Obama Tells Mexicans Half A Story On Guns Used In Crime

Obama Hating on the USA
President Barack Obama was right when he told a Mexican audience Friday

BELLEVUE, WA – -(Ammoland.com)- President Barack Obama was right when he told a Mexican audience Friday that many of the guns used in crime south of the border came from the United States…

And he should know since his administration allowed thousands of those firearms to walk during Operation Fast and Furious, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms observed.

“The Obama administration should accept full responsibility for illegally flooding Mexico with guns that are now being used by drug cartel gunmen,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “But he has deliberately told his audience half a story about how many of those guns made it into their country.”

The president told a crowd at Mexico’s Anthropology Museum that he will “continue to do everything in my power to pass common-sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people.”

“Mr. Obama talks a good game,” Gottlieb said, “but once again he may be hitting only two of 22 tries to score. If he were really interested in keeping guns out of the wrong hands, he would instruct the Justice Department to enforce existing laws.

“One thing to keep in perspective,” he continued, “is that all of these guns were purchased at retail and the gun traffickers passed background checks, and retailers were instructed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to allow the sales to go ahead.

“If there is a loophole in the current background check system,” Gottlieb noted, “it should be called the ‘administration loophole’ because they’re the ones responsible, not firearms dealers, gun shows or law-abiding U.S. citizens.

“The measures being proposed by the president will not prevent a single crime in Mexico and he knows it,” Gottlieb continued. “The president would have Mexico believe that the reason for their crime is our gun laws and the Second Amendment. It’s another blame game approach where Mr. Obama points fingers at everyone but himself and the horrid handling of a disastrous gun trafficking effort in which firearms retailers followed the law and his own people didn’t.”

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at (425) 454-4911, on the Internet at www.ccrkba.org or by email to [email protected].

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    1. @Choppedlow: I may disagree with you on some of your issues you mentioned but on this I am totally in agreement. It is sad that Obama blames us, especially odd considering the whole fast and furious debacle. But the thing you must realize, is that he is literally there pandering to future democratic voters. He knows they will cross the border in droves and that almost all of them will vote democrat when they do. Combine that with the corruption and you know as well as I this is only going to keep getting worse for the foreseeable future.

    2. Hey, I’m about as liberal as a normal person can get. I’m pro choice, I’m all for gays getting ‘married’, and I’m even for pot being legal. OK, that said, WTF is Obama doing in Mexico blaming everything on us? If he is going to blame us for their gun problem, wouldn’t it be fare to blame them for our drug problem? Yah, taking drugs is a choice. But do you think our drug problem would be half of what it is if Mexico didn’t flood our streets with cheap and potent drugs? They have made the supply side so high that almost anyone can afford them! Remember in the 80’s when only Dr’s and lawyers could afford coke? Its now stronger and an eighth the price!
      Worse, he demands that the US do something to stop the gun violence. For those of you who don’t live on the border, let me explain what it is like to cross over. Living in Yuma and Mexico being out my back door, you would be shocked! In the past, when you drove IN to Mexico, the Mexican authorities wouldn’t even look at your vehicle unless they saw something they could get money out of you, like a gas can full of gas, or a trailer full of ATV’s. Now, you have to go through a US checkpoint where they look for guns and money before you even hit the Mexicans. Now, you would assume that they cared about guns and money so they would also search your car, right? Nope. Same thing. If they DID find guns or money, they would be killed for stopping it from getting to the boss waiting for it. So there is zero action taken by Mexico.
      On the other hand, don’t you think Mexico would care enough about the US that THEY would want to look for drugs in your car before you crossed back? You know, how we look for guns before they go into Mexico. Show that you care, right? Nada. If anything, they work in concert with ‘halcone’s’ or, lookout men who have Nextel radios and report on what agents are in what lines. Bottom line, Mexico talks this huge talk about it’s problems but does nothing to stop it. Why? Because everyone from their president down to the local cop gets a cut and a payoff. If they actually stopped the narco war, and they could, that revenue strain dries up. Can’t have that, right?!
      Face it, Obama doesn’t care, and worse, Mexico doesn’t care. It’s all talk. Go to borderlandbeat dot com it you want to see the real news that no one reports. And this isn’t a liberal or a conservative issue, it’s an American issue. And Obama is just poring gas on the fire just to get votes, even if he ruins the US as he does it.

    3. I watched this speach!! I GOT FRACKING PISSED!! What a GD LIAR!!! his fracking underling Eric Holder smuggled guns INTO MEXICO!! To try and pin it on law abiding gun owners in the USA! Then Newtown happened ! So that got blamed on gun owners!!
      This guy isnt POTUS!!! hes a POLS “PIECE OF LYING SH*T”
      I hate this guy more and more every time he opens his LYING MOUTH!! Polluting the air with his METHANE!
      I cant understand why he Hasnt been Impeached!! They did Clinton for getting a BJ! And got a stain on Monicas dress but they let a lying POS non- American Muslim who lies, cheats, steals stay in the WH!!
      Ohhh I forgot hes our 1st BLACK PREZ!! Wouldnt look good huh?? Plus he would cry ITS RACIAL!! THEY R OUT TO GET MEEEE!!
      Instead of it being he is a sh*tty president< lowercase!!!

    4. I am reasonably sure that the Mexican leadership know as well as we do that Obamass is a professional liar and NOTHING that comes out of his mouth is to be believed . As far as Kalifornicate is concerned , I am all for returning it to Mexico , debt , perverts and all.

    5. This administration is opening doors to moral and economical, destruction. What about reality frightens mr b.o. His ideas suck common sense completely out of the equation. Roll models are important to impressionable youth give them inappropriate leadership and watch as manhood disappears. Far as that goes we are already an endangered species because the gay sentiment is advertised as natural behavior when it is obvious that people imitate people that they admire. Mr B.O. Our president, is one form of madness that like the homosexual agenda is way out of control.

    6. Everyone contact your lawmakers and insist that criminal charges be brought against Obama, Holder, and anyone else involved in “Fast & Furious.” This murder was allowed for one reason. To blame gun owners for our government’s breaking of the national and international laws. Demand that executive privilege not be allowed to be used for the administration to hide behind these murders.

    7. Of course he did not admit that 3500 of those weapons came from the US Government, nor the operation before that one. Project Gunrunner.
      Project Gunrunner is a project of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) intended to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico, in an attempt to deprive the Mexican drug cartels of weapons.[1]

      The primary tactic of Project Gunrunner is interdiction of straw purchasers and unlicensed dealers to prevent legal guns from entering the black market; between 2005 and 2008, 650 such cases involving 1,400 offenders and 12,000 firearms were referred for prosecution.[2] However other tactics (“gunwalking” and “controlled delivery”) have lead to controversy.

      In early 2011, the project became controversial when it was revealed that Operation Wide Receiver (2006-2007) and Operation Fast and Furious (2009-2010) had allowed guns to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.[3][4]

    8. We seem to have forgotten that the major point of the Bush41 1989 assault weapons ban was pressure from Mexico and the UK. They complained that the US market was the main source of guns to criminals and the IRA respectively. Same ol same ol.

    9. This whole administration needs to go. We The People need to clean out every Politition in their office and start over. Common sense people to pick all new officials.

    10. You really don’t think that this administration is going to start telling the truth now do you? It never has and never will be honest.

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