Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Allows Military Police to Concealed Carry in 50 S

By Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Military Police
Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act H.R. 218 And Military Police
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Wisconsin –-(  In 2004 then President George W. Bush signed the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA).

The act was introduced to Congress as H.R. 218 and if a policeman knows about this act he/she most likely will refer to it as H.R.218.

What H.R. 218 did was give police including military police officers the ability to carry a concealed firearm in any State or US possession, such as Puerto Rico.

This type of law enforcement concealed carry permit has nothing to do with the civilian concealed carry permits that States can issue to their residents.

The most important difference about an H.R. 218 concealed carry permit is–all 50 States have to honor the permit.

As of July 2013 all 50 States have some form of civilian concealed carry permit. However, unlike a drivers license issued in one State and honored in all of the other 49 States there is no one State that will honor all 49 other concealed carry permits or have their permit honored by all of the other 49 States.

The H.R. 218 is a special concealed carry permit for actively working cops and retired cops. There is a process to apply depending on each State’s protocol. You have to qualify each year on the handgun you plan to carry and when you have your H.R. 218 permit you can travel the 50 States and all US Territories with your legal handgun.

This includes: Washington D.C., New York City and the dreaded anti-gun city of Chicago.

The problem was when H.R. 218 first went into effect it failed to include Federal retired law enforcement such as FBI or ATF agents. So the bill was amended and they included military police both active duty and retired, but the wording was allegedly confusing to civilian law enforcement, so retired military police of any and all branches of the DoD and Coast Guard were denied the ability to have the H.R. 218 permit.

H.R.218 has been amended again this year and now there is specific wording that addresses military police both active duty and retired.

If you are retired military police, security forces, or master-at-arms you can qualify and carry a concealed handgun. Each State has (I believe-don’t quote me, (New Jersey may not)) set up an application procedure for former Federal law enforcement (this includes old military cops) members to acquire an H.R. 218 based concealed carry permit that has to be honored in every state.

I am a retired Air Force Security Forces policeman and I live in Wisconsin. As soon as the new amendment to H.R. 218 went into effect in 2013 the Wisconsin Department of Justice (Do J) modified their application process to include retired military cops under the former Federal law enforcement application process.

Last week after fulfilling a lengthy application process to include qualifying on the handgun I will be carrying, the Wisconsin DoJ issued me what I believe to be the first, former Federal law enforcement concealed carry permit assigned to an old Air Force retired cop.

If you are a retired military policeman from any branch of the DoD, you need a total of ten years service as a military cop. So even if you changed career fields and were not a cop your entire Air Force career that is OK, as long as you have at least the minimum ten years of military police time.

You have to be able to prove it on your DD 214. In actuality you do not have to be retired from military law enforcement. You have to only have ten years as a military cop. So if you have a DD 214 that can document you were a military policeman for ten years,(even if you separated before a twenty year retirement) that will work. If you are interested in having an H.R. 218 based law enforcement concealed carry permit, the first thing you need to do is contact the Department of Justice (or equivalent of) in your State of residence. Each State must have a process for former police officers to acquire a concealed carry permit.

There is precedence at least in the State of Wisconsin for an old Air Force policeman to have qualified and received an H.R. 218 permit, I am that precedence. One issue of the newly amended H.R. 218 is any active duty military policeman can with proof of current handgun qualification carry a concealed handgun out in the civilian world of all 50 States.

According to H.R. 218 any military cop from any branch of service (to include a reserve or Guard cop) can acquire their own privately owned handgun and carry it concealed off base. That will be a new experience for military commanders to deal with.

Even after you have your H.R. 218 permit tread lightly, there are a lot of people in power, especially on the east coast and in Chicago who might not completely understand that Federal law trumps anti-gun State statutes.

I contacted the Secretary of the Air Force’s office and was advised that the DoD is working the issue with intent to come up with DoD directed certification credentials for current and qualified former military cops to carry concealed under H.R. 218.

Times they are a changing in the world of military cops, old and new.

