Odd Demands in the Wake of a Mass Murder

By Fred Riehl

Just a few of the Twitter comments..
Just a few of the Twitter comments..
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- So how are we the bad guy? Was it miss placed anger or frustration? Was it naivete or just plain mindless disconnect between reality and imaginary worlds?

It seems AmmoLand's Twitter account has been the topic of some back and forth by seemingly pro gun (for and against) and not so pro gun Twetters (all against), as they were annoyed or down right pissed off that AmmoLand would be broadcasting gun related news, something we do 247/365, in the wake of the horrible Connecticut school massacre.

The crux of the sentiment was we were being disrespectful carrying on the daily feed of news from the Firearms Industry, including gun products and opinion or commentary pieces. Much of it scheduled to run days if not weeks in advance of this tragedy, but some of it in direct response to the CT. mass murder.

Responses among Twitter users to the back and forth seemed pretty evenly, for and against, AmmoLand shutting down normal business in favor of some grieving period or out of respect for the families of victims.

Regardless, we have continued business as usual because we know we have nothing in common, nothing to do with and in no way endorse the acts of a psychotic killer.  The use of tools, called guns, by a mentally deranged person is not our industries fault, no more than if he had used a baseball bat. Would you expect Major League Baseball to shut down, send all their coaches, players and announcers home if such an event had occurred? What if he had used a car, would the auto industry be expected to close all their factories,  close all auto dealers, send home all their car loan officers?  The logical answer seems it would be NO, so why should we be treated differently?

Suppose we bought into that misplaced belief and did shut down, how long would that then need to be? Two days, a week, a month, the families effected will be grieving for the rest of their lives.

In my mind it would be like some twisted admission of guilt or culpability that what we do in our industry is some how dirty or evil.  When it is completely the opposite, we are the gate keepers of the tools that protect freedom, and just like any tool, be it a hammer or a chainsaw, it could be used to hurt or kill others by someone intent on evil.  It is our job to keep a steady rudder into the wind as we whether these horrible, awful attacks on our fellow friends and neighbors.

I say sorry to the haters that feel otherwise, but for us we will be open and publishing the same news and articles that people need to see, now more than ever, as you know those opposed to freedom will be working hard to tear our god given rights from us on the backs of this tragedy.

God bless and hold close all those who were effected by this sick evil killer, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.


Fredy Riehl
Editor – AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
[email protected]
  • 31 thoughts on “Odd Demands in the Wake of a Mass Murder

    1. Gun control has failed, just like the 1994 Clinton ban failed and “gun free zones” have failed. Lets ban cars, because drunk drivers kill more people that people with guns kill. Why does anyone need a car that will go over 80 MPH? Guns are more modern and the 2nd Amendment meant guns that were in line with military guns, not an absolete gun that leaves you open for attack, by someone with more modern guns.

    2. 9000 gun deaths a uear in the U.S. Mas-killings every other month, people being killed or crippled daily from gun violence. Statastics show that the person most likely to be hurt or killed by a weapon (primarily a hand gun) is a family member or known person, not a criminal. Like it or not, this IS reality. In my 52 years I have never felt the need to pull a gun on any person for self protection/defense. Perhaps that day will come and “you” can say “I told you so” for not being armed. That is not the world or nation I want to live in. I agree that the right to bear arms should be protected but with limits. How can any responsible gun owner disagree with micro-marking ammunition to trace it to its source, or limiting magazine capacity, or insisting on identity checks at gun shows, etc? Who (other than the paranoid among us) truely feels that we need weapons to stand up to the government as part of a malitia? When the Second Amendment was enacted the majority of guns were flint lock muzzle loaders! Who 250 years ago could have invisioned the type of weapons now on the market? Drugs like heroin and cocaine were once sold as cough medicine and “cure-all” tonics and probably most people who used them did so without becoming adicted. I seriously doubt that most people who post here would take the position that these dangerous drugs be made legal again (perhaps based upon the argument that the drugs do not harm people its the people who use them that cause harm). In many ways the same argument can be made about guns as can be made about drugs. If everyone followed the rules (whatever they are) we wouldnt have these type of events. I know that many of you will post that I am niave, or in their best back woods english call me an idiot. Say what you will but the day of stronger gun control is upon us and I, for one, say it is long past due!

    3. Ammoland and the gun industry is no more responsible for this tragedy than the Auto industry is for car accidents.

      Should the Auto Industry shut down after a bad car accident?

      The story and facts of this case have changed over the last several days; the only Fact that is constant is that NONE of the people at the school were sufficiently armed and capable of providing an adequate defense

    4. Jeff Myers: I am a mentally challenged person. (By the way, I kind of like that term). So is my 13-year old daughter. So is my 8-year old niece. So is my 44-year old sister. Better arm yourselves to the teeth because we’re coming after you!

