Cabot Guns Repeats as NRA National Pistol Champion

NRA National Pistol Championship Target
NRA National Pistol Championship Target
Cabot Guns
Cabot Guns

Port Clinton, Ohio –-( Cabot Guns’ marksman Brian “Gunny” Zins wins the NRA National Pistol Championship at the Camp Perry, capturing an unparalleled tally of twelve National Championship titles.

It also represents back to back consecutive National Titles for Cabot and a victory from among a field of 643 of the world’s best pistol marksmen and equipment. This is the second year that Cabot Guns has committed to fielding an official team at Camp Perry, and the second year their shooters have brought home the title of National Pistol Champion.

To secure the title of National Champion, Zins finished the tournament with a score of 2634 out of a possible 2700, including 126 x’s and 16 points ahead of the next competitor.

The NRA holds its National Pistol Championship each year at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio. This year, a result of heavy rainfall in the days and weeks leading up to the matches, competitors took to the firing line amidst mud and standing water, in some cases shooting while submerged to their shins. Conditions were also challenging with shooters facing a typical 8 to 10 knots of wind with gusts reaching approximately 20 knots.

This year marks the 110th anniversary of the National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry – termed the “World Series of Shooting Sports.” Shooters representing state clubs, military organizations, major industry manufacturers, international organizations, and private enthusiasts make the Matches at Camp Perry a yearly pilgrimage, converging to test their wits, skills, and equipments against the world’s best shooters.

In attendance and supporting his shooters, Cabot Guns President and Gun Designer Rob Bianchin was proud to witness “a sensational performance by Brian Zins; I watched him score several perfect ‘100’ point target at 50 yards in slow-fire, and another perfect ‘100’ point target at 25 yards in rapid-fire, with all ten shots landing ’bullseye’ X’s” – meaning that they were scored hits on a 1.7 inch diameter ring.

“I knew first hand the accuracy the pistol was capable of delivering in a controlled setting was extraordinary but watching it perform in live competition in the hands of a greatest bullseye shooter of all-time was a thing of beauty.”

Zins’ .45 caliber competition pistol is a standard production model Cabot 1911 that featured a new integrated optics rail milled directly into the slide, allowing his Aimpoint® H1 2MOA red dot sight to be aligned intimately close to the pistol’s bore axis. Fittingly, Cabot has named this new model their “Cabot Bullseye.”

Zins has won 12 National Championship titles over a 20 year period, being unable to compete in 4 of those 20 years. Zins’ record makes him clearly the greatest competitive pistol marksman. The next best shooter in the 110-year history of the National Matches at Camp Perry has won 6 times. “It’s even more astounding that Brian hit the “x” on the target on 126 out of 270 shots or 47% of the time and doing it in windy conditions at both 25 and 50 yards,” stated Bianchin

Asked to comment on the Cabot Bullseye 1911, master gunsmith KC Crawford, the Zins trusts to adjust his trigger to account for daily wind changes, stated that the “build standard is excellent, maintaining the exact standard I expect to see out of every Cabot gun.”

“Bianchin is obsessed with product quality” says Zins. “He and the craftsmen at Penn United Technologies have a rigorous standard for guns and employ grinding technology to create a new standard of perfection. There is something different about the Cabot 1911 from any other pistol I’ve won with before. There’s something unique about the action. My guess is that the tolerance fit between the tangs and rails of the gun with no contact points – built with Cabot’s innovative technology – contribute to the action of the gun. The feel, balance and weight of the gun just makes it easier to shoot.”

Reached for comment in Los Angeles, California, pistol enthusiast, actor, and host of the Outdoor Channel’s “Gun Stories”, Joe Mantegna whose name and star are featured on the Team Cabot jerseys said:

“I wish to congratulate all the members of the Cabot shooting team for another sensational showing at the NRA Championships. As a proud owner myself I’m thrilled to be in the company of such a fine team of shooters and such a fine product.”

Team Cabot consisted of four shooters: Brian Zins, William Bethards, Shane Clevenger and former Marine Corps Shooting Team Captain Andy Moody – a new addition to Cabot’s roster for this year. All four share a long history of friendship and passion for shooting, previously serving together on the United States Marine Corps Pistol Team. Moody is widely acknowledged as the father and author of the marksman pistol training program that is taught in military circles and which Zins credits as the basis of his technique.

In related news Zins also captured the Cabot Guns NRA National Center Fire Championship held at historic Camp Perry on Friday July 12, 2013. Cabot Guns, based in Pennsylvania producing model 1911 pistols to unmatched manufacturing tolerances, was this year’s named sponsor of the NRA/Cabot Guns National Center Fire Championship. 671 marksmen from military, law enforcement and civilian competed for the title which involved bullseye shooting with either a pistol or revolver at distances of 25 and 50 yards at slow fire, rapid fire and timed fire strings of 30 shots at each stage for a total of 90 shots and a maximum of 900 points. Zins took the title with a score of 880 points with 45 x’s, hitting the bullseye at a rate of 50%.

Cabot Guns President Rob Bianchin attributed the success to the dedication of the excellent team of 75 journeymen tool makers, engineers and master craftsmen who collectively build each precision Cabot pistol and particularly the watchful eye of Team Leader Ray Rozic, ammunition supplier ASYM Ammunition and Stan Chen for his dedication to excellence in producing high quality ammunition, Aimpoint Optics and of course the talented shooters of Team Cabot.

Cabot Guns is a collaboration between Cabot Guns and Penn United Technologies Inc., a world-renowned manufacturer of precision components for the aerospace, nuclear, and other industries requiring tolerances of the highest fidelity. Together they design, build, and market nine models of 1911 handguns. Cabot Guns are machined from solid blocks hardened steel to within tolerances exceeding 2/10,000th of an inch.

2013 NRA National Pistol Champion Brian Zins
2013 NRA National Pistol Champion Brian Zins

Cabot asserts that their frames and slides are the most highly-engineered components ever made for a 1911. Penn United Technologies’ proprietary technology allows the frame and slide as well as every component of a Cabot 1911 to be completely interchangeable with any other Cabot 1911 referred to by the company as clone technology. Cabot Pistols exceed National Match Standards for accuracy – unmodified and right out of the box and are described as the “Rolls Royce of 1911’s.”

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