Major Van Harl UASF Ret / [email protected]

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”[email protected]

Update: 2/3/2017

Qualified individuals can now apply for LEOSA online at

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    1. 19 Feb 2013 Security Forces posted a memo stating all Security Forces are not authorized to exercise LEOSA concealed carry privileges. The latest letter came out with the following: PURPOSE

      To present benchmark data collected from multiple large municipal and state police agencies, with respect to policy and procedures of 926 (c) LEOSA credentials and recommend Courses of Action (COAs) for the United States Air Force


      – The AFSFC is creating a specific 31 series AFI to address the implementation of LEOSA based on the draft DoDI for Law Enforcement personnel; active, retired and individuals separated with 10 years aggregated TAFMS that qualify based on their active duty functions

      – Implementation of section 926 (c) of LEOSA will authorize retirees and separated members with 10 years aggregated service to carry the USAF issued LEOSA credential and, as per the LEOSA statue, carry weapon certification from the state in which they reside

      – In accordance with H.R. 218 (LEOSA) section 926 (c) (7), to be considered a “retired qualified law enforcement officer” means an individual who – “is not prohibited by Federal Law from receiving a firearm”

      – USAF Security Forces will be the issuing arm of this credential for all SF personnel

      – It is each issuing agency’s responsibility to ensure all aspects of the definition of “qualified law enforcement officer” are met to issue the credential and must insure the individual is not “prohibited by Federal law from receiving a firearm”

      – Most large police agencies examined place an expiration date on the 926C LEOSA credential and required re-issue after a background check confirmation of firearms qualification in insure compliance with section 926(c)(7) of H.R. 218

      – Data collected from these agencies are depicted in Table 1 (below)

      – AFOSI and sister services do not/are not placing expiration dates on 926(c) credentials, however, after discussion, are considering the addition of expiration dates (POC below)

      – 802nd JA, (Ms. Arlene Christilles) was consulted and it opined there is nothing in H.R. 218 that neither mandates nor prohibits placing an expiration date on 926(c) credentials


      – COA 1: Do not place an expiration date on the USAF SF 926C LEOSA credential and validate compliance with section 926(c)(7) of H.R. 218 only at time of issue

      – Pro: This is will place the USAF in compliance with the law and doesn’t incur additional work after the initial issue

      – Con: No recurring means to determine if the individual in possession of the 926(c) LEOSA credential subsequently is in violation of the Lautenberg Amendment after initial issue

      Lt Col Musacchia/AFSFC/SFOP/945-1028/jam/22 Jul 13

      1. nice going guys. forget posse comitatus. this will make it much easier to declare martial law by having thousands of ex military retards to conceal carry where they live. i guess obama will add these guys to illegal aliens, college liberals, and muslims that will be armed to round up and incarcerate americans who still stand up for their rights. ever notice how all the border patrol agents are hispanic and how they only seem to harass white people? while we harass american white gun owners the borders remain wide open and thousands of muslim and hispanic terrorists are coming into the country. i used to be a big supporter of law enforcement, no longer. next time i see a cop getting his ass handed to him i will just keep on my way. americans better wake the hell up and realize their country is being taken over from within.

        1. Actually, it will have the exact opposite effect. There will be millions of retirees who have sworn to uphold the Constitution – those who stand mostly silent, ready, and vigilant to thwart a scenario of domestic or foreign occupation which hastens any round-up of American citizens. Everyone knows and understands the facets of suspending Habeus Corpus….it would create the largest, most well trained, and deadliest insurgency the world has ever known. Period.

          1. I would like to see this policy extended to all retired military regardless of MOS or AFSC. We all had significantly more training in firearms use and maintenance than any of the “state” courses require. The state of Iowa in essence has already done it. Further amending the law to encompass all (naturally not those with a criminal background since retirement) would preclude the state by state restrictions. Before I receive responses about doctors, clerks and other “non” combatants lacking the skills, I do possess expert status and an AF Excellence in Pistol Competition badge.

        2. WB, were you drop on your head as a child? Service members are not “retards” as you stated. Take your head out of your ass.

        3. wb – all of the U.S. Army Military Police (retired) that I know WILL NOT support martial law…. period..
          The corrupt forces will come after us first you twit! Read Homeland Security Extremist Assessment (2009)(oflammas first year in office) Rightwing Extremism:Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment – (all veterans are considered terrorist) look it up moron…

        4. “ex military retards”? Really….so the Military and Military Veterans will round up and incarcerate Americans? That stand alone shows your ignorance but your bigoted comments about Hispanic border patrol agents shows the depraved mind you clearly do have. Did it ever occur to you that the Police, Border Control or whatever are forced by Obama and DOJ to allow these violations of law to occur? I don’t think it did, because you are too simple minded and your thoughts are clouded by racism…. Yes I used the R word because it is true. How dare you judge the Police anywhere just because they maybe Hispanic or any other ethnicity! What is sad is that you and I likely come from the same political spectrum but your mind has been twisted by your hate. Also WTF does Posse Comitatus have to do with HR 218? Oh I forgot, the Military will be rounding up and incarcerating Americans who don’t support Hillary…LOL!

