Detachable Magazines for Howa M-1500’s & Weatherby Vanguard Rifles

Legacy Sports International announces the immediate availability of New Detachable Magazines for all Howa M-1500’s and Weatherby Vanguard.

10 Round Detachable Mag for Howa M-1500’s & Weatherby Vanguard Rifles
10 Round Detachable Mag for Howa M-1500’s & Weatherby Vanguard Rifles
Legacy Sports
Legacy Sports International

Reno, NV – -( Get more firepower from your Howa M-1500 or your Weatherby Vanguard!

The new detachable magazines are manufactured by ATI, Boise ID, and distributed exclusively by Legacy Sports.

These new detachable magazines are available in 5 or 10 round capacities for your .204/.223 or .243/7mm-08/.308 caliber Howa or Weatherby Vanguard, with .22-250 coming soon!

Made for target shooters and varmint hunters, these polymer body magazines will turn a four round box magazine into a high capacity detachable.

Available for aftermarket conversions only, the new magazines come with a special trigger guard housing that replaces the existing floor plate of your Howa M-1500 or Vanguard. These magazines also fit the older Smith & Wesson and Mossberg M-1500’s. Assembly requires the new floor plate, P/N ATIFPM1500 and either the five round or ten round magazine in the caliber of your choice (as listed, above).

Kits, including floor plate and one magazine are available at $98.00 MSRP. Magazines are sold separately at $52.00 MSRP. Available ONLY in the short action calibers listed. May require some fitting to suit the stock on models other than the Howa M-1500 imported by LSI.


Item Code Description    MSRP  

  • ATIM5R223 5RND .223/.204   $52.00   
  • ATIM10R223 10RND .223/.204   $52.00     
  • ATIM5R250 5RND .22-250   $52.00   
  • ATIM10R250 10RND .22-250   $52.00   
  • ATIM5R308 5RND .243/7-08/.308   $52.00       
  • ATIM10R308 10RND .243/7-08/.308  $52.00        


Item Code Description    MSRP

  • ATIFPM1500 M1500 Replacement Floorplate  $48.00

KITS with 5 Round Magazines

Item Code Description    MSRP         

  • ATIK5R223 Floor & .223 RND   $98.00          
  • ATIK5R250 Floor & .22-250 5RND  $98.00         
  • ATIK5R308 Floor & .243/7-08/.308 5 RND $98.00         

KITS with 10 Round Magazines

Item Code Description    MSRP        

  • ATIK10R223 Floor & .223 10 RND   $98.00        
  • ATIK10R250 Floor & .22-250 10 RND  $98.00         
  • ATIK10R308 Floor & .243/7-08/.308 10 RND $98.00
5 Round Detachable Mag for Howa M-1500’s & Weatherby Vanguard Rifles
5 Round Detachable Mag for Howa M-1500’s & Weatherby Vanguard Rifles

Legacy Sports International, LLC is an importer of firearms and shooting accessories. Bringing in high quality, reliable and affordable products for shooting and hunting enthusiasts is the mission of Legacy Sports' business. With well-respected brands including Howa and Puma rifles, Nikko Stirling optics, Escort shotguns, and Citadel handguns and shotguns. This is why Legacy Sports is known as “The Most Trusted Name in the Shooting Industry.” For more information contact:

  • 51 thoughts on “Detachable Magazines for Howa M-1500’s & Weatherby Vanguard Rifles

    1. I am looking for a detachable box magazine kit for Weatherby Vanguard in 270 short mag. Is this available today ? or how long before it will be available.

    2. Any news on the Howa 1500 30-06 conversion?
      FWIW, I bought a pair for my .223 and .308 Weatherby V2s… The .223 works well, but am having problems with the .308 (won’t strip round properly off the mag), but think that will be resolved with some “micro adjusting”….

    3. Do they make one in metal for the 308 howa 1500 as the reviews all day it’s really flimsy plastic and I don’t want anything flimsy on my 308

    4. The base plate is injection molded and the mold was not very well aligned, leaving both an off-set seam down the bottom plate and a sharp ridge along the seam. The molded trigger guard/base plate is about a $5.00 item, so I think the set is incredibly overpriced.

