Uncovered Docs Show Private Arms & Ammunition to Be Included in Arms Trade Treaty

By Paul Gallant, Sherry Gallant, Alan Chwick, & Joanne D. Eisen

United Nations Gun Control Arms Trade Treaty Fail iStock-Sakramir-534207072
United Nations Gun Control Arms Trade Treaty Fail iStock-Sakramir-534207072

New York, NY –-(Ammoland.com)- As our investigators following the developing global gun ban known as the Arms Trade Treaty continue to follow the ever-expanding scope of ATT, we have mined documents that show that Privately owned Small Arms and Ammunition clearly looks to be included in the ATT agreement.

Apparently, several States caved – we don’t know which ones – and of course, this could change by Friday night. We don’t think so, however.

We’d like to let AmmoLand readers know about this revision of the scope of the Treaty as all along United Nations negotiators have been assuring us that the inclusion of privately owned arms would not be an issue and that the inclusion of ammunition will surely include a call for ammunition micro-stamping.

See this URL: https://reachingcriticalwill.org/images/documents/Disarmament-fora/att/negotiating-conference/documents/elements-scope-rev1.pdf

We would also like to let you know that the States which are currently negotiating, intends to track all weapon movements from manufacturing to the destruction of the weapon. The present revision states: “However, if the conventional arms remain abroad and the ownership changes, such actions shall be regulated under the scope of this Treaty.” (Should be from the final sentence of this URL’s document)

Arms Trade Treaty Elements Scope Revision


About the authors:

Almost all of the co-authored writings of Gallant, Eisen, Kopel, and Chwick can be found at gallanteisen.incnf.org, which contains more detailed information about their biographies and writing, and contains hyperlinks to many of their articles. Their recent series focusing on the Arms Trade Treaty can be found primarily at gwg.incnf.org.

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Get it while you can.


War on hi Capacity Magazines breaking out.



OH, one other thing those smart meters can pulse at a speed that will put you to sleep by shuting down your brain,if you start feeling weird pull'em out,they can turn your house into a microwave oven with the wiring in the walls,now you know why they got ridde of the lead paint,don't ya……..


HEY,I went out and bought 100ft of good 3/4 inch rope,IF anyone noticed most of the traitors in our government weight at least 300lbs,you'll need good rope,I'am sure if Obammy knew this he would ban sales of rope,hahahaha


YOU guys aren't paying attention,watch the videos,there dressing the NATO soldiers up in americam uniforms to fool the american people into believeing these guys are americans.THERE NOT,just because they speak english don't make'um americans and they won't be wareing blue hats(red dawn) remember where the LORD SHOWED george washington the war started,in the middle of colorado,get ready its going to be a blood bath,then nibiru shows up to stop it all,after that its farming and life in the 1840's again,but the good news is we win and the NWO loses,hahaha……………


Blue Helmets make EXCELLENT Targets


Try and enforce it. I will pry the weapons out of THEIR cold dead hands.

Nam Marine

MOLON LABE…………I've got mine!

Derace Owens

They can pry them out of my cold dead fingers!


It doesn't matter any more. The majority of Americans have been stocking up on weapons and ammo since Obama was nominated for president. The American gun owners knew he was anti gun. Just look what happened in Colorado after the shooting. Highest % of sales of ammo and weapons.


Links to authors don't work

Daryl Kimball

Your interpretation of this line in the text plain wrong.

Stop misleading your readers.

William Flatt

If this passes, the American people had better start making final preps for taking up their arms in defense of our very lives & liberties. Everyone out there is missing the language in the Constitution that says it (and the BoR) is the SUPREME Law of the Land, as opposed to treaties, which are merely The Law of the Land (that is, above state and federal laws but under the Constitution). Those advancing the destruction of our liberty would have us believe that treaties amend the Constitution and BoR itself; NOT SO! But they will do their damnedest to convince… Read more »


So it's just a matter of time for this thing to get ratified by the senate in the future. Once ratified it cannot be "undone" and will run in parity with the 2nd amendment as the treat would be amended to our constitution.

This thing has got to be stopped..

Great article..