Virginia Citizens Defense League Federal Candidate Survey

Gun Survey
Gun Survey

Covington VA –-( The Virginia Citizens Defense League 2012 Federal Candidate Survey was mailed to all 28 candidates running for Congress.

Sixteen of the 28 will be in a Primary on Tuesday, June 12, while the other 12 will only appear on the ballot in the General Election in November.

Since the Primary is a week from today, I’m going to focus on just those 16 candidates who are on the Primary ballot.

Unfortunately, only 6 of the 16 candidates in the Primary have responded to the survey.

Please contact *all* the candidates in YOUR Congressional District by BOTH email AND phone (be sure to call them):

  • THANK the candidates who answered the VCDL Candidate survey for responding
  • Urge those candidates who have not answered to answer the VCDL Survey

Don’t accept vague generalizations such as “the candidate supports the 2nd Amendment.” Remember, anti-gun zealot Chuck Schumer says he supports the 2nd Amendment, but his view is that it does NOT apply to you.

If any of the candidates are afraid to take a public stand on these issues now, before the election, then they are unlikely to be very responsive to your views after the election. There is absolutely NO reason why they should not answer this survey!

Failure to return a completed survey frequently indicates indifference, if not outright hostility, toward the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

If they have misplaced their survey, have them contact me at [email protected] and I’ll email them another copy.

The Survey is posted on the VCDL website:

Friday evening I’ll put out a message on how the candidates answered the survey.

Thanks for your help!

Below is the contact information I have for the candidates. Those with asterisks (**) before their name have already answered the VCDL candidate survey.

======================== SENATE ========================================

Name Party Email Address Phone
—————— —– ————————— ————

** George F. Allen R [email protected] 804-726-2012
E.W. Jackson R [email protected] 757-802-4246
** Robert Marshall R [email protected] 201-259-3756
** Jamie L. Radtke R [email protected] 804-451-5985

======================== HOUSE =========================================

& Party Name Party Email Address Phone
—- —————- ———————————– ————
4-D Ella Ward [email protected] 757-404-9291
4-D Joe Elliott [email protected] 804-926-1554
4-R “Bonnie” Girard [email protected] 804-490-1895
4-R Randy Forbes [email protected] 804-370-8727
6-R Robert Goodlatte [email protected] 202-225-5431
6-R **Karen Kwiatkowski [email protected] 540-440-1776
7-R Eric Cantor [email protected] 804-358-6160
7-R **Floyd Bayne [email protected] 804-464-8159
8-D James Moran [email protected] 703-299-0064
8-D Bruce Shuttleworth [email protected] 703-593-6510
11-R Chris Perkins [email protected] 202-997-9998
11-R**Ken Vaughn [email protected] 571-305-2012

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