Gun Control Wackos Cry Foul Over NRA Fundraising Letter

AKA Do As I say, not as I do.

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Gun Control Wackos Cry Foul Over NRA Fundraising Letter, Screeching the NRA is to blame
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Manasquan, NJ –-( Gun Control advocates across the Country are now crying foul over the fact that the NRA apparently sent out a fundraising letter to members a few days after the tragic shooting in Aurora Colorado.

As a Lifetime NRA member I can safely say that their complaints are not only just more rampant hypocrisy, because the shooting certainly didnt prevent the Gun Control side from issuing impassioned plea's for more donations themselves, but I know, as all other NRA members know, that the NRA sends out fund-raising letters on a near weekly basis, regardless of what is or isnt happening on the National Stage.

The complaints and whining from Bloomberg and others is simply one more in a litany of examples of their “do as I say, not as I do “ mindset. Bloomberg suggested recently that all police Nationwide go on strike until Citizens pressure law makers to enact new gun laws, but didnt act like a true leader and immediately dismiss his heavily armed, 24/7 Police Officer Security Detail as an example.

Of course there's the now requisite insistence that the “NRA is to blame” for Aurora, and any other criminal use of a firearm,  and they reliably trotted out this mantra out anytime there a crime involving the use of a firearm. Strangely enough, not one of the gun grabbing groups or their followers has seen fit to recognize that if anyone other then James Holmes is at fault, it is apparently the Aurora Police Dept's, as it is now being widely reported that the psychologist that was treating James Holmes took the extraordinary step of breaking the patient confidentiality rule and warning the Police about her concerns and the threat posed by Mr Holmes and they did nothing about it.

From the link.

“Fenton would have had to have serious concerns to break confidentiality with her patient to reach out to the police officer or others, the sources said. Under Colorado law, a psychiatrist can legally breach a pledge of confidentiality with a patient if he or she becomes aware of a serious and imminent threat that their patient might cause harm to others. Psychiatrists can also breach confidentiality if a court has ordered them to do so.”

Gun Control Advocates and their followers continue to trot out the tired and fabricated mantra that the “NRA is to blame” either not realizing, not caring, or being incapable of understanding that the NRA is NOT a “shill for the gun manufacturer's”, but is a MEMBER driven organization, populated by over 4 million American Citizens, from all walks of life .

The actual lobbying group for firearms manufacturers is the NSSF. But trying to argue against a lobby that most people have never heard of doesnt help the narrative of the Pro Victimhood blood dancers, so they necessarily create a demon, “its those people that are to blame” in order to further their agenda. For all their self professed “open mindedness” gun control advocates are the first one's to engage in mindboogling levels of bigotry and ad hominen attacks against people they dont even know.

Tolerance, diversity and understanding are only valued by the gun grabbers when its their point of view or opinion.

Hypocrites all.


More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

  • 2 thoughts on “Gun Control Wackos Cry Foul Over NRA Fundraising Letter

    1. Gungrabbers will continue to spew their BS as long as the Kenyan Muslim stinks up ‘our’ White House. They talk about ‘common sense this,common sense that’ but have none at all ! They don’t use the ‘gun violence’ catchphrase as often anymore,….there is no such thing !!!! Maybe they have enough common sense to have figured that out !

    2. Notwithstanding the fact that gun control would not stop any of the occasional mass-murderers who crawl out of the woodwork, ask those who demand more gun control even if it would "only save a few lives" how the State takes care of those Americans who are completely innocent and incapable of violence. What happens to this class of people who are completely helpless but who are, out of convenience and monetary gain defined as less-than-human? These Americans are our Nation's unborn, yet the fact that 3,000 – 4,000 are killed daily somehow doesn't garner the support of the vast majority of the gun-grabbers. Take a look at the average liberal politician's voting record on abortion issues, and you will find proof beyond a doubt that the average hoplophone hypocrite really doesn't have a problem with murder – they simply prefer that their victims be helpless and without a voice. No matter on which side of the abortion issue one falls, why would any thinking American choose to be rendered more helpless by the Government, i.e. more like the unborn?

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