    5. It made me sick to my stomach when I heard the news about these poor children. We know that the liberal media will make it about guns and control of ownership. The brother of the shooter said he was mentally disturbed. We won’t hear much about that kind of evil because the liberals think it is OK to allow mentally challenged people to have a place in society without any kind of protection of the public!

    6. @Reality Bites: Once again you are showing your ignorance and that you have no clue what you are talking about!! “AMMOLAND SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS” does not sell anything!

      They in no way profit from firearms products. Not only that but in your typical liberal stupidity you are have no idea what true conservation involves, the rest of your comment is a racist, name calling diatribe.

      Knowing your kind you probably think the constitution is an outdated piece of paper and you probably think anyone who believes in God is also a fool.

    7. Excuse me…deniers…A word, if I may…This is the voice of your conscience. Remember me guys? The thing you keep buried in the basement like the wacked out kid brother mommy and daddy taught you not to talk about?

      Ammoland, baby, you make money off slaughter. You don’t care what is slaughtered, you just want the money you make off the slaughter and the guys you push this form of…uh…”recreation (re-destruction really since there is no creation to it) are of 2 types: 1. thre REAL hunter that kills only for food and to cull herds..he doesn’t buy your brand of lunacy becasue he is focused and clear headed. Then there are the guys like some of the commenter here, No ego boundaries or poor ego boundaries, minimal personality development and poor sense of self. The guys who need cold steel extensions for waving and big talk to prove their manhood. They are the ones you actually influence with your brand of sociopathy.

      One thing about ignoring one’s conscience, I never really can be ignored. I come out in other ways Nightmares, night sweats…That’s me and I never will go away.

      You can do what is right or you can continue to be a bottom feeder feeding off your prey of no-necks, no-sense and ego deprived – all mongered into fear of boogeymen – or you can be a mensch and actually work FOR the people who are your neighbors…who knows you may actually get a real friend instead of a pretend one some day.

      And that irrational fear of everything and everyone not you could just go away

    8. I take responsibility for my personal safety and know I would defend myself accordingly. Law abiding gun owners have nothing to be ashamed of,we did nothing wrong. Let your congressmen know where you stand and expect them to vote.

    9. Did they mean that you should shut down like the news media shut down out of respect? The answer to violence like the hideous actions that occurred in Connecticut last Friday is to have an armed, trained security agent in every school throughout the U.S. The agent would be no more than 30 seconds from any classroom. Larger schools would require more guards. Schools have money for everything else, they can pony up for security. The next time some miscreant points a gun at a teacher or kid in school, they need to be taken out before they can pull the trigger. It’s time that people stop following the State’s idea of “security,” i.e. gun-free zones, and do something that will actually save lives. But do you think that the politicians will go that route? No, because most of the gun-grabbers don’t give a damn about saving innocent lives or they wouldn’t sanction the taking of the lives of 3,000 or so unborn babies daily in our Nation’s abortion mills. So all those of you who prefer to be disarmed in the name of “safety” and placed more at the mercy of the State, i.e. more like the unborn, knock yourselves out! As for the innocents slaughtered in Connecticut… rest in peace, you dear little children. You were victims of a piece of crap who was able to carry out his atrocities, aided and abetted by those who refuse to recognize the right and the need for people to be allowed to defend their loved ones and themselves from the depraved.

    10. All gun owners,whether we be hunter, target shooter,or those who keep a weapon for self and family protection, now need to band together stronger then ever. The attacks will be powerful and relentless so let us put aside our supposed differences.

    11. The acursed Blood Dancers could not wait for smoke to cleat or the first mothers tear to find the ground. Screaching for torches and pitchforks to storm the castle sack the goods and take the monster they so desperatly NEED in order to get control.” An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth to hell with your rights to hell with the truth. My need for power is Great and it grows your liberty is foder on my fire it goes…”

    12. Ammoland does a tremendous job reporting accurate news and helping Americans stay informed.

      For anyone to criticize this wonderful group is not acceptable EVER.

      From some of the Twitter feed comments I can see the PC crap has prevaded & bled into the thinking of “faux” patriots or claiming to be
      Conservatives in this time of tragedy in CT.

      Ammoland is a site that actually is helping prevent this type of tragedy from happening
      yet these critics are digusting. Shame on you guys for attacking this wonderful site who only informs America and her citizens of what is happening to our freedoms & liberties.

      God Bless You Ammoland for a tremendous job
      in accurate reporting & information that is no longer reported in media. Other than a few sites the truth is being suffocated in America.