      I had to sit down with 400 grit emery paper and sand the seam that runs from the front to the back of the base plate and the inside of the trigger guard. That changed the color of the finish where it was sanded. My rifle has a black Axiom stock so I will also end up repainting the trigger guard piece.

      I own multiple Howa rifles and they are of unquestionable quality. That cannot be said for these parts. I kept it because I want the 10 round capacity detachable magazine, but for this price I shouldn’t have to sand and repaint the item. Whoever makes it doesn’t have quality control, but since they are the ‘only game in town’ there isn’t an alternative.

    5. When are these people’s questions going to be answered? I am also wanting one for the weatherby vangaurd .300 weatherby mag. Are you going to make them for the cal. You don’t have listed?

    6. I like to know if you make a kit to fit Weatherby Vanguard caliber 300WBY Magnum ?If so what the cost & when can get purchase one.ThanksLarry Gilley

      1. Please help,I’m looking for a drop in box magazine for a vanguard 300 weatherby mag rifle. I would think someone would make this unit.. Thank you……mark

    7. Hi was looking for a higher capacity magazine for my Wetherby Vangard S2 .308 Bolt action. Looks like you guys have the answer, could you verify that this setup will fit my rifle and what is largest capacity magazine available. It currently loads from the top, which is a big nuisance, and would love to have the setup that changes it to a bottom load magazine. If this is compatible could I get cost and Shipping cost to Hawaii zip 96734, Mahalo, Doug.

    8. A reply from the president of the company producing them when inquiring about 300 win mag, but no approximate date just yet:

      Coming in 5 rd

    9. I have a 10 round for a howa 22-250 and when cycling the next round the nose of the bullet drops down and will not chamber .This is the second mag with the same problem, any thoughts?

      1. I have the same issue, the nose of the round drops down. When I look at it, it looks like the base of the round has been pushed slightly sideways like the magazine is too wide. Any ideas.

      2. I am having the same problem. I sent it back for replacement, same problem.l contacted Legecy Sports and was told to contact my local dealer and have them send it back, my dealer wants to charge me $50.00 because I didn’t purchase the rifle from them. I have changed back to the original setup.

    10. Can I get this in .270 or are they not avaliable for the .270?? Why not when they offer just about every other caliber? Hoping I can get this for mine .270. Sure would b alot faster unloading.

    11. another vote/sale for Weatherby Vanguard(BC) 30.06. Legacy kit., 5 5 round ,and 5 10round mags. When they become available….?

    12. Can you tell me when you will have one for a Remington 770 30.06 and a Weatherby Vanguard series 2 for a 300 weatherby?

    13. i have a weatherby vanguard 7mm tell if you have one for this detachable magazine 5 rifle and if you ship in quebec canada please give me the price with the shipment

    14. I would like one for 30.06, but will it work on the Mark V Weatherby also? I don’t know if there is a difference in the 2 rifles in that area??

    15. Will the 10 round mag and floorplate kit fit the Weatherby Vanguard 30-06. Isn’t a 30-06 round slightly longer than a .308?

    16. Bought this for my Howa 1500 .243 and it rocks. The spring feels loose when loading which I actually like. The installation took just a couple of minutes and it looks very cool. Especially when coupled with a nice bipod system.

      1. I have been informed that the 30.06 version will be available in July or early August. I have been in touch with Legacy Sports and they told me I had to wait till then. I’m not a man used to waiting but, I guess this time I’ll have to.

    17. Im looking for the 10 round kIt for a 270 know ATI makes them but I can’t find anyone who sells them. Anyone got any ideas?

    18. All I can say Ken Baker, is that I thought much the same as you when I picked mine up for my .223 . Glad I installed it though, 500+ rds in an Aussie summer later and still no dramas.

    19. I just received my 10 round magazine and conversion kit for my Weatherby Vanguard from Legacy. My first impression is that this is a flimsy cheap plastic toy that won’t last more than a few hundred rounds, if it works at all! It is certainly not fair to judge a product before you test it but i am seriously considering not even installing it. If or when I do install it i will give this product an accurate and fair review. But for now I am terribly disappointed.

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