‘Blood On Their Hands’ Seeks To Document Truth About Fast And Furious

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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- “We have launched our new film project ‘Blood on their Hands,” COPS (Citizen’s Organization for Public Safety) Productions CEO Mike McNulty writes in an email to friends and supporters introducing an effort to fund and produce a documentary on government misdeeds resulting in Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” crimes.

McNulty is a filmmaker of no small achievement. His co-production and co-writing credits include “Waco- The Rules of Engagement,” introduced by actor Robert Di Niro at the 1997 Academy Awards, where it was nominated as Best Documentary. From his IMDB biography:

Producer Mike McNulty is Investigative Researcher and Producer of “Waco: A New Revelation.” His previous investigative work about Waco earned him an Emmy Award and an Academy Award nomination and Best Documentary of the Year Award from the International Film Association. Mike has in-depth knowledge of the informational and technical demands of documentary productions.

“Our production staff will include my old friend Attorney David Hardy from the Waco days,” McNulty writes on his blog. “Having worked with the Justice department in the past as a Federal Attorney for the EPA, David is our best resource on Holder’s Justice Department and the other US attorneys involved.”

Knowledgeable gun rights activists are familiar with Mr. Hardy’s work, his “Of Arms and the Law” blog, and his many contributions including law review articles, books, and his own documentary, “In Search of the Second Amendment.”

“In addition, we will be joined by our old friend Dr. Fred Whitehurst, Retired FBI,” McNulty says. “The production crew will come from our old friends at Advanced Media. Mr. Chris Bell and his team of pros who helped us produce the ‘FLIR Project’ in 2000 will provide all of the technical support our team will need. There are several others joining our experienced and proven team. “

That said, the film may not get made. Funding for documentaries has always been difficult to obtain without well-resourced backers, and interest in the film community and among their foundation and individual benefactors in exposing the government’s part in sanctioning “gunwalking” is practically nonexistent. In order to deal with that reality, McNulty has turned to us.

He’s established a budget goal of $389,500 which he explains on a “Kickstarter” fundraising page where he’s soliciting individual contributors like you to back this project. Minimum donations start at $1, with progressive contributor thresholds and incentives. It will only be funded if the budget goal is met by May 24, 11:33 pm EDT. Importantly, because the question is a natural, albeit a pessimistic one, per Kickstarter policy, “if the project falls short no one is charged.”

By way of full disclosure, I am prominently featured in the promotion of this project as a citizen journalist involved in helping expose the “gunwalking” story and have agreed to help with this project, including by participating as a subject. No promises of financial remuneration have been made to me in exchange for my participation, and my expectation is that the team will approach anything I claim objectively.

So now we reach the moment of truth: many of you, over the course of the past year and more have expressed outrage over Fast and Furious, over the way the mainstream media has, for the most part, either ignored or twisted the story to their own ends, and at the interminably slow political process with an outcome that many expect to be disappointed by.

The question now becomes, how outraged are you, really? Enough to do more than leave blog comments…?

David Codrea
David Codrea in his natural habitat

Are you willing to help bear the costs? Are you willing to help get the truth out? Without doing that, is there any chance for justice?

Will you make a donation and become a part of this? Will you help spread the word about “Blood on Their Hands” by sharing the link to this column and the links to McNulty’s blog and “Kickstarter” page”?

And if not, will you identify and lead in a superior effort to make the truth known?

Please go here. Right now. As you can see, it’s a brand new effort. Please contribute what you can. The pool is now open–go ahead and be one of the first to dive in, especially knowing that, if they don‘t raise all the funds, you won’t be charged. And please share the project link via blogs, emails and social media.

Note: This article has also been posted on Gun Rights Examiner.

About David Codrea:
David Codrea is a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He is a field editor for GUNS Magazine, and a blogger at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. Read more at www.DavidCodrea.com.

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