        5. wb Posse Comitatus has zero to do with HR 218, that Resolution addresses Retired Military Police. Posse Comitatas is specifically makes it Illegal for Military to enforce Laws upon Civilians.

      1. Have you found an answer to this yet cause I’d like to know as well. Corrections officers are more in danger than MP’s I think.

        1. I am a retired NYC correction officer now residing in Pennsylvania. I obtained my HR218 permit this summer with no problems at all.

        1. NYC Correction—- as a retired NYC correction officer you do not need any permission from your dept unless you want them to pay for it. i retired 15 years ago and i have my 218 many years ago without any problem. dont make it a problem, just go for it.

      2. SORRY it does not,
        it is specific to Retired Military Police, Correctional Officers did not have Powers of Arrest or Apprehension, that’s the glitch as the Law is currently written.

        1. Sorry to inform you, Federal Correctional officers ARE covered under the LEOSA guidelines. They are also required to carry the required ID in order to do so. However, several State/local Correctional Officers are not covered under these guidelines (no arrest powers)

    2. “However, unlike a drivers license issued in one State and honored in all of the other 49 States there is no one State that will honor all 49 other concealed carry permits”

      This statement is incorrect. Since states like Arizona have constitutional carry laws where you dont need a permit to conceal they therefore in effect not just honor all ccw permits but also honor the right of any citizen who is legally allowed to possess a gun to also carry it.

    3. I won’t support legislation that creates multiple classes of citizens – or fixing old legislation to include a few more in an über class

      I will support legislation that requires states to honor the constitution and recognize carry permits from other states under the full faith and credit clause.

      1. “I will support legislation that requires states to honor the constitution and recognize carry permits from other states under the full faith and credit clause.”

        If the STATES were to actually Honor let alone follow the Constitution there would be NO PERMITS or Permission Slips – the 2nd or anything else in the Constitution mentions anything about We the People needing the Governments permission for anything.

        Permission for us and the Constitution do not go together

    4. johnny-this is about Law Enforcement credentials which allow us to carry concealed-completely different from CCW. A lot of folks are in the CCW mindset for civilian carry instead of the LE credentials to carry.

    5. Why concealed ? Why just MP ? Every lawabiding US citizen should (as guaranteed by the 2’nd Amend.)carry in all 50 states,open or concealed.

      1. If you understand the training and decision making processes LEOs, including MPs have to make on a daily basis, you would understand the special privilege.
        It’s good to see that the good guys have this opportunity to carry concealed without jumping through crazy hoops in different states, based on their experience and credentials.

    6. I’m retired Air Force, and was a qualified Security Policeman/Security Police Augmentee for over 12 years. As such, I held more than one valid AFSC. Does this qualify me for the LEOSA credential(s)? (Yes, I have a secondary AFSC of 811×0 annotated on my DD214)

      1. Oh ok buddy so your right we should give you more rights to carry a gun so when the stores getting robbed you can go in and save the day.. We have police for a reason and we do our job which most the time is PROTECTING ignorant people like you so you can go through your day with all your “rights”..

        1. Dear Officer Whatever our Name Is… I carry a weapon wherever I go. I am a weapons expert, U.S. Marine Corps qualified and usually out-shoot EVERY challenger when having to go to the range for permits and qualifications. You are suggestion that just because I don’t wear a police uniform that YOU are more qualified to interact in a situation that YOU are not even present at? I think you owe that citizen an apoligy.

          1. “we should give you more rights” Who is this WE! The only one that gave me rights is GOD to defend myself & my love ones. It’s everyone responsibility to defend themselves, it’s not just a right anymore. Now that the police has became more military. And the UN is pushing Agenda 21 down our throats, It’s fair to said with what’s going on, that everyone over 16 should learn how to armed themselves from tyranny!

