Truth About Operation Wide Receiver Important To Determine

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USA –-( Counter-arguments to charges by Obama administration supporters that Fast and Furious “gunwalking” began in the Bush-era Operation Wide Receiver program have been gaining wider attention over the past few days, with numerous tips and inquiries being sent by readers to Gun Rights Examiner for comment. Just as with many of the wrong assumptions being promulgated by administration supporters, there are some misconceptions being promoted by its detractors that require clarification if the goal is to understand what happened, as opposed to merely spreading a “perception becomes reality” meme.

Among these misconceptions being repeated: that no Wide Receiver guns “walked” to Mexico because they were all controlled deliveries; that no one was killed; that the Mexican government was fully informed; that RFID tracking devices were placed in all the guns; and that the program was shut down at the first sign of danger.

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