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American Freedom Survey
American Freedom Survey

USA –-(  Are you old enough to remember The Little Rascal’s episode when they sat around the table whispering in each other’s’ ear, “Don’t Drink the Milk its Spoiled!!!”?

Well, I sure do and I still chuckle today when I think about it… But, what I am about to tell you in the next few minutes is so serious that you need to stop what you are doing and pay attention!

My sources warned about Enron before I knew the company existed; and they warned The Dot Com Bubble. Are you paying attention, or do you still think Jonestown is a really cool resort in South America? Ok, I am being too cruel, so I provide more evidence to snap you to attention. They warned about The Real Estate Collapse, they were on the money with The Banking Meltdown (Fannie, Freddie, and Lehman Brothers), and how it would lead to The Recession. I hope that’s enough evidence… If it isn’t then I’m too late… You drank the milk with a Kool-Aid chaser, and I can’t help you… Now, the rest of you pay attention close.

When these previous events occurred most of us were taken by surprise, so I hope we have learned our lesson by taking certain precautions because time is not on our side. You probably already know where I am leading, and if you haven’t guessed then you are probably safe because you aren’t aware for a good reason. The others know it has been too good to be true, but you can’t help yourself. Those of you not aware most likely vowed to never get fooled again, but the rest of you that have slowly gotten reeled back in are about to get clubbed.

Yep, it’s The Stock Market Boys and Girls. My sources told me this week we are going into a straight nose dive. They are so dialed in they think they will be able to tell me what month this will happen. Did you notice I didn’t say year? In fact, they also believe they will be able to pin it down to a few days. I’m a Christian, so trust me; if they started talking exact day and hour I had my finger on the End Call Button.

Over the course of my next articles I will be explaining the evidence for this event in terms that we can all understand. I will relay to you everything I learn.

Now, hold on, before you start for the door with your Go Bag sit down and consider a few things before you decide to Bug Out. If you have decided that America won’t be your home anymore then let me be a voice of reason for a moment… Pause and consider why would you EVER seek a foreign country or bank for your shelter? Have you watched the news about Cyprus? What do you think will happen when the nation you now call home decides one day that the money you have in their bank isn’t yours anymore? What kind of recourse do you have? You won’t be able to call 911 that’s for sure!

American Freedom Survey - Take the Survey
American Freedom Survey – Take the Survey

If you are convinced that America will experience an economic collapse do you really think that there is another place in the world that would be safer than The United States? You don’t think that other governments and the warlords that will rise up during this time wouldn’t be more extreme than The United States Government? Unless you will be traveling with an entourage that includes your own army, police force, doctor, pharmacy, water, food source, and a way to compensate all of these people then I suggest that you stay put in America.

Every nation around the world will be experience the same hardships or far worse! You are eating some far left liberal mold if you believe in America the Evil. The only way you or your money has a chance in another country is if the most generous people on earth bail your ungrateful ass out!!! Yes, I am referring to your neighbor, your city, your state, and your nation – America the Beautiful!

Now, that I have you settled down what can us regular folks can do to secure our wealth or retirement?

  • Don’t Panic
  • Get your family on board with making some changes to prepare.
  • Make a Budget. My father told me once, “It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you spend.” Differentiate between wants and needs.
    • The first step is to know how you spend your money. Get a notebook and write down every penny you spend for one week. You will see several items that can be eliminated.
    • A big culprit is buying a car a new car. Buy used… An expensive vehicle is not a sign of status it’s a sign of stupidity and lack of self-confidence. Begin to consider your vehicle as just transportation.
    • An expensive vacation is another example of an unnecessary expenditure. Women love to travel, so take them on a trip of America first before you start hitting exotic destinations. America is amazing and there are amazing vacation destinations in every state. If you are single or your significant other is not a traveler then turn off your cell phone, the computer for a day, and call it a vacation.
    • Alcohol purchases at bars, when you eat out, or when you travel need to be limited or even eliminated. This is a tremendous waste of money. If you decrease your alcohol consumption at private establishments by 10 drinks per week and stop smoking cigarettes you can celebrate that you just gave yourself a $5-15,000.00 annual income raise.
    • If you are a family of 2, 3, or more then Sam’s Club and Costco will help you save 35% annually on food shopping. Look for the free membership opportunities, or team up with a friend and go with them to shop. Do not get caught running to the food store 2 or more times per week this is a huge waste of money. Do your shopping at the most once per week.
    • Clothes. Stay away from designer clothes. In the book The Automatic Millionaire the wealthiest men on the planet purchase their clothes from Sears, JC Penney, and other similar department stores.
  • Know how much money you need to be self-sufficient without an income for 30 days. Maybe you have to start with one week, two weeks, and then 30 days. If you have enough cash for 30 days then do the same for 60, 90, 120, and so on up to 2 years.
  • Most of us don’t have much, so don’t be embarrassed about starting small. Do what the best you can with this… Be patient and be disciplined…
  • Take the cash and convert it to Silver. In the beginning start with 1 ounce bullion bars, rounds, junk silver, or pre-1933 coins (90% Silver). Later on you can explore investment numismatics, but right now you are concerned with having a way to buy or barter if inflation kicks in.
  • If you have money in CD’s or anything that is locked to a timeframe then do not re-invest when the account matures. Take the cash.
  • Maintain enough cash the bank to cover one week of expenditures. This will guard against too much exposure if something should happen with our electronic systems or our banks. I do not believe in Safety Deposit Boxes for the same reason.
  • The Buddy System. Team up with another family or two and combine your efforts. You can tell other people that you are just preparing in case of a Blizzard, Hurricane, Tornado, or Earthquake. Avoid being labeled a Prepper because I think it can attract unwanted attention and you might be increasing your chances of being a target.
  • Guns and Ammo. If you’re reading this then I will assume you have this covered, but don’t forget other items such as a bow.
  • Taxes. Consider moving to a state without a State Income Tax such as Tennessee or Florida to keep more of what you make, but stay where you have the most resources. When it comes to your Federal Income Tax there is NO better way to offset your Federal Income Tax legally is with an investment in Domestic Oil and Natural Gas Exploration. If you didn’t know this then 100% of your investment can be applied against your income. In most cases 70, 80, and even 90% (based the drilling program) can be used to offset your income in the first year. For Example: if you make $100,000.00 annually and invest $100,000.00 in Oil and Gas take 70, 80, or 90% of that investment, subtract that from your income and that is the income that is subject to a Federal Income Tax. A source to find a good company is this website or
  • Other non-correlated Investments to consider.
    • If you have risk capital available now and you are doing everything already then consider purchasing Agricultural Land with mineral and water rights. Over the past 100 years this has been a tremendous performer and has increased in value several times over.
    • Diamonds are great, but you need to purchase them right… If you don’t know your stuff then you could be paying far too much for a Diamond.
    • Alcohol is great too such as Whiskey. It’s a natural anti-septic, painkiller, and rare or aged alcohol can bring a big return.
    • Of course, I love coins good and silver numismatic coins. If you’re going to collect something it might as well be money, right?

You have enough information to begin preparing, or you can write me and help me become better prepared. In my next article I will begin to map the evidence for the major correction to The Stock Market.

I’m John Brown, and ask me again and I’ll knock you down.

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