        2. Did you really just put the the word rights in fin quotations? Like you were being sarcastic or placating an ignorant child? Are you serious? Congratulations, you are part of the problem. That’s the attitude that puts police and everyone else at odds. Note I said everyone else and not civilians. Because you aren’t.
          Congratulations, you are part of the problem. That’s the attitude that puts police and everyone else at odds. Note that I said everyone else, and not civilians. Because you aren’t a soldier, you’re a cop. A civilian in a public service job. So long as you and you “brothers in blue” try to hold yourself separate and above the general public you won’t be safe, no matter how many guns you carry.
          You want to keep off duty cops safe? Don’t be one of the few pricks that violates rights or breaks the law. You don’t you say?
          Fine, don’t be one of the many pr*cks that sees it and looks the other way or lies under oath because that’s your “brother”.

    7. Says alot about AF security ,MP etc what about Coast Guard..Its a Federal law enforcement agency. At the E-3 level we didnt have the authority to arrest but at the E- 4 levels we all had authority to arrest, do boardings, drug searches etc had our Miranda readings memorized & attended a crapload of LE schools. Qualifying every 6 months with weapons, curbed then pepper sprayed, I dont know how many 100s of pound of pot, coke etc we seized plus arresting bad guys. Dont know if we did that for 18 or 20 yrs if we qualify or not?
      Like I said ours is a diff entity than DOD and its an LE organization
      I agree above on the special treatment of diff people especialy ” Retired cops”: The 2nd is their for everyone but cops carry all their careers not like a civilian CCW. They have had a crapload of training , levels of force use to make a person compel to comply etc . I believe in the 2 nd & our rights to carry etc but a state that allows anyone to carry concealed isnt to smart ( unless their is training in order to do so) or is just anyone able to carry a gun in AZ just as long as they pass a background check?
      Anyways im done my ramble! I would LOVE 2 SEE DEMORATS & LIBRETARDS FACES ON THIS LAW!! Especialy someone carrying CCW in Obamaville ( Chicago) A buch should go their 2 stil crap up with the anti- gun crowd!

      1. HEy Patriot, I don’t know if you read the top of this blog, but Obama actually made H.R.218 a lot more lax. He allowed all federal agents and MP’s to carry. “Dubya” didn;t include any Federal agents in the original H.R. 218 bill. What you have o remember is why it was passed in the first place. in response to the growing terrorist threat.

    8. Yet another appointed ‘special class of citizens’…discrimination by the Federal government and specifically the House of Reps…only in amerika….this is what you and I get when our ‘elected traitors’ go against the LAW as in the CONSTITUTION and Bill of your face tyranny…

    9. Why are there always “haters”? Its not a special class of citizens, you can apply for a ccw in your state if you meet the criteria. Maybe you should be more American and earn something if you want it not just cry about it, so go become a police officer and get the credentials you so badly want. Also, if you get stopped in Arizona do they ask to see a ccw from another state? probably not, therefore they arent recognizing it, their law just doesnt require it. FYI, when I get out of the Army, i’ll have an MP for about 8 years so I wouldnt qualify for this if you need ten years, but I’m not whining about it.

      1. God bless you Mark. You should be allowed to get one just for the wise words you spoke. folks want to carry concealed and for what. There already was a man in Florida who killed a kid and got away with it. That’s why the government put gun laws into affect in the first place. Jeb Bush himself said that the law didn’t apply in this case and the man was still found not guilty. Since you didn’t whine about not being able to carry you should be given a CCW. We put our lives on the line daily. I remember my days of searching homes in the freezing cold on Christmas night, and on the same night responding to shooting calls, and doing my job in the sweltering heat. Not to mention the myriad of other duties I performed when most were comfy in the office and at home in bed. ok, I’m almost done. Lastly, bad guys have been known to follow police across state lines and do harm to them. Hence we can carry across state lines now. Anyone who reads this, get hired by a small town department and yes you too can carry under LEOSA

      2. I live in New Jersey. Our requirement for getting a CCW is that you need to be a cop, retired cop, protecting someone else’s money as an armored car driver (and even then you can only carry on duty), or a rich politician

        1. You forgot to mention that in NJ. after about 2″ pile worth of applications, you have to go before a Superior Court Judge and explain why you want the CCW. and then he decides if he will give you one. If it’s because you say you carry a large sum of money or gems, he will tell you to hire an armed guard. NJ. is a may, not a shall issue state and does not recognize any other states ccw and those with a LEOSA must qualify twice a year. The strictest gun laws in the US.

          When I was a cop there (A regular cop, no auxiliary or other type of part time cop), It would take me two to three months and two reference letters to friends sent out just to obtain a permit to purchase one handgun and that would expire in 90 days. NJ. Insanity and high taxes at it’s best.

