NBC’s Anti Gun Agenda

Madison, NC –-(Ammoland.com)- NBC edited and ignored numerous readily available facts in an effort to undermine our firearm freedoms.

Brian Williams and his reporter, Scott Cohn, are both on record advocating for heightened monitoring and regulation of the firearms industry and individual gun owners.

These agenda-driven, sensational stories should be a warning to all lawful and responsible hunters, shooters, and gun owners to remain vigilant and steadfast in defense of our Second Amendment freedoms and the right of all Americans to safely hunt, shoot and protect ourselves and our families.

Visit: https://web.archive.org/web/20120414035255/https://www.respectremington.tv/ for archived footage of Remington’s response.

Remington Ammo is Back!

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NBC is a bunch of globlist aholes who hope to profit from school shootings. They don't care about kids they only want the cash from exploiting incidents.


Well, if the lame stream media is so determined to attack our Constitution lets start at the TOP of the list and SHUT THEM DOWN FIRST.