Redring, Makers Of The Optical Shotgun Sight, Partner With Covey Sales & Marketing

Covey Sales & Marketing Will Increase Exposure of the Redring® Brand in the Midwestern U.S.

Covey Sales Marketing
From Left to Right: Ken Johnson, Jonathan Raasch, Greg Rader, Chris Stevens, Ed Metzger and Steve Shepard (Missing is Matt Evans)
Covey Sales Marketing
Covey Sales Marketing

DANBURY, CT –-( Redring USA LLC, importer and distributor of the truly innovative Redring optical shotgun sight, is proud to announce a new partnership with Covey Sales & Marketing based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Covey Sales & Marketing will be representing the Redring brand throughout the Midwestern, United States to sporting goods retailers and wholesalers.

“We are excited to be partnered with Redring USA,” said Ken Johnson, VP of Sales for Covey. “We believe the Redring sight represents the most innovative approach to shotgun sighting systems the market has seen and we are optimistic that it will be well received by the U.S. market.”

“Covey Sales & Marketing is an experienced sales group with a proven record of success,” Rob Walzer of Redring USA commented. “We are confident that the group will excel in putting Redring® products on many retailers’ shelves.”

The Redring helps beginners and seasoned shooters achieve better aim on the moving target and hit more targets successfully. Unlike traditional sights sold on the market, the Redring® features smart technology that allows the shooter to immediately take fast and instinctive shots with both eyes open. This sight is not for aiming, it’s for fast shotgun shooting. It gives the hunter another reference point to confidently bag the birds with less-to-zero collateral damage to game.

For more information on the advantages to using the Redring® on your shotgun, visit “Like” us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or check out the YouTube videos on the Redring advantage.

About Redring USA LLC:

Redring is, from the start, a brilliant idea. Today this idea has become a world-class product – designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden without compromise.

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Stanley Dubauskas

Where can I buy Redring Optical Sight for a shotgun ?