      Thank you again Ammoland for a tremendous love of your country and her Patriots.

    13. This terrible act of mindless horror is a national tragedy, and the anti-gun folks started milking it for their agenda less than an hour after it began to unfold. You didn’t see this gun site or any other immediately start screaming that “if a teacher/principal had had a gun, the loss of life could have been reduced or prevented.” That’s because anyone with a heart would understand, as even our supposedly anti-gun President demonstrated, that the first order of business is to grieve with and offer our help and condolences to those who lost loved ones. Certainly there is a part of me that wants the perp’s body hung upside down in a public square so we can all go and spit on and throw stones at this subhuman who should have been aborted before he could breathe; maybe that would set an example for other would-be mass-murders and put them on notice that they will be getting more than just the media attention (“They’ll pay attention to me now!”) that seems to motivate their deranged acts. But that is the problem: we no longer blame the perp and the family members that allowed him to fester; we don’t shame people anymore; we blame inanimate tools. Rather than call for locking up the tiny minority of “at-risk” mentally deranged freaks to protect society from their potential threat (and let’s face it: locking them up is the ONLY way to ensure they won’t have an opportunity to acquire guns), we have anti-gunners screaming to take away the rights of millions upon millions of gunowners who are normal, law-abiding citizens to protect us from a handful of mental defectives. I am not advocating going down that road, either (it would certainly lead to government abuse), but I offer it to counter the argument that it makes logical sense to curtail the rights of the many, rather than curtail the rights of a few.
      As for denigrating AMMOLAND because it has continued to operate as usual in the face of this tragedy, all I can say is that I didn’t see WalMart, Target, EBay, Amazon, or any other businesses or MEDIA outlets shut down out of respect. Whatever the disaster or act of terrorism, we lick our wounds, take care of our own, and persevere, knowing that life is neither fair nor guaranteed, and that in the end, all we have is each other…

    14. We mourn , appropiately , for all these beautiful young children as well as their guardians , who had to give their lives for the children but had NO tools to do so . Yet we fail to mourn for the thousands of beautifull , even younger children that are murdered by abortionists , in collusion with their own mother . Might it not have a lot to do with how little we value human life as a society ? Might it not have to do with how little we teach and regard morality ? I am seventy years old , I have had access to firearms my entire life , except for when I was killing for my government in Viet-Nam I have NEVER threatened anyone with a firearm in all those years . In school I was undersized and the target of bullying so I don’t buy that excuse either . Here is an uncomfortable fact , these atrocities did not happen when GOD went to school with us .

    15. Bloomberg is just an idiot. His NYPD finest had an incident a few months ago in downtown NY where they shot and killed a turd who had just murdered his boss. But his cops shot up civilian bystanders in the process too. Bloomberg needs to teach some “gun control” to them ! The 2’nd Amendment has no expiration date. Stay armed,..protect yourself and family. Anything less is un-American !

    16. To your specific point: Our organization, Conservation Hawks, stopped our regular Facebook and Twiiter public outreach on Friday after the extent of the tragedy in CT became clear. We put up one special post on Friday, and one on Saturday, expressing our sympathy for the victims, and for the people of Newtown. You can read those posts at: https://www.facebook.com/conservationhawks

      We didn’t stop posting because many of our supporters are hunters and 2nd Amendment advocates. We stopped posting because it seemed wrong for us to carry on our regular, day-to-day activities in the wake of such an incredibly tragic event. We, like the rest of America, needed time to absorb what had happened, and to grieve.

    17. Practice gun control always !!! Use the two hand grip and hit your target every time. Get plenty of range time in,…plenty of practice. That’s gun control. Who gives a damn what them lilly liverd,libturd sissys are talking about !

    18. I will also add, that, I keep my firearms(except for the one I religiously carry for defense)in a steel safe. His mother should have kept those firearms in the same. She paid the price for hi stupidity, it is a dam rotten shame, 26 others had to suffer for her sloth.

    19. Just a few thoughts.

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety, and in the end will loose both.”
      Benjamin Franklin

      “Those of you with out a sword, may you sell your garment to buy one.”

      “Peter, put up thy sword! for those who live by the sword, will surely die by the same.

    20. “Get Real” God given right to self defense comes in many forms. Skunks were given a spray to use, frogs exude a poison through their skin, porcupines have sharp quills, turtles retreat into their shells, even dogs have sharp teeth and powerful jaws and monkeys throw projectiles to protect themselves. We just perfected the art of throwing projectiles.

    21. I’d be curious to see how many hours a day these disturbed young men that are responsible for these inconceivable acts spend playing “halo” type first person shooter games. I can’t blame a game for the acts of a deranged psychopath any more than the gun industry, however I help but think it may influence certain mentally unstable types .

