Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Pass Out of Committee

Now is the Time. Stand with the NSSF PAC.

Feinstein assault weapons ban
Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Pass Out of Committee

NEWTOWN, Conn –-(Ammoland.com)-  It's official . . . President Obama and Sen. Dianne Feinstein are now one step closer to victory in their war against responsible, law-abiding gun owners.

This morning, Sen. Feinstein's sweeping modern sporting rifle and magazine ban was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee in a straight party line vote (10-8). Sen. Chuck Schumer's “universal background check” bill also passed out of the committee.

Both bills now head to the floor of the U.S. Senate. In just a few short weeks, anti-gun lawmakers supported by the likes of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Brady Center, and who could care less about us and the significant contributions we make to the national economy, will vote on our fate.

Whoever you are in our industry — whether you are a firearms manufacturer, retailer or consumer — WE all have a lot at stake in this debate. Sen. Feinstein has boldly stated she has no intention of stopping. Are we ready to give up or or are we willing to stand and fight for our industry and our Second Amendment rights? Now is the time to stand with the NSSF PAC by supporting it today!

At NSSF, we're doing everything we can to show Congress our industry's commitment to making our communities safer. Our industry has a valuable story to tell about jobs, taxes and economic impact. So we've bolstered our ranks of lobbyists, and have launched comprehensive communications campaigns to tell our side of the story.

The NSSF PAC needs your support, however, more than ever to give our industry and your business an even louder VOICE to level the playing field. If you care about the survival of your business and our industry, you need to get involved in the NSSF PAC. Contribute Now!

By supporting the PAC, you are supporting our pro-gun, pro-industry friends on Capitol Hill who will defend us and the important contributions we make to the national economy every day. Through your PAC support you will also be standing with candidates who will oppose President Obama, Sen. Feinstein and others who demonize us and want to ramrod sweeping bans and restrictions down our throats, while doing nothing to actually make our communities safer.

Make your NSSF PAC contribution at www.nssf.it/ccpayments or by calling 203-426-1320 — ext. 257 or ext. 268.

If you contribute today, you will receive special donor recognition gifts. All President's Club members who make the maximum $5,000 personal annual contribution are invited to attend all future PAC events.

Thank you for your leadership and support.

Lawrence G. Keane
NSSF PAC Treasurer

The NSSF PAC, the nonpartisan, Federal Election Commission-registered multi-candidate political action committee of the NSSF, is a cornerstone of NSSF's government relations strategy. Contributions to the NSSF PAC are used for political purposes to support pro-firearms and ammunition industry, pro-Second Amendment and pro-sportsmen candidates on a bipartisan basis for election or re-election to federal office. Contributions are voluntary and individuals may refuse to contribute without reprisal. Contribution amounts stated are merely suggestions — individuals can contribute more or less than suggested. The maximum annual individual contribution is $5,000. The NSSF PAC will not favor or disfavor anyone based on the amount they contribute or decision not to contribute. Contributions from corporations, foreign nationals without permanent U.S. residency, federal government contractors or by persons in the name of another person are not accepted. Contributions to the NSSF PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.

For more information about the NSSF PAC visit www.nssfpac.org or contact Lawrence G. Keane, Treasurer, at 203-426-1320 or [email protected]

  • 11 thoughts on “Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Pass Out of Committee

    1. Bible beating morons. Is this a religious web site now? If you want your weapons for some sort of “holy war” then call me a libral! Last time I checked Christ was a Jew. You are ignoring the very freedoms that you claim to be in favor of based on your bigotted views. We live in a ountry where everyone gets to peacefully believe as he chooses. This site is about Second Amendment not Religion. Find another web site to spew your hate.

      1. Dave s. last time I checked the second amendment was there to protect the people and the constitution. I do not support bigoted comments yet the constitution gives the right of free speech and expression, freedom of religion. as well as many other freedoms. Being able to express your religious, political, civil, secular views on a site about the 2nd amendment is inherently what the second amendment is about. If you see something you disagree with just let it go as when you reply to said things you draw attention to the thing you wish was not there. Also many bigots say things just to get a rile out of people and when you react to it they get a warm fuzzy feeling. You have no more right to tell someone to keep their religious comments to them selves as they do to tell you to keep your anti-religious views to yourself. As I stated before the ability to exercise your constitutional rights is why we have a second amendment and to exclude someone from exercising those rights in a conversation about the second amendment just shows you have no real understanding of the second amendment, the bill of rights, or what is at stake as explained by this article.

    2. Dave S. I would remind you that, these so called people might be Jews but in all reality, they are Zionists. They are the ones who Christ called “False Jews.” He also called them “children of the Devil.” And, for that they were complicit in hanging him on a Cottonwood tree until he bled out his life. If you doubt me, please refer to John chapter 8 verses 42 to 47. They have not changed in thousands of years, and would gleefully crucify any and all who would get in their way. That is not hate, that is history, or would you argue with over 100 million dead people killed by their own governments in the 20th century, after being disarmed?

    3. The tyranny is almost complete. Treason is the order of the day in Washington DC and Americans are not going to stand for it.

      Ina a time of war Treason is dealt with death. Since it seems we are always in a war lately then death is the only verdict.

      Since a military tribunal is necessary let’s get it over with.

    4. Feinstein is a freaking Nazi fascist. Funny to see someone of her heritage copying the tactics of those who killed her people. Just goes to show you how evil she is and that all power corrupts. She things she is the fuerher.

    5. Funny, everyone of the gun grabbers are screaming about us but no one mentions the criminals. I know they think we are, but no matter what they pass, there are ways around it. Just don’t obey the laws, like the criminals do. They are counting on us to always obey the laws but those days are gone. They don’t hunt down and arrest the criminals so screw them. If I have to buy guns like the criminals, so be it. If they want more than 100 million +, “criminals,” good luck with that.

    6. Diane Feinstein is a perfect example of why there needs to be term limits on Senators. These embedded politicians, go into office as middle class and come out as self-indulged mega multi-millionaires.

    7. One thing the ” Crypt Keeper” forgot to add is if she and the right wingers are blabbing and regurgetating false irronious facts about these weapons of war in civilian hands then they forgot one BIG ITEM!!!!!!!! they forgot BlackPowder muskets and rifles!!! I mean if they are whining about weapons designed for war in our hands then they should/ must include the BP guns !!!. I mean they were invented to kill people !! That was the sole purpose of why they were designed and built!! I know it sounds retarded and it would help out us immensly if they were stupid enuf to add them which would be a blessingbthen it would show just how stupid this gun ban was stating these civilian semiauto versions of the M-4; were just as deadly and our civilian AR-15s would cause just as much death and carnage as its fully automatic, grenade launching, shotgun piggybacked cousin!! Hmmm i dont have that capability lol
      also she got mad at cruz stating ( ohhhh so everyone should have a bazooka huh) lol this shows mentalninstability , possible onset of alzheimers and definitly a stint as a walker on the show TWD( THIS BIT$%H IS FUGLY!!!!!!)

    8. She’s waving a “dangerous assault rifle” around people, and it’s on “fire”. Nothing over the muzzle, and probably no chamber flag. Stupid is as stupid does, and there’s no fixing it.

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