    10. Hi all i did 24 years as a Army MP no break in service, also deputy Sheriff for 5 years and 3 years as DOD Cop, I’ve been told that this law does not cover Army MPs and we are not allowed to carry period is that true?? I am in the state of Tenn.

    11. What about special operators? Green Berets? Navy Seals? Delta? Not to say MP’s do not know how to use a pistol. But as an 18B I am willing to be I carried my pistol and fired more rounds then 95% of the MP’s in the Army.

      1. they will let you but they just want to see how it works before they give everyone the right to this permit. As a student you probably know more than me but I understand that even though they haven’t given you the same rights yet they will to all law enforcement in the time to come


      All the military and retired military MPs, SPs and MAs can thank the National FOP and its Civilian Police Unions for getting the verbage of STATUTORY APPREHENSION ADDED TO THE LAST AMENDMENT. DOD AND THE MILITARY continued to fight the civilian police officers saying they could not carry under the original law because they did not recognize a arrest and apprhension are and mean the same. It is the taking of a person into custody and CUSTODY is a arrest. DO NOT FORGET IT WAS THE CIVILIAN 0083s FOR THE MILITARY THAT GOT THIS FOR YOU WHICH MANY OF YOU HATE. THAT UNION GOT IT FOR YOU. REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. There are several problems with allowing Military Police / Masters at Arms. /. Air Pollice to carry “off duty” . Here are a few. First off the academy training for Military Police is at best very basic ( I speak from experience, 32 years LE,, NJ State and Dept Of Defense) and lacks the actual training that most civilian academies provide.NJ is six months long. Having run the Police Training program for the Department Of Defense Police I can tesify that the alloted time is far too short and the sujects taught are a far cry from what the average civilian Police Officer gets. Many Military Police Officers are under the age of 21. This is a problem with carrying a firearm in several states. Several states, including NJ have it written in the law governing the actual qualifications of a Police Officer that they have to be able to make ” a Statutory Arrest” where most, if not al military bases call it an apprehension. Maybe they mean the same thing but some courts refuse to acknowledge it. Last but not least, Military Police are issued a duty weapon owned by the govt. They turn that weapon in at the end of their shift. Most base commanders will not allow a civilian firearm to be fired on a military range. The question, how and where does that person qualify with their off duty weapon since they cannot carry their duty weapon when they get off shift? These are just a few problems. I would guess that there would be many more.

    14. Marty,

      Military police training for the Army is woefully inadequate but an academy no matter how long does not fully prepare you to be a patrol officer, hence the reason every department has an FTO program. But this is a moot point if an Officer from one State enters another State he does not automatically have arrest authority but he can carry concealed. What is the difference between a Military Police outside of his jurisdiction and that of a local officer outside of his jurisdiction carrying concealed? The NJ standards and qualifications to be a peace officer have no bearing on the rest of the union and it certainly has no bearing on Federal law enforcement.

      Military investigative agencies such as Army CID, Air Force OSI, or Navy NCIS already have Title 10 authority to carry concealed regardless of what State laws say. I was running around the continental United States with Title 10 creds carrying concealed legally at age 19…

      Lastly every military base I have spent an extended amount of time at has had a range that was able to be utilized at least part time not only by soldiers wishing to fire their personally owned weapons but also by civilians…

      1. I spent 22y/o as a Military Policeman ane a Special Forces Op…I love to listen to this couardly Police talking about Military Police, who Police all over the World, I have made arrested on more non-US citizen in their own country than most of these back water Police talk on this site, if you don’t know what your talking about just shut the hell up. Military are the most well trained Military force that America has…..You ever heard a Military Police cry about fearing for his or her life when dealing with a subject, if you are out of shape as hell, yes I can understand how cowards get nervous when they are in the heat of the moment, but when you shoot innocent people because you thought you saw something on the subject, that pretty dam cowardly….the government could change these habits simplely by reguired to have ateast 4 years in the Military before they can become…a civilian Police Officer be real do you honestly think a Cop can shoot better than any Military Solider, we live with our weapons and by the way, when I look at TV and see all these overweight Cops…ofcourse they are going to shoot first and answer question later, always the same…”I fear for my life” you will never ever hear that in the Military…even from a cook,,,I’m just happy they are being made to wear body cams and most of the cowards are fighting that action,,if your doing your job, you should want body cams for your safety and for most of you idiots, Military Police are Federal Officers with arrest authority.

