More Media Writers Are Helping Tell The Truth About Guns


Canada – -( Recent CSSA editorials have exposed several members of the media who have swallowed the anti-gun rhetoric hook, line, and sinker – yet there is reason to celebrate.

More writers and broadcasters than ever before agree with our way of thinking. They share our belief that guns and gangs don’t mix, and they understand that sport shooting must be allowed to thrive at the same time.

They know that The Toronto Star’s predictable shriek for gun bans following every public shooting will have zero effect on future shootings.

It’s great to see responsible journalists exposing their own. Check out the dynamic critique leveled by Michael Petrou in this week’s Maclean’s after the shooting in Scarborough, Ontario:

“I get tired of writing about gun control even before I start typing. It is probably the one topic in Canadian public discourse that is most saturated by emotion and bereft of evidence-based arguments… The (Toronto) Star’s solution, according to its paper editorial headline, is that it’s “High time to ban guns.”… The Star contends the only people who should have access to handguns are police, the military, and “a few top competitive shooters.”

Exactly how amateur shooters are supposed to become top shooters without guns is something the Star doesn’t explain… The bigger logical chasm is the Star’s argument that banning guns would somehow prevent tragedies like the one that occurred Monday night… I hope the Star’s editorialists believe what they say, that taking away a sport shooter’s pistol collection might save little girls like Shyanne Charles. It’s an inane argument. But the alternative — that they know what they’re saying is illogical but still exploited Shyanne’s death to advance the paper’s position on gun control — is much more shameful.”

Wow. This is the kind of truth we have seen written by sport shooters and hunters in firearms blogs for years, but we are seeing it more often in the mainstream media these days.

There are journalists who have taken the time to get it right over the years. For example, Lorne Gunter, Lorrie Goldstein, Matt Gurney, Brian Lilley, Ezra Levant, Rosie DiManno, Peter Worthington, Brian Lovig, Rob Breakenridge, Sue Storr, Jeff Alan, Bryn Weese, Roy Green, Mike Stafford, Rutherford, John Oakley, Charles Adler, and many others have all taken the time to get to know the firearms file – and most important – the people who enjoy sport shooting. They understand there is an enormous void that separates gangs and sport shooters.

The “push back” against the shallow, anti-gun media coverage has new legs. More reporters are calling out the Coalition for Gun Control propaganda when their competitors publish lies. And, responsible firearms owners are no longer victims of a federal government behemoth bent on systematically wiping out their freedoms. If one believes in trends, this is a war we are winning.

A new day is dawning – there are more journalists willing to set the record straight. Now, we can only hope that more Canadians will start to listen.

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