Insane Batch of New Jersey Bills Adds Knife Ban to Gun Free Killing Zone Bill

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Insane Batch of New Jersey Bills Adds Knife Ban to Gun Free Killing Zone Bill

Gilbert, AZ –-( A bill [one of 24 anti second amendment bills] working its way very rapidly through the New Jersey legislature has just been amended without a hearing to include “any dangerous knife” to proposed enhanced “weapons free zones,” creating a dangerous trap for the unwary citizen that could result in fines and jail time for possession of common pocket knives or utility knives within those “zones.”

We need EVERYONE to WRITE TODAY to help stop this insanity!

New Jersey Assembly bill A1387 would permit municipalities to establish huge swaths of “weapons free zones” around schools, parks and public facilities within which possession of “any dangerous knife” would be prohibited, under penalty of fine and imprisonment.

There are so many issues with this bill and specifically, the “dangerous knife” provision, I hardly know where to start.

First, there is no definition of “dangerous knife,” a legally vague and ambiguous term that could apply to anything from a Swiss Army Knife to kitchen knives. As such, it will be left entirely up to cops on the street and then courts to determine what is or is not a “dangerous knife.” There is a huge potential for abuse of honest citizens by any cop, prosecutor or judge with an agenda or prejudice, as we have seen amply demonstrated for the last several years in New York City, which stimulated our pending Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against the City and DA. The “dangerous knife” provision was added to the bill after a committee hearing last week from the Assembly floor and without any public hearing on the new provision! We need EVERYONE to WRITE TODAY to help stop this insanity!

The definition of public facilities is extremely broad and simply driving down many streets or walking past a park or through or past a public space would put citizens at risk in a state that has virtually defined unreasonable in regards to similar existing restrictions on firearms. The knife provision puts tradesmen who use knives for their jobs at risk, along with anyone who carries a common folding knife. It would also turn utility knives in hardware or convenience stores into illegal contraband if the stores are within the “weapon free” zones. We need EVERYONE to WRITE TODAY to help stop this insanity!

As but one example, were this legislation to pass and a “weapons free zone” be enacted by Jersey City, New Jersey, which is likely considering the Mayor's extreme anti-weapon sentiment, anyone attending or exhibiting at the East Coast Custom Knife Show or New York Custom Knife Show in Jersey City could be subject to arrest at numerous points in their journey. It is virtually impossible to get to the hotel without encroaching on one or more of the proposed “weapons free zones.” (The irony is that these shows moved out of New York City to New Jersey to escape persecution by the anti-knife District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr.)

Finally, as with all such laws, the potential impact on crime is to actually increase the risk to law-abiding citizens within these “weapons free zones” without any positive impact on school or public safety. These gun or weapon free zones simply create a victim-rich location where it is advertised to criminals and madmen that their victims will be unarmed and defenseless.

Write If you live, work or travel in New Jersey, please contact your two Assembly members and ask them to oppose A1387 and to, at a minimum, remove the “dangerous knife” provision. Non-New Jerseyans need to contact ALL Assembly members and ask them to remove the “dangerous knife” provision.

Click here to locate your Assembly member or to access all New Jersey Assembly members.

Specifically, we ask that EVERYONE contact Assemblyman Charles Mainor, the Chairman of the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee, and ask him to remove the “dangerous knife” provision: Email: [email protected] Phone: 201-536-7851 Fax: 201-536-7854

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Every success we have in a state legislature helps us with the next bill we try to get passed. Success builds upon success. It's much easier to gain sponsors and supporters for a bill when we can point to other states where similar bills have passed and there has been no adverse impact. We all know these bills won't result in “blood running in the streets,” but its easier to persuade legislators when we can show them positive results to counter the scaremongers who oppose common sense legislation.

You can donate using our online donation page or, follow directions on that page to mail your check or money order.

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  • 7 thoughts on “Insane Batch of New Jersey Bills Adds Knife Ban to Gun Free Killing Zone Bill

    1. Hey all you crooks and killers it seems new jersey ripe for the pickings… state making its people defenseless!!

    2. Don’t delay! Start plotting with Constitutional lawyers (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has a lot of good ones) to bring a case (set it up as perfectly as possible) in federal court against this stupidity. Sculpt the case in advance! In fact, plan several of them. If the federal court dockets are jammed with 2nd Amendment cases, the Supremes can’t refuse to hear all of them.

      –Leslie < Fish

    3. Hey, this is the logical conclusion of gun control. Look at the UK. Read their newspapers on any given day and you will hear all wailing and gnashing of teeth about ‘knife crime’ and the need for more ‘knife control’. They have absurd laws on the books that prevent minors from buying any kind of knife whatsoever, even kitchen knives.

      The BMJ (British Medical Journal) posted an opinion piece in 2005 about how banning pointy kitchen knives (I swear I am not making this up!) would help lower their violent knife crime. They even interviewed chefs who told them that kitchen knives would function just as well without points on them! Who are these people and why are they wasting our time and resources?

    4. NJ is just setting up more of your rights for a fall. This just gives LE an excuse for stop and frisk. Our politicians are giving away our rights to privacy, illegal search, and defense. Anyone wonder why??

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