Open Letter Regarding VP Joe Biden’s Statement Attacking Second Amendment

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Hanford, CA – -(  Vice-president Joe Biden has thoroughly disgraced himself today by making such a shocking statement that he wants President Obama to issue an executive order to call for total gun confiscation in our nation!

No American president has the power to break into and reverse the keystone amendment in the Bill of Rights!

To do so would be an intolerable violation of the Oath of Office, which the president and his vice-president took “to support and defend the Constitution”. Just the thought of something so opposite to the mind of a sane person, Biden’s statement should cause the nation to wonder about the mental health of Joe Biden and others like him who are holding high positions in our republic. Since Biden is of such intention, he should step down now or be immediately impeached. No American president, nor his vice president, can ever be vested with such power as to enable him to order or consider such an evil and unwise thing! The president and his assistant should be a respectable commander-in-chief of our military. Can he command the defense of our nation without arms? Apparently, Biden thinks (or hopes) that Obama has the power to destroy our defense systems. This is not true!

First off, Obama has no power to overrule the Bill of Rights!
It is a long standing historic Constitutional principle that the Bill of Rights is not subject to repeal, revoke or the rescinding process! The Bill of Rights is a confirmation of the rights that the Creator has endowed upon man. We need to remember that the Bill of Rights was ratified by the people, it is their document, their possession, and their authority! It cannot be set aside or over-ridden without their expressed permission! The people are not foolish enough to knowingly divest themselves of their authority or their guns. Without guns, the people would have no authority! Guns equal authority! Doesn’t Vice President Biden know that? If it is “crime” that worries Biden, why did he not call (four years ago) for the borders to be closed rather than allow so many criminals to enter our country? How can we be sure that the tragic crimes, which have occurred, are not pre-arranged? (after Fast & Furious)  It is no wonder more people feel the need to buy guns!

Our nation is a republic. The definition of a republic is that the people within are in charge of their government – the people of the republic are the ultimate authority! The main reason that the Second Amendment was written was to keep the people as the ultimate power! The 1789 Constitution would not have been accepted without the right to keep and bear arms. An unarmed nation has no authority! They cannot protect themselves against criminals, nor would they have recourse against tyrannical leaders and representatives.

Up until the Civil War era, the militia included the whole people, and the name of every able bodied male was sent to the local Brigade Inspector who conducted proper militia training. Not only was invasion from without being guarded against, the intention of the Founding Fathers was to keep the federal government itself from destroying our liberty from within.

The need to guard our liberty is more essential now than ever before.

We have witnessed a number of acts by the federal government, which are responsible for ongoing damage. For example, the Congress has passed a law, and President John F. Kennedy has signed it, which transfers our entire national armed forces over to the control of a communist infiltrated international group (the United Nations) on a permanent basis! As this law proceeds, the U.S.A. will soon have no more army, no more navy, nor an air force of its own, and American citizens are expected to be totally disarmed! This law which is the foundation for these planned changes is called Public Law 87-297, the Arms Control and Disarmament Act.  It was designed to support a world army filled with soldiers from communist countries. They are already here! Many foreign soldiers from communist countries are now planted on American soil. This should never have been allowed!

Isn’t this law the REAL reason Biden keep pushing to disarm Americans? The world army won’t be disarmed! In the last several years, our federal administration has been revamped by the creation of the Homeland Security Department. The HSD merged the military and our civilian law enforcement systems (the police) together. In other words we have been revamped so that we can be controlled under the planned world-wide military government operation. These changes allow our system of government to be operated under a dictatorship, which makes it easy to understand why there is such a strong drive to disarm the American citizens.

Also, in recent years, it was discovered that the people’s (so called) “permission” was obtained for their firearms to be prohibited. This false permission was secretly entered into the government records under the planning and management handled by the federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). This falsification of the people’s so-called “permission to be disarmed” is exposed in the Page 340 swindle.

There was no permission given by the people for their guns to be prohibited. This scandal is a sleeper and the basis upon which Vice President Biden and President Obama will proceed in their effort to forcibly disarm Americans. The only way the federal government can continue to move us under a militarized and socialistic/communist world government is by the technique of gradualism.

The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights cannot be over-ridden, but the anti-gunners still hope they will be able to swindle the people into believing they have lost the battle and will then surrender their arms.

