Arsenal Firearms Strike One Pistol High Speed Comparative Video

Arsenal Firearms Strike one Pistol
Arsenal Firearms Strike one Pistol

Arsenal Firearms Strike One High Speed Comparative Video

Arsenal Firearms
Arsenal Firearms

Middletown, CT –-( Firearms Group, on the wings of the overwhelming success encountered at Shot Show 2013 in Las Vegas, announces a new high speed comparative video for the Strike One semiautomatic pistol. This video is the first of 3, aimed to prove beyond any doubt the technical and ballistic superiority of the Strike One over any and all other known semiautomatic pistols available on the world market today.

As the slow motion comparative film proves, not only the revolutionary locking design and ultra low bore axis grants the Strike One the lowest muzzle raise over target line in history, but shows beyond question how the cycle time is the fastest ever achieved in the specific industry.

New product pictures have also been published on the respective sections of the website dedicated to both the Strike One and the AF2011-A1 Second Century double barrel pistol, while hi-res photos and the complete new 2013 General Catalogue have been uploaded in the Press reserved area.

Arsenal Firearms Strike One Pistol Tactical
Arsenal Firearms Strike One Pistol Tactical

Arsenal Firearms takes also the opportunity to officially announce product readiness for all its lines, accepting orders from IWA 2013 for all the global markets, with starting deliveries expected during Spring 2013.

Arsenal Firearms Strike One Pistol

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International Firearm Corporation out of Oklahoma City is now importing and distributing for Arsenal Firearms of Italy. The Strike One and AF2011 (double barrel pistol) are both available

A. C.

1. I agree completely with Wisdom & Huapakechi, above.

2. Variation in the shooters’ skills, experience, stress, arm and wrist strength, sobriety (we always assume responsible shooters are completely sober, but s/he may have had a glass of wine with dinner), variations in lighting and other factors will negate a couple degrees difference of rise.

So this was entertaining, but meaningless.


Looks like the same Caracal junk that just got recalled for slides breaking in half….


The bench rest and force gages aren’t as theatrical, but you do raise a good point.


I would be more impressed if these pistols were mounted on a Ransom Rest with a force gauge as opposed to some guy being paid by AF. Not saying they did anything wrong, just that a machine is a little more reliable.