Colorado Don’t STOP! Keep Up Pressure on the Gun Banning Politicos

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

Colorado –-( Dear Fellow Coloradan,

Don’t stop.

We’re getting to them.

We must continue to turn up the heat in the State Senate.

You see, Senate President John Morse and his Democrat caucus buddies are feeling the heat. Your calls, post cards, letters, and e-mails are starting to get to them.

They’re starting to play the typical political games. They’ve already changed the time the Senate Committees are scheduled to meet on Monday to throw you off. Vulnerable members like Senator Jeanne Nicholson are scrambling to avoid the tough questions from their constituents.

They’re cancelling and rescheduling town hall meetings with no notice; dodging the tough questions about whether or not they will support more gun control.

This is why it’s important we keep the pressure up.

Please take a moment this to contact these listed State Senators and politely, but firmly, urge them to oppose ALL the gun control bills moving through the State Senate.

We don’t have time to waste.

ALL of the anti-gun bills are scheduled to be heard this Monday, March 4 in the Senate Judiciary and State Affairs committees.

They will hear testimony and vote on:

  • SB-195: Prohibit Colorado citizens from taking online CCW training courses
  • SB-196: Morse’s De Facto “Assault Weapons” ban.
  • HB-1224: Bans all magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.
  • HB-1226: Bans armed self-defense on college campuses; expanding criminal safe-zones to all state college and university campuses.
  • HB-1228: Imposes a Jim Crow-style gun tax on all firearm purchases. This legislation has no limit on the amount the CBI could charge for a background check.
  • HB-1229: Bans the private sale of firearms and expands background checks/gun registration for all Colorado gun owners.

If John Morse and the Denver Democrats have their way, they’re going to ram billionaire-playboy Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s New York gun ban agenda through the State Senate.

That’s why it’s so important that you take 10 minutes today and politely urge these Senators to say no to Bloomberg’s New York gun ban agenda.

Please contact these State Senators today, as they will be key votes throughout our battle in the Senate. I’ve include their phone and e-mail addresses as well as links to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please contact them through ALL means of communication!

  • Senate President John Morse -SD11- (303)866-6364
  • Senate Majority Leader Morgan Carroll -SD29- (303)866-4879
  • Senator Angela Giron -SD03- (303)866-4878
  • Senator Jeanne Nicholson -SD16- (303)866-4873
  • Senator Lois Tochtrop -SD24- (303)866-4871
  • Senator Cheri Jahn -SD20- (303)866-4856
  • Senator Andy Kerr -SD22- (720)979-4515
  • Senator Gail Schwartz -SD05- (303)866-4871
  • Senator Mary Hodge -SD25- (303)866-4855

Not sure what to tell them?

Here’s what I recommend:

Dear Senator NAME,

Coloradan’s DO NOT support more gun control:

  • NO Magazine Bans
  • NO ban on private firearms sales
  • NO Gun Tax on gun purchases
  • NO universal background checks/gun registration
  • NO “Mental health” database to deny gun rights
  • NO Backdoor “Assault Weapon” bans Please vote with Colorado gun owners, not anti-gun lobbyists from New York.

Signed: (Your Name)

Once you’ve contacted these Senators, please forward this e-mail to ALL of your gun-owning friends and urge them to call and e-mail these Senators as well.

Your activism — TODAY — could make the difference. Please don’t put off for tomorrow what we must do today.

Call, e-mail, Tweet and Facebook these Senators TODAY.

For liberty,
Dudley Brown
Executive Director

Based in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is Colorado’s largest state-based gun lobby. It is a group solely dedicated to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Our strategy is simple: don’t give an inch. Visit:

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Joe Satalino
Joe Satalino
8 years ago

To all involved in starting a war between the states for what we all believe in is not going to stop the covered up cause that you are supporting.Your cause was just laying around for the right time and all set and done waiting for the right time to change the quiet giant sector.When we figure out what was in it for you is when we will fire the first shot.We can’t beleive that a few people got killed and this is changing the way we live.This is causing a lot of bad feelings as well a fortune of money… Read more »