    15. I am a 15 year MP and agree with the statement regarding 17 weeks is not enough time to teach a young 18 year old to be responsible enough to carry “off-duty”. That is why the time in service is 10 years. By the time you have 10 years in (and even know about this), you should be allot closer to being responsible enough.

    16. Listen, police academy’s teach how to shoot but can’t teach when to and when not to. A police officer no matter where their from, from a rookie to a veteran will have a issue pulling there weapon. A situation where your life is at stake becomes a nerve racking event. I have military and civilian weapons training that I can provide evidence for. I like the idea of MP’s and any military police officer being able to to ccw, but they should at least be 21.

    17. My post was based on actual and factual experience training young men and women in the Military and DOD Police. The Auillary Officers attached to my Agency were far better trained than these young people due to Govt money and time constraints. The Military (All branches) does not really take the time to properly train their people as Police Officers. I never question the motivation or dedication, but the fact is that they are far more “Security Minded ” than LE Trained, that is indisputabe. I only use NJ as an example because the North East has been at the forefront of Police Education Requirements and Training for many years and most states accept NJ State Certification. For what it is worth I support carry for any LEGAL citizen that has passed a criminal background check, mental health check and common sense dictates a ” Firearms Safety Course” if you meet that criteria then by all means you should be allowed to carry a firearm!

    18. To Aron D. I only used the NJ standard because it is set at a very high level. Six months at a very high level will not always make a great cop but believe me, the Federal standards are really a joke. I speak from actual first hand experience as a Federal Instructor. I was hired because my NJ Credentials far exceeded anything any other instructor had but they resisted any real LE training because the standards are kept low since the salaries are a joke as well. When I retired from NJ my State pension was based on a base salary of over 100,000! After six years with the Feds I was not even close to that salary. You get what you pay for and the DOD pay nothing and gets low level employees, dedicated yes, well trained, no! Sorry but that is the honest truth.

    19. MartyC I think you are a little off base on your comment. First, almost every installation I have been on does allow Service Members to bring a civilian weapon and fire on ranges. Many installations actually have a Rod and Gun Club. There are even a few installations who now sell weapons, to include pistols at their PX/BX. This law does not state that those who qualify under LEOSA have to carry their duty weapon. If you look at the fact that it will require Military LE to use a personal weapon, only LE that are older then 21 years old will be allowed to carry due to the fact they cannot purchase a weapon unless they are over 21. Although the 17 weeks MP’s do to begin their training may not be enough, but that doesnt mean Military ME dont receive follow on training. Lets also not forget that many of our current Military LE have also deployed and know what it’s like to actually fire a weapon at somebody.

    20. Corey Dorsey, yes this law does apply to correctional officers who meet the criteria. At least 10 years etc… The only thing required is something from your agency showing your retirement status ie retirement credentials and something showing that you qualified within the last year. Qualification can vary from agency to agency or state to state. If you are active duty then all you need is something that shows your active duty status as a LEO. To read the entire law go here, it is not as complicated as some want to make it.

    21. The so called experts making comments here are the ones that don’t seem to have their facts strait. The people in DOD are the true experts on this matter and they will give guidance based on the law. Wait for the AF/SF to publish the guidance and credentials. It will match Fed Law and generally keep you out of trouble. Nothing will ever stop untrained cops and knee jerk judges from stepping on Fed Law. If that happens, at least you will have Fed law on your side in court.

    22. FYI, USAF Security Forces, USA MP, and USN MA schools are now all FLETC Certified. So, they receive a FLETC Certification upon graduation. The academy has been rated with a rating to exceed FLETC standards.

    23. @ Brian saari yes it does. The law states 10 years of aggregated service or medically separated with less than 10 years but having passe your probationary period. I have documentation from Brig General Allen D Jamerson Director Security Forces dated 19 Feb 2013. If you are interested I can shoot you a link to the document.

    24. So, yet another dodge around the Constitution for a small, “special” portion of the population. Abominable.

      And I say this with 22+ years and counting AD USAF service.

    25. One could say that the Military’s LE training is totally inadequate. If one would only consider the basic LE training. I would not argue that point. However, I would like to remind you that in MOST cases, LE training doesn’t stop with the basic LE training (In the Army that would have been AIT). Each LE organization continues LE training after basic LE training. Granted some organizations do a better job than others. I went to MP AIT in the early 70’s, it was, except for 3 days, entirely LE training and lasted for 8 weeks. I was selected and went to the Military Police Investigations (MPI) course after a few years of LE experience. I also attended many many civilian LE advance courses, to include the FBI’s Hostage Negotiations course. I worked for several years as an investigator (civilian clothing and concealed weapon(s) as well as working road patrol. I’ve responded to many death scenes, child abuse scenes, drug busts and just about anything that a civilian police officer would respond to. I’ve been in bar fights, I’ve had to use my weapon, I’ve testified in court, I’ve had people go to jail for decades based upon my response to a scene and investigations of the case, I’ve testified in both military criminal courts and in federal criminal courts. I’ve had to be technically proficient in the UCMJ, Title 18 USC and the state laws of the states I was stationed in, which were many. I’m a trained and accomplished Traffic Accident Investigator using. In comparison to the states that don’t have almost any training standards, I’m extremely over qualified to work on may departments. I know what the “Fruits of the Poisonous Tree” are and I know many civilian police officers that had no clue what that was, as just one example. So, MartyC, do you think that Barny from BF, Oklahoma deserves to carry concealed any more than I do?

    26. Having said all the above. The major problem with this new amendment is that we (retired military LEOs) don’t have a retired ID that states that we were LEOs. However, the DOD will have to update DODI 5525.12. This, once they do update it, will provide for us retired LEOs to apply for the required ID and then get qualified on the “type” weapon we plan to carry and then “carry on”. You can either get qualified by your local PD or a qualified firearms instructor using the states standards.

    27. Hello,

      Just wanted to let everybody know some information is incorrect. The state of Indiana recognizes all other states valid Licenses to carry a firearm.

    28. @Chance go fu*k youself. Youre not special because youre a green beenie. Quit throwing your MOS around because youre 18 series. You are what makes us look bad.

    29. Does this give permission to MPs on Military Installation to concela carry putsaide their job (meaning bassard off) and AR 190-56 specifically states that DACP will not carry a weapon on military installation when off duty. Does Army Regulation trump this?

    30. How does this relate to carrying on military installation? As I read it, it says you can conceal carry if you meet certain requirements but doesn’t give you overall ability to carry on military installation. If it does please quote where it says that. Thank you.

    31. Why apply this to ONLY military LE? Why not ALL eligible military personnel qualified and authorized to carry a firearm to defend our country? Having served as SF for over 10 years, I see no reason why this should apply so narrowly. I realize SF, MP, etc are FLETC certified now…but so what? The jurisdiction remains extremely small and defined, no matter what you think from watching NCIS. So claiming a certification means something off base and should ordain extra consideration or privilege is erroneous. The standard for most CCW, if they include ANY shooting, is so minimal that every service could cover the classroom matters in a single day. Of course the shooting and weapons handling will be covered frequently. So, fine, give it to SF and MP, and then everybody else in the military.

    32. discharged early honorably. started as mp and went to cid. i get disability from government, and was wondering if i would be eligble to ccw. i was offered to take fed test along with other help i could offer them thru what i learned while in cid. i was a probie only lasted 9 months. no records but a dui (apparently i was drunk) i dont drink, but with what i did as a job a clean slate is not a good thing. any answer? or close to one.

    33. Maybe a little research into which MOS carries a 9M or other type of handgun routinely would define your answer for making this universal for all military. You are not concealing a AR-15 and after running ranges every three months for all weapon systems in MP arsenal (MP squad carries more weapons than typical infanrty squad) you would realize not everyone who shots M4 can qualify with M9 and qualifyng with M9 does not make you qualified to shoot a M4 either.

    34. There are many good points in these comments, and there are some that simply lack enough information. Spliting hairs on who is and who is not qualified, will not get anyone LEOSA qualified any faster. Currently, the guidelines are specific enough to exclude people who do NOT meet the standards set. If you’re qualified to obtain one… do so.

    35. “…there are a lot of people in power, especially on the east coast and in Chicago who might not completely understand that Federal law THE CONSTITUTION trumps anti-gun State statutes.”

      Fixed it.

    36. Being a law enforcement officer for more than 15 years I must admit we are a gun loving country. Soon everyone, everywhere will be packing. This is not the answer to a safer country, if it was we would already be the safest country. I’m aware the vast majority of people own and use weapons properly, but I can’t help thinking more guns is not the answer. While the Supreme Court has ruled in favor or gun manufactures (what a surprise) it has also upheld what they consider reasonable restrictions, no tanks, LAW rockets, 50 cal machine guns and legal background checks. The forefathers never envisioned the society we would have today, never knew weapons would move from single shot muskets to automatic weapons with a sustained rate of fire of over 200 rounds per minute. They also never envisioned a large professional military, in 1786 the military was 90% national guard with no Armories, citizen soldiers kept their weapons at home until called to duty. Hence the need for the 2nd amendment “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The gun manufactures have shortened that to the Right to bear arms, forgetting the purpose behind the 2nd amendment. I’m sure what I wrote will not change a single mind, people rarely use common sense on issues such as this, but these are the facts. Since Newtown Conn, over 20 thousand people have been killed by guns. I can already here many of you saying, guns don’t kill people, people kill people; That is true. However; its equally true that guns make killing people easy, sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose. I can’t wait for the haters to start screaming at me. If you start carrying because of this new law, please be safe. Remember statistically your gun is far more likely to kill someone you love instead of someone trying to kill you or another person, act responsibly, remember weapons safety, security and retention……Please for you and other people be safe and be smart.

    37. Mike, you forgot a few words there, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms”. Yep, it says the “right of the people”, doesn’t it? I think so. That would be the right of the people, not just the militia. Also, the 2nd Amendment provided for the people to protect themselves from the government and enemies with the weapons of the times. So, things aren’t exactly as outdated as you would like the many sycophants to believe. You have been sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, please start! BTW, your statistics are misleading. Just for clarification, how many of the 20,000 we shot and killed by law abiding citizens?

    38. One more question, how many could have been save if a legally carrying and trained citizen was carrying and intervened? How many in Chicago alone?

    39. @MPRet….i understand where you’re going with this but ultimately the whole point of this isn’t for every citizen in the U.S….this LEOSA; (key words being LAW ENFORCEMENT)….now let me ask you a question did you start feeling this way about it when it was just limited to police officers or was it when they decided to include military…regardless of how you feel and i believe me i understand you completely the people do have the right to carry…i don’t have an exact stat showing who carries and who doesnt but all that aside….even if we are put on there its stil up to the commander to decide if we can do it or not…

    40. @MartyC You blanket statement about MP’s/SF and MA’s is offensive and inaccurate at best. Firstly, if your using NJ as your example I will say NJ police are better trained than most police in the nation. Take Philadelphia police for example. They are poorly trained and many time didn’t attend a full time academy but underwent a night school type program known as Act 120 certification. They are many times less knowledgable about the law and their authority than most citizens they come in contact with. Now onto Civilians working for DoD, DoA, and DAF. Many of them are prior military, their training is provided by the military and if they don’t have a prior academy they attend VA LETC (A six week JOKE)… any other training they get is conducted through the military training section just like the military members they work with. Most Police tactical training (especially SWAT training) was derived from and taught by the military. which is why the military.

      Onto LEOSA, 21 year old can not purchase a personal fire arm (argument irrelevant), if you live in the dorms you cannot possess a weapon there. Creds will be issued, (DoD policy is in draft stages). Bottom line there are some shitty Military LEO’s just like there are some shitty Civilians LEO’s. Take some of these small town deputy sheriff’s or small town cops that live in a town of 200… they are no more qualified than my mother to claim they are LEO’s.

    41. Tray, I’m not really sure exactly what you are asking. But, I will give an answer based upon what I think you are asking.

      I have always felt this way. In fact, when I retired at age 39 as an MP, I could not apply for any Federal LEO jobs. Back then the law was that you could not apply for those jobs if you had attained the age of 35, period. So, here I was feeling young enough to take on the world, experienced and willing. But noooooo there was that age discrimination thing, something that only the Federal government could do. Then I find out that there are states that I could not carry in because I didn’t apply for an application and my prior LEO experience didn’t mean a hill of beans. And then there are the civilian LEOs that for some reason felt superior, as evidenced by some in here, to the retired and/or separated MPs. No Tray, this has always been an issue to me. It is that just now do we see a light at the end of the tunnel for some type of parity and recognition that we retired/separated (with 10 years of LEO experience) were fully qualified LEOs. Last, I do believe that our constitution is our permit to carry. However, that is not the case and it pisses me off. So, if there is a segment of society that has the legal training, the shot/don’t shoot training, the ethical training, the experience and the security requirement, than it is the retired/separated LEOs