    22. God given Rights? Since you need to bring up the supernatural, I’m curious, there have been thousands of gods worshiped over the centuries by many different cultures and still many different gods to this vary day, so which god is it you are speaking of? Which one turns a blind eye to all the unspeakable murderous acts on this planet, which one would allow such unimaginable suffering, which one would have such a plan? Which one would allow innocent children to be murdered?

      “Was it naivete or just plain mindless disconnect between reality and imaginary worlds?”
      That’s a very good question, you might want to get in touch with your own.

      We need to use reason, logic, and critical thinking to find the answers to these horrible
      attacks, not add delusional thinking to the problem.

    23. While dumping on AmmoLand as supposed ghouls, I notice the libs didn’t hesitate to swoop in before the bodies were even cold and being politicizing this tragedy. Political whores like Michael Bloomberg demanding that Obama act against guns and New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler urging the president to “exploit” this tragedy (HIS word), sort of the way Obama buddy Rahm Emanuel, famously said to “venver let a good crisis go to waste.” BTW, Dead-Fish Rahm, of course, is now the mayor of Chicago (where ultra-strict gun laws have done such a GREAT job reducing the number of murders and other violent crimes there, RIGHT? LOL!). How about liberal CNN gasbag Piers Morgan pontificating on how we Americans need to now disarm ourselves the way people in his native UK did? Other liberal media trolls were equally quick to jump on the bandwagon. I wonder what Bloomberg would want the President to do in the wake of this tragedy. He is always complaining how NYC’s strict gun laws are being undermined by people who buy lots of guns down South and re-sell them in the Apple, or by people buying guns online or at gun shows – NONE of those things happened in this case. Libs are calling for bans on AR-15, AK-47 or other “assault rifle” type weapons, NONE of which were used in this incident. Bloomberg sounds like he will not be happy than anything less than an executive order banning private handgun ownership – which is BEYOND the President’s legal power to issue.

    24. No, what is disrespectful is all the gun grabbers using this tragedy to further their agenda. They actually love to see this kind of thing happen because in their sick minds we will roll over and give in to their pressure, inviting more of this kind of things. They know that all the fame that they and the left media give these criminals, causes more of the same and they just don’t care.

    25. Typical anti thinking. It’s never the bad guys fault. On FOX last night I heard Dr Manny critisize the now dead mom for being a gun nut. And of course, why on earth would she have that M-4.

    26. Just liberals doing what they do best… act like immature retarded children blaming everyone but the individual responsible!

    27. There are a number of Twitter users are indeed ‘twits’. These people will find themselves swayed by the instant pouncing of the anti-gun rights committee, playing upon the grief and anger caused by this tragedy to enact more draconian gun laws. Wonderful, right? We’ll all be so safe if we can’t have guns! WRONG! The ones who will be ‘safe’ are the criminals, who WONT turn in their guns, WHO NEVER OBEY THE LAW anyway! YOU will be as defenseless as these children were at the hand of this maniac. Gun free killing zones are why we see mass murder at schools time and again. The killers are ‘safe’ NOT the children, because no law abiding citizen will have access to self defense weapons. The maniac can kill as many innocents as he wishes, until he runs out of ammo, has a weapons malfunction or gets killed by the cops when they finally show up.
      Want to start an ‘extreme’ conspiracy theory? The government has been experimenting with mind control since WW2. We know these types will do anything they damnwell please to accomplish their agenda, like fast & furious. Don’t care the slightest if people are killed as long as the goal of disarming America is accomplished. If their agenda is total gun control, why not drug up some sap, ‘program’ him to walk into a school, kill as many children as possible and then kill himself so he can’t be questioned. And do it again and again until the goal is accomplished.

    28. Keep up the good work, Ammoland. The whole reason the left hates guns is that they blame these inanimate objects rather than the failure of their agenda for the sickness we see in society today. We live in a world of the progressives’ creation, one ruled by govt force. We have taxation, central banking, centralized govt, imperial wars, a massive military establishment, govt education, a massive law enforcement establishment, & much regulation of the economy. All of these are maintained by force & are what is destroying civil society. This mixture of freedom & controls is unstable & will continue to produce events like Sandy Hook. We need to choose. Either we have the courage to go to freedom or take the cowards way out & turn to dictatorship. This half way situation we’re in can’t last.

    29. I agree 100%. What does ammoland have to do with this terrible tragedy? Absolutely nothing and neither do any of the other millions of gun owners all across America. Based on all evidence available to date, one very evil person is responsible for this and that one person took his life at the scene.

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