The Trouble with Toronto – CSSA Editorial

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The Trouble with Toronto – CSSA Editorial

Canada – -( Sport shooters have been politely deflecting nasty sniping from Toronto’s media for many years.

We do have some very good supporters in radio, television, and print in Toronto.

But, responsible firearms owners continue to put up with a barrage of misinformation from left-leaning media outlets. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, along comes a witless publication called NOW magazine with anti-firearms rhetoric that is both insulting and wrong. Small wonder the publication’s home page begs the public for anonymous tips — much easier than doing research.

One of the magazine’s scribblers is someone called Enzo Di Matteo, who has been centred out in the past by the Globe and Mail for his wild and wonky reportage. Di Matteo wrote a piece dated June 21, 2012, entitled, “Bullet proof: Why a ban on bullets isn’t enough.” He appears to be a slavish cop groupie who loves Police Chief Bill Blair to pieces.

Here’s an example of the deathless and breathless prose: “For the 20 minutes that police Chief Bill Blair spoke on the subject of guns and gun violence at June 15’s Police Services Board meeting, it was easy to see why some progressives still believe he’s the best top cop this city’s ever had. In his first public pronouncements on the Eaton Centre shooting since the day of (he’s been out of town on police business), Blair dazzled, talking about the socioeconomic factors at the root of gun violence… The great majority of those living in the city’s priority neighbourhoods are productive, law-abiding citizens. Spellbinding stuff coming from the city’s top law enforcer, especially when Blair’s view so sharply conflicts with the mayor’s dangerous thinking on the subject.”

The writer fairly weeps of disappointment when Blair admitted that a handgun ban wouldn’t be effective. There’s another article dated the same day, entitled, “Does Rob Ford carry a gun?” It could be an attempt at satire or humour, but fails on both counts: “Is the mayor packin’ heat? Rob Ford shifted nervously before ignoring a question put to him by a reporter last week about whether he owns a gun. He did that blinking thing he does when he’s not being completely truthful…”

Ford should have told the reporter it’s nobody’s damned business!

Di Matteo in the meantime, who is almost surely paid by the word (as they are copious), speculates on the evidence that the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is armed: “The mayor has an affection for gun metaphors, often wanking about how he’s not going to let anybody hold a gun to this head. Ford walks around like he’s got something huge stashed in his pants. Maybe it’s his big, fat wallet, but… His list of campaign donors includes shady businessmen with questionable ties to that entertainment district shakedown a few years back that caught cops with their hands in the cookie jar. It can fairly be said that the Ford administration suffers from a bunker mentality. And paranoia can be a bitch. Brother Doug used to live in Chicago. Connect the dots…”

Sigh. A great deal of the anti-firearms tripe served up in the media gets pretty transparent in the light of day. Perhaps if we call out these so-called journalists often enough, they’ll stick to subjects they know something about. And when they’re leaving firearms alone, they’re leaving us alone.

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