With Illinois on the Brink of Concealed Carry, Lets Remember Those We Lost


Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –-(Ammoland.com)- Cliff or no cliff- that is the question.

Today we should see revised language for HB0183. As all of you know we have been working very hard for concealed carry for a very long time.

For me it has been 27 years and for others like Jim Vinopal it has been twice that long. Today at some time we will see language for an amendment to HB0183. We will all have to read the bill and decide if we can support it or not or just remain neutral .

For me 27 years of work will have to be decided upon in an hour.

Whatever that decision is it will be for, in our opinion, the best thing to do for Illinois State Rifle Association members and gun owners across the State of Illinois. I don’t know what else to tell other than the fight will not be over.

Whatever the case some kind of concealed carry will come to Illinois. Some believed it would never happen. Many of our good members have passed away waiting for concealed carry to come to Illinois. I was thinking about them today. I could see their faces but I have to tell you I could not remember all their names. We should all be grateful for their efforts and remember that freedom comes at a dear price. In any case, I hope they are looking down on us and see that concealed carry come to Illinois.

I also wonder, not just today, but often, how many lives were wasted because we did not have concealed carry in Illinois. I hope those people are looking down on us and are comforted by knowing many lives will be saved and others will not have to suffer the untimely death they suffered.

I also remember the endless string of enemies we have faced in our quest for concealed carry and our seemingly endless efforts to preserve the Second Amendment in Illinois. Many of those enemies will see Illinois get concealed carry first hand.

Many of our enemies have passed away also. I hope they are looking up and see concealed carry come to Illinois.

Richard Pearson
ISRA Executive Director

The ISRA is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners Visit: www.isra.org

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Rp Well put!! Dont forget that Black female Senator, I cant remember her name but I believe shes from Unbelievably TX who IGNORANTLY STATED ( DONT BLAME THE GANGBANGERS” BLAME THE GUNS) obviously she has OVERDOSED ON GOVT SUPPLIED KOOL-AID! Greg is so off base its unbelievable! More guns lead to more killings REALLY?? not if you read the UNEDITED STATISTICS!! RP is SPOT ON in his evaluation & statements. Seems to me Greg has only spouted the Demorat, Liberal garbage that has been spoonfed to the uneducated illinformed non gun owners ( didnt mean uneducated as in schooling but… Read more »


Well put rp. Don’t forget Hellinois Gov. Pat “No guns” Quinn! What an idiot!


To Jamie: You must live in a liberal lah-lah land. Having armed citizens will most likely cut down on drive-by shootings. These cowards conduct these shootings, because most of the time no one has a weapon in their possession to fire back. If you drove in a neighborhood that you know was armed as well as you were, do you think you would go there? It doesn’t even matter if these are thugs shooting at one another or not, common sense tells you to stay away unless you have more or better armed people at the time. You also need… Read more »


The exec director wonders how many lives were wasted absent concealed carry in Illinois? Living near Chicago I observe that bangers carry concealed (no, not legally, but carry nevertheless)and bangers are killed every day. Also, children are killed by bangers shooting at bangers. Will children carrying concealed protect against that? WIll a law-abiding, concealed carrying adult minding his/her own business be able to survive an attack by a banger who is ready and prepared to kill without thought to his own life? put your faith in concealed carry if you like. Me? I am doubtful that anything good will come… Read more »


Remember, as in CO, you can vote to recall lawmakers who don’t vote the way the majority want. They are there to serve you, not the opposite. A partisan to recall with enough names on it is all it takes.


Well if they keep voting these bills down we will get constitutional carry. Yea!

Ronald R. Johnson

At least now the honest people can defend them selves against Obama’s Criminal Brothers!