Somehow, the people must be made to see through the whole program that the anti-gunners are working on, so that they will realize why we are being made defenseless as individuals and as a country. Then, the public can more readily understand why Vice President Biden has made such a foolish and impossible proposal to Barack Obama. Americans need to examine how much global government managers are running and ruining this country. Unless they realize this, they will succumb to the propaganda that is being foisted upon them continually by the anti-gunners.

Without guns, the people will not only lose their authority and freedom, but will also lose their right to own land.

Let us hope that the shocking laws that have already been signed will be a wake-up call to the people that the right to arms is the key we Americans must hold on to, if we are to save ourselves from a complete wipe out, arranged by our own government. Immediate impeachment of any public official that calls for us to be disarmed is the answer.

Second Amendment Committee
Bernadine Smith

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People need to understand what is happening, too many people in this country like the idea of taking peoples guns away, they don't understand what happens next, but every single elected offical knows what happens next. Mark my words on that!!!!


Most of the times that I have arrested convicted felons (Violent ones), with firearms, the local District Attorney has dismissed the charge. Violent criminals get too many breaks, but the victims Never get a break. These people that want to disarm the decent public, already know that does Not work. We need to start seeing Maximum Sentencing for the violent criminals, no dropped charges or "deals", and leave the general public alone.

Obama & Biden need to be impeached and since they want to "Limit" our 2nd Amendment Rights, we need Term Limits on the Senate & Congress.


Constitution is meant for the people , and not people for the constitution. In the nutshell right is right only when is not being abused.when a right start creating havoc in the society it means some individual moral values has dropped bellow 50 %, so this calls for major attention , and not the call to remove vice president by the way and the manner of impeachment


The likely blueprint for the Obama-Biden gun control plan is HR 45, the Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009. This is a plan which would make it very hard for criminals and the insane to acquire firearms at private sales, but it would put a huge burden on the lawful gun owner. It seems everyone wants to keep guns out of the hands of felons and the insane, but the question is how to do it. I bet no one on this forum likes crack dealers who just got out of prison, but how do… Read more »


Please keep in mind , Obamass is NOT a real president , but an open and known fraud in the White House , therefore he has NO doubt that the laws of this country do not apply to him , because if they did he would be in a cell instead of the oval office .


Obama and Biden are going to get themselves KILLED if they keep up with this insane treason. Not by me, rather by people from within capable of doing such a thing.

You men better SHUT THE HELL UP!


Immediate impeachment? How do you propose this? Who is going to impeach them? Answer – no one. Just like no one is going to do anything about voter fraud and intimidation and just like no one is going to enforce our laws. They pick and choose what laws to enforce. Also, the 4th branch – media – they loves these people.


So how do we start the impeachment process? I thought that this was called for immediately when all of this confiscation talk started.

Really people, Obama, Biden and Holder ALL need to be removed from office!!!

They are all in violation of their oath and have tried almost everything to tear apart the Constitution!


i wonder what body count would be acceptable to the feds if they try to confiscate legally owned guns.


The author is correct. There's zero legality in laws that limit or abridge what's in the Constitution and no legal or moral requirement to obey them. Even Schick v. United States, (1904) 195 US 65, 49 L.Ed. 99, 24 S.Ct. 826 counsels us:

"If there is any conflict between the provisions of the Constitution {enumerated powers to make law} and the provisions of the Amendments {Bill of Rights}. Amendments MUST control."


So many people in the USA have lost sight of what it means to be an American it is a damn shame! Some of these minorities do not think like Americans they want a Utopia which is impossible! That is there thinking, they are brainwashed and misled.


Corporate Interests already steal land from people with the barrel of a gun pointed at owners heads:…… The corporation destroyed peoples homes & rights, then abandoned the property leaving it a wasteland:… So if a developer wants to take your home out from under you, they can put you in chains, take your house, & toss you & your family in the streets. Even if they want several city blocks of urban homes, or just grab someone's farm from 8 generations – your stuck & out of luck. Pfizer destroyed American Rights, then cut & run. Work… Read more »

Stu Strickler

Paul, the people will stop this BS! The US Constitution is is still the law of this land. If the this adninstrastion does not like it, tough sh*t!


The question is no longer "What are we allowed to do?" it is "Who will stop us?" The answer to the second question thus far has been 'no one'.