Jesse Jackson – Gun Control Creates Jobs

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Washington DC – -( On June 3rd, Jesse Jackson held a pre-recall election rally for a small gathering of people in Racine, WI. And although he spent some time leading the attendees in the mantra, “June five, we vote, to revive, our democracy,” his central point was a silly and unrelated contention that gun control creates jobs.

Seriously: he told the people who attended the rally to mark their calendars for the recall vote on June 5th and for a march on gun stores on June 16th. His mantra for the march on gun stores lacked the cadence of his mantra for the recall vote: “June 16th we march, guns out, jobs in.”

He explained his march on gun stores thus: “We are fighting a war to protect democracy from insurgents, and the first thing you do is to stop the gun trail, that’s bringing the guns to kill the people.”

Here are the facts, and Jackson knows these as well as I do —criminals don’t buy their guns from gun stores, because you have undergo a background check (via the federal government) to buy a gun in a gun store. Criminals by their guns on the streets: guns from which the serial numbers were long ago removed or which were stolen during a home invasion or out of a car in a parking lot or…

This is just one more publicity stunt that a faltering President Obama doesn’t need. After all, he is trailing Gov. Romney in many swing states and is also trailing nationally in some respected polls, and this is largely because the Romney camp has successfully cast Obama as a leftist ideologue. And there’s no better way to look like a leftist ideologue than to have one of your more vocal surrogates, Rev. Jackson, bus in people to march “on gun shops around the country” on June 16th.

What will he march on next? Wal-Marts and Cracker Barrels?

AWR Hawkins
AWR Hawkins

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  • 2 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson – Gun Control Creates Jobs


      First it IS true that everyday people are killed with guns!

      Second it would be great to lowere those numbers and if a march would bring awareness I’m all for it. (it wouldn’t)

      But what makes me SOO MAD about this article is the so called “facts”! It is true that “criminals” don’t buy guns in the stores. You want to know why?!!!!!! Because STUPID INEFECTIVE HORIBALE GUN LAWS!!!!! Before liberty opresing gun laws ( that this auther supports) you could get your guns through the mail. Guns were cheap and anyone could buy one. After these stupid gun laws you have a black market where your stollen gun is worth way more because “criminals” can’t buy them leagaly.



      If you are in jail for a REAL crime (there is a real injured party not “the state”) you can not have a gun! But if you are FREE then it’s your natural right!

      Stop writing articles that use BAD laws to prove other things are stupid!


      Sorry for the rant.

    2. I though Jessie Jackson would say something more educated like gun control is racist. Look at some of the first run laws and even more recent one and anyone can see most of them are made to keep guns out of the hands of the poor. And some were made just for black people, but don’t explicitly say it, just look at the underlining history of why the law is in place. Open carry of loaded shotguns was once legal in California, until the black panthers took them to the capital steps.

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