Mother Jones “Gun Myth #2” – NRA News Report: Media Misinformation

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Mother Jones “Gun Myth #2” – NRA News Report: Media Misinformation
NRA News
NRA News

Fairfax, VA –-( NRA-News is a valued partner that continues to cover breaking gun rights news with a new and improved short video format in the “NRA News Minute” videos.

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In an effort to combat anti-gun biases in the mainstream media, Cam Edwards from NRA News breaks down and rebuts media misinformation.

Today’s expose sheds light on the claim by Mother Jones that gun ownership leads to more gun deaths. We the facts say just the opposite.


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    1. More guns less crime is from John Lott’s book. His studies prove guns prevent more crimes than crimes committed and by a big number. No one likes to talk about this fact. Why would a bad guy invade a home he might know is well armed? Interviews with criminals prove this point. Think common sense!!! I would rather die in a home invasion, rape or hold up than go to jail????? Give me a break!

    2. Read British newspapers on any given day, and you will see them screaming about how they need more “knife control”. They published a piece in the British Medical Journal in 2005 about how if they’d only outlaw pointy kitchen knives that it would help their violent crime rate.

      These liars never compare overall homicide and violent crime rates. They only want to compare *gun* homicide rates. Well of course if there are more guns then most of your crimes will be committed with guns. But if you have outlawed guns, it’s not going to lower your crime rate, indeed it seems that having strict gun control RAISES violent crime rates, and then there are more crimes committed with other means, like pointy kitchen knives. And honestly, murder is bad, but what about home invasion? Rape? Having a knife held to your throat while thugs take your belongings? Etc. Which is worse, being dead or having your life ruined and never feeling safe again? I’d vote neither are a good thing.

      In fact, the rate of other violent crime, such as assault and rape have risen in Australia and the UK over the last fifteen years.

      The number of rapes recorded in the UK (England and Wales only) in 1997 was 6628 (12.85 per 100k). In 2010, the number recorded was 15934 (28.86 per 100k). That is an increase of 124 percent (per 100k).

      The number of sexual assaults in Australia was recorded as being 14353 (78.3 per 100k) in 1997. In 2008 the number was 19992 (95.13 per 100k). That is an increase of 21 percent.

      The number of assaults in Australia in 1997 were 124,500 (679 per 100k) while in 2008 it was 170,720 (812.3 per 100k). That is an increase of 19 percent.

      What is this about less guns making one safer?

      Meanwhile in America with all it’s guns…

      Forcible Rape
      In 1997 there were 96,153 (35.9 per 100k) forcible rapes, compared to 78,287 (26.8 per 100k) in 2011. While that is higher than the rate in the UK, ours has been declining (25% decrease) while theirs has more than doubled. Australia did not have statistics to differentiate different types of sexual assault, so I won’t comment on theirs.

      In 1997 there were 1,023,201 (382.1 per 100k) reports of Aggravated Assault. In 2011 it had declined to 751,131 (241.1 per 100k), a decline of almost 37 percent.

      This doesn’t even get into non-violent crime. Our crime rates, both violent and non-violent have fallen across the board. You can see this by looking at FBI Crime Stats Table 1.

      Guns have nothing to do with crime. People do. Until you can try a gun in a court of law and execute it for killing someone, do not blame the gun. It didn’t do the crime.

    3. I remember watching “Mother Jones” executive meeting on Cspan. This was in the 90s. They were discussing the need to re-educate people on the dangers of gun ownership even then. That anyone considers them an objective news source is laughable.
      I believe they have a connection to George Soros as well.

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