Gun Violence Working Group Delivers A Divided Proposal

There is an absolute need for public hearings on such hotly contested issues where legislators are so clearly divided.

Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Hartford, Connecticut –-( The Gun Violence Working Group of the Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety failed to deliver on the promised bipartisan consensus of proposals for new legislation yesterday.

Instead, they delivered two distinct lists, one serving the hardcore political anti-gun agenda that has become the hot topic of the media lately, and one that wasn’t much better, but at least left off the ridiculous out-right gun bans.

After all the talk of ‘compromise’ and ‘common sense’ from the committee and from the Task Force, it appears that one side stuck to their list of gun ban proposals that essentially parrot Governor Malloy’s proposals. These proposals include furthering the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ and banning certain sized ammunition magazines.

These unconstitutional and ridiculous proposals are obviously political stunts to appease a fringe anti-rights element, but they continued to divide the task force and the public to a point where it is obvious that no actual consensus or reason can be had. The extreme gun ban proposals also made it clear that many legislators did not heed the advice of the thousands of people who testified at the last public hearing opposing such draconian edicts, nor did they listen to the countless emails and phone calls they have been receiving since this began.

Of particular concern is the fact that none of the gun ban proposals can be reasonably articulated to have a potential impact on a future massacre, since gun control laws historically have only disarmed victims and made gun violence worse, not better. Instead, the proposals only seem to penalize and victimize the law abiding citizens of Connecticut who have done nothing wrong and wish to defend themselves and their loved ones.

The Committee will now send their lists to the six ‘leaders’ of the Task Force for final consideration and recommendation.

A strong message was sent during the hearing and needs to be heard by all legislators:

There must be public hearings before any further action is taken.

It is only reasonable that the legislature, which is supposed to represent the people, hear from the people on the topics they are now trying to push forward.

The task force needs to publish the two lists with details of proposed implementations, deadlines and penalties for public consumption. They must then hold public hearings that give the public time to provide feedback on each recommendation that they wish to move forward in this process.

Anything less is unacceptable from our representative government.

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Jimmy the Greek

it’s good to see more people are starting to open there eyes and see who is really pulling the strings of the puppets we call our leaders . Thank you !


When legislators are in the pockets of the Zionist Elite, the wealthy paying them campaign donations and other bribes they will do what they are told. Making any outside donations strictly illegal and reason for dismissal as well as prosecution is what is necessary to break the Elite hold. Conflict of interest. When you work for the people that is your only job. Majority rules or you lose your job. The Elite fear they will be ousted and separated from their wealth by pissed off Americans holding weapons. They are probably right because they are pushing us in that direction.… Read more »


The only new gun laws we need on the books are laws repealing all the old gun laws that haven’t worked .


Discussion is impossible where religion is concerned, and gun control IS a religion to the gun ban crowd. They don’t want real compromise, where both sides give and take. They want to give up nothing while gun owners do all the “compromising.” Sorry. Not happenin’.