEO Joshua Waldron. Interesting enough the slap to the face sound metered only 2 db quieter than the suppressed .22 pistol.

Silencerco/SWR performed a market research survey where they interviewed individuals going into different gun stores and asked them whether or not they knew that silencers were legal. To their surprise only 3% of the people interviewed knew that they were.

This is what inspired Silencerco/SWR CEO Joshua Waldron to launch the “Silencers Are Legal” campaign. “Three percent is not acceptable” Joshua Waldron expressed, “how can we expect to be protected by lobby groups such as the NRA and politicians when our industry numbers are so low?” With the launch of the “Silencers Are Legal” campaign the last year has experienced over 10% growth, and the momentum is building.

Waldron has also been lobbying the lobbyists, so to speak, by working with the NRA and other industry giants to add the silencer market to their agenda. Also, before this year, no general firearm distributor dealt with silencers at all. This made it very difficult for silencer companies to spread the market to dealers without their class III license. However, Silencerco along with other silencer dealers, were able to get the largest wholesale distributor Acusport Corporation, to add silencers to their inventory.

“The recent acceptance of silencers by Acusport is crucial to our industry,” said Waldron, “because of our Silencers Are Legal campaign, along with Acusport’s client list, we have been able to convert a lot of title one dealers into class III dealers. This is a huge milestone for our industry.”

The “How Loud Is It” video series is intended to reach out further and recruit more people into our industry. This is just one step closer to making silencers mainstream and teaching the benefits of shooting with silencers to the general firearms industry.

“Hunting, and recreational shooting with silencers have many benefits that people just do not think of,” Waldron informs, “Bottom line is that a silencer makes a gun a safer, safer for your ears, and safer at the range because shooters tend to be less nervous when sound and recoil is greatly reduced.”

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