SB281 Advances, MD Plays Games with Hearing Date & Times To Thin Pro Gun Opposition

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore
Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore

Maryland –-( The Governor’s gun ban has passed the 2nd Reader with amendments on the Senate floor.

A favorable 3rd Reader vote is expected today. Unless there is a filibuster in the Senate, the Governor’s bill will then advance to the House for consideration by the House Judiciary Committee.

More Updates and Changes:

  • The House hearings on Friday, March 1, 2013 will begin at 12:00 Noon
  • Rally: March 5th 2013 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM @ Lawyers’ Mall
  • The Senate Hearing were rescheduled to Wednesday, March 6 2013, 2013 @ 1:00 PM

Please continue to take the following actions:

Call & Email the Governor: 410-974-3901 or 1-800-811-8336 Email Governor O’Malley

Tell the Governor, your Senators and Delegates that you oppose SB 281/HB 294 in any form. Short and to the point works best.

If you cannot join us in Annapolis, please support our efforts by making telephone calls and sending emails to the Maryland General Assembly using AGC’s “Email your Legislators” system. We are very close to one million emails, let’s put it over the top!

NOTE: New list members can view previous emails in our email Archive. Click here.

John H. Josselyn
Legislative Vice President

Frosh Changes Hearing Schedule to Weaken Gun Rights Response
Early this morning we discovered that Senator Brian Frosh had rescheduled the gun bill hearings from Tuesday, March 5th to Wednesday, March 6th 2013. This move was almost certainly intended to to thin our ranks at the hearings.

A total of 52 bills will be heard over 3 days in 3 Committees. This tactic is intended to dilute our numbers, which is why a strong “boots on the ground” turnout is so important.

Friday, March 1st @ 12:00 Noon (NOTE: THIS IS AN UPDATED START TIME)

  • 4 bills in the House Health & Government Operations Committee
  • 8 bills in the House Judiciary Committee (including the Governor’s gun ban)
  • NOTE: These hearing will be in the Joint Committee Hearing Room in the Legislative Services Building adjacent to Lawyer’s Mall

Tuesday, March 5th @ 1:00 PM

  • RALLY 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM LAWYERS’ MALL
  • 23 bills in the House Judiciary Committee

Wednesday, March 6th @ 1:00 PM

  • 15 bills in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee
  • Be sure to click the links immediately below for important information.

Keep up the email pressure; this is critical if we are to prevail in the face of the Governor’s attack on our rights.

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. (AGC), located in Marriottsville, Maryland. The Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. was formed on July 1, 1944 when a number of World War II veterans in the Baltimore, Maryland area began looking for a place for recreational and competitive shooting. They organized with several other Baltimore area shooting clubs to form the “AGC” Visit:

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Barry McCombs
Barry McCombs
8 years ago

Pa. is not an anti-gun state. We have the highest number of NRA members in the country. If not for the welfare counties at either end of the state, (Allegheny and Philly) and Erie up north, Pa. would be all Pro-Gun.

8 years ago

So here we are, those states around DC. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland are all anti gun? Why? Because you have to go through most of them to get to DC where guns will be needed to prove the view of the MAJORITY of Americans support gun ownership. I graduated high school in Maryland. I joined the service in Maryland. I completed 22 years of service until I became disabled. Now I a,m listed as a terrorist by DHS standards. Is this honoring the military? Is this supporting those who supported American policy ordered by American political Elite?… Read more »