Blacksburg VA Library Playing Games With “No Guns” Rule

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( Blacksburg libraries are playing the same game as the Richmond libraries: saying that guns are not allowed in the libraries, “except as permitted by law.”

The law does not permit libraries to ban guns. LIbrary carry is not specifically “permitted,” that’s not how American law works.

This rule in Blacksburg libraries is meant to discourage people from exercising their right to self-defense, plain and simple. Yes, VCDL members know the gun laws and know that the library cannot stop them from carrying.

But such rules confuse everyone else, INCLUDING the police and library staff!

Why doesn’t their list of rules show ALL the other things that you can’t do unless it’s legal? You know, drive a car, possess a camera, wear a hearing aid, wear a green shirt, walk backwards into the library, carry a briefcase…

A few of our EMs open carried in the library last week to make sure the library staff and police know that such carry is legal. No one noticed – I’m not surprised. Perhaps we need a bigger crowd next time?

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