Official Strategies Give Survival Advantage to School Shooters

Active Shooter Response
Active Shooter Response

USA –-( “Our police expert says it’s not so much about acting but reacting,” Rita Garcia of MyFox Houston reports. She’s writing about school shootings, and the “expert” in question, Assistant Chief Mark Herman, with Harris County Precinct 4, advises three survival strategies:

— Run
— Hide
— Barricade yourself in classroom

Of course, at Chardon High School, the victims were given no warning for the first two options.  As for the third?

Since there was no lock, the people in the teachers lounge moved a piano in front of the door do try and keep the shooter out.

And not just the shooter, but at least the grown-ups were safe! Still, their strategy for protecting children relies on lockdowns and they haven’t even made sure all their doors have locks?

Meanwhile, over at Otterbein University (ask about our disarmed adults “Only Ones” campus escort service, because we don’t trust you!), Chief Larry Banaszak adds a fourth option:

There are three basic survival responses to a shooter on campus: run, hide and barricade. Then, as a last resort, attack the shooter.

See, Larry’s used to young adults with fully-grown males populating a classroom–not that they stand much of a chance when obeying campus disarmament policies in the face of a determined and well-armed killer who does not.  As for younger students, if you follow his “plan,” evidently it’s not up to the adults in whose care children are entrusted to provide effective protection—besides, they’re too busy trying to get that damn piano in pla…Hurry!! HE’S COMING!!!

But feel free to throw things at an armed berserker, kids, and to rush him, Chief Larry advises. True, “when applying ‘throw and go’ …some may be injured and possibly killed [but] if people in that classroom do nothing and lie in frozen fear, afraid to fight to live, that the shooter will probably kill everyone in the classroom until stopped,”  he admits.

“That’s not acceptable!” he assures us, adding an exclamation point for emphasis just to make sure we know he means it!!! See, that seasoned grasp of the essentials is why Larry gets to wear the stripes on his sleeve.

“What’s the alternative?” he asks.

Gee, I don’t know, Chief.

Maybe try vomiting…?

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