Holder & DOJ Won’t Return Zimmerman’s Gun

George Zimmermans Gun
Holder & DOJ Won't Return Zimmerman's Gun
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- Although George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” by a jury of his peers in the self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin, Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to give Zimmerman's gun back.

The Sanford police department confirmed that the DOJ has placed a “hold” on evidence relating to the Zimmerman trial. Officers have been instructed not to return “any pieces of evidence to their owners,” including Zimmerman's gun.

The Daily Mail suggests this is one more sign that “the criminal section of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division is seriously investigating whether civil rights charges should be filed.”

The DOJ has not said if or when it will “take custody” of the evidence being held. For now, Holder has made it clear he is “concerned about the case,” and the DOJ is examining every aspect of it to see if civil rights charges can be pursued.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Holder & DOJ Won’t Return Zimmerman’s Gun

    1. The State of Florida…by LAW must return Zimmermans private property….NULLIFY federal ‘wishes’…which are NOT LAW…..return private property to him…pronto….imho

    2. In this case, Holer(no typo)has an axe to grind and will do anything to make matters more difficult for GZ. But it is normal for police everywhere to hold on to weapons forever, especially in suicides. Many times, they just dissapear into thin air. (or into somebody’s holster) Owners or survivors have little luck in reclaiming them. I have two personal friends whose experiences back this up.

    3. What a sneaky way to get at someone. This is nothing more than the Federal Government poking their finger in GZ’s eye. It’s cheap, uncalled for and wrong.

    4. And who is going to put a hold on Holder and his guns that walked into Mexico? Murder many times over just so he could blame people who had legal guns. We need to push our lawmakers to force Obama to release all the information on Fast & Furious. Maybe Zimmerman can claim executive privilege. He needs to check with his lawyer.

    5. Eric Holder trying to uphold the law ” is a FRACKING JOKE” him pretending to be the TOP LE FACE IN AMERICA” is like a prostitute saying she is a NUN! Totaly laughable!!
      This Circus over this verdict is to try & get low infi ppl attention on supposed race issues and away from the scandals this admin is involved wil!
      If GZ lived in my State or closer I would give him a loaner gun! Or watch his back for him! If something were to happen to GZ now wat does anyone think wouuld be done about it??? They would trat the black person as a Hero!! Al Sharpton is a GD racist bigoted sob fanning the race flames!! Alot of level headed black ppl dont agree with him nor these (demonstration$ ) RIOTS! And Jessi Jbat the UN begging them to investigate the USA for human rights violations!! Also laughable the blacks cant understand why POTUS hasnt jumped on board like Al,Jessie & other racist bigots fanning the race war Obama is to smart for that! Besides their IS NOTHING THEIR!! Thats why DOJ is TROLLING for any info trying to say GZ was racist!! DOJ needs to give him his damn gun back!! Especialy with the death threats!! If anything happens to him his fam can sue the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, The Martins ( because they just got 1 mill from that housing place! So GZ fam can sue the ever loving shi&% out of them.

    6. Holder wants the gun so he can make sure it ends up in the hands of a drug cartel member down in Mexico. And then maybe he can charge Zimmerman with some innocuous law that pertains to someone ending up with his gun during the commission of a crime. There is no more justice in the USA. All there is is chaos in DC. When the law violates the law, there is no more law, just a fight for survival.

    7. He has not been forbidden the use or carry of arms. Holder and Co. may be violating his civil, constitutional rights, but many people, from gun store owners, other private citizens, even author Brad Thor have offered to buy Zimmerman another gun. Given how even the POTUS (POS) has spoken out against him, and thousands are rioting in protest, and the death threats have been ignored by our “justice” department, Zimmerman should arm himself. Hell, he should have a SEAL team following him.

    8. Well’ they have not to my knowledge told or prevented him from getting another hand gun.I think if I were him I’d try getting another handgun, because of all the death threats he’s getting.There might be a problem with the National Instant Background Check system, but that will have to be handled in court.Stay tuned!

    9. It is way past time for the legislature of the sovereign state of Florida to invoke the doctrines of nullification, interposition and if necessary secession from the federal union.

    10. So you can break the laws of the land if and when you want. And your sworn oath to uphold it is really a gray area? Must be nice. I know if I don’t do my job im fired. And I didn’t even take an oath for said job. ODD? How nice for Holder and DOJ.

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