‘GunPon’ the Pro-Gun Alternative to Anti-Gun Groupon


USA –-(Ammoland.com)- In an effort to appease gun-control activists, Groupon recently banned firearm related sales, leading to a boycott of Groupon by many who cherish the 2nd Amendment, and providing a perfect opportunity for gun-friendly alternatives.

“Gun enthusiasts and related businesses shouldn’t have to miss out because of Groupon’s decision. Group deals serve both the needs of consumers and business owners, and we want to provide a platform that will fill the void left by Groupon’s retreat from this segment of the market,” says John Bonner, owner of startup, “Gunpon,” that rolled out to serve the firearm/outdoor niche market.

How do group discount services such as Gunpon work?

“Basically, it capitalizes on the time tested theorem that as a business you either you sell less and charge more, or you sell more and charge less. Sites such as www.Gunpon.net offer business owners the best of both worlds, temporarily reducing price in exchange for increased volume. Getting offers for substantial discounts on the products they love, right in their e-mail inboxes, is a no-brainer for firearm enthusiasts.”

“Gunpon is a double barreled opportunity for firearm supporters to return fire. Gunpon allows firearm enthusiast to respond to Groupon’s decision. It also supports the free market concept versus the growing push towards centrally (government) controlled closed market. As an added bonus, the cost to the business owner is drastically less than other existing group discount companies,” says John.

What product or service discounts will be promoted?

“We’re definitely wanting to focus on the firearm/outdoor niche for right now. When you sign up to receive notifications of deals, you can expect to see substantial discounts on products like holsters, knifes, firearms, magazines, and backpacks, and on services such as custom gunsmithing, engraving, etc. Some of these deals will be as much as 50% off the original price.”

Best of all? “You’ll be supporting companies that are outspokenly pro-American and pro-gun!”

Visit www.Gunpon.net to sign up. Take advantage of their referral program to save even more!!

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I truly hope that what Gunpon is advertising is true. I livbe across the Rio Grande from what Obama and Holder and Calerone created a cityJuarez where 11,000 people have been murfered since Obama said I inhaled and where Obama Holder and Calderone worked out a plan to gun walk true assault rig=fles to Calderones wife’s relative Chappo guzman the head of the Sinaloa cartel and I can not buy a gun to protect myself or family because of what the Kenyan has done and he never attended or cried at any of the funerals of those victims or the… Read more »


Groupons CEO just got canned. Coincidence?


Saw this story yesterday and wondered if Groupon’s woes might be caused, at least in part, by the response to their anti-gun stance: