What Has Tim Kaine Promised on Gun Rights? Nothing!

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
What Has Tim Kaine Promised on Gun Rights? Nothing!
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia –-(Ammoland.com)- Dear Virginia Gun Owner,

What has Tim Kaine Promised on Gun Rights? NOTHING!

That’s right, all we can expect is more of his gun grabbing.

Tim Kaine, as Governor of Virginia:

  • Vetoed every pro-gun bill sent to his desk
  • Supported anti-gun Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor who does not believe Americans have an individual right to own guns
  • Tried to put the Gun Manufacturers out of business by law suits
  • Spent taxpayer money on a gun control rally

That is why I say that “Houston, we have a problem”.

That famous line spoken by Apollo 13 crew member James Lowell on April 14, 1970 captures the problem you and I face this November.

You see, one of the reasons Tim Kaine beat Jerry Kilgore in 2005 to become Governor of Virginia was because Tim Kaine convinced independent voting gun owners that he was as pro-gun as Kilgore. That was Kilgore’s fault because he ran so hard to the left trying to pacify gun grabbers that swing voters saw no difference.

The good news is that George Allen has made some significant pro-gun promises. In fact, in my recent meeting with him he committed to filibustering the U.N. Treaty on Small Arms if needed. But that won’t matter if gun owners are not knowledgeable and mobilized.

You see, if Obama is re-elected there will be nothing stopping him from fulfilling his campaign promises on gun control.

We could be facing high capacity mag bans, bans on semi-automatic rifles, the U.N. Small Arms treaty, and limits on the purchase of ammunition.

If Romney is elected, gun control will certainly be on his list of things to trade away for other priorities.

Remember that even Obama traded away the repeal of the National Park Gun Ban for one of his liberal priorities.

You see, politics works but just not the way many think it works. And in this day of severe budget crisis’s there is no telling how much Romney would be willing to trade away.

Remember, Romney has literally flip-flopped on every issue that any American cares about. Sometimes he waffles back-and-forth within weeks of staking out a new position.

  • And this is the guy who went to Massachusetts this summer to celebrate the banning of AK 47’s and AR 15’s – – the very tools used to protect private property during the L.A. riots.
  • And that is why it is critical that the next Senator from Virginia be willing to filibuster any and all gun control.
  • And that is exactly what George Allen promised me he would do inmy recent meeting with him and his staff.

So please, give as generously as you can. The next U.S. Senator from Virginia could be the difference NOT ONLY in our fight for gun rights but also who the next Supreme Court Justices will be.

Please let me hear from you today.

For Liberty,
Mike McHugh
President, VGOC

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition is Virginia’s only no-compromise, non-partisan gun lobby patterned after Gun Owners of America on Capitol Hill. VGOC is a non-profit tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(4) of the IRS code. Because we lobby politicians to protect and defend the 2nd Amendment, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes. Visit: www.vgoc.org

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DefeatTimKaine (@Def

Tim Kaine's entire political history is one of opposing gun owners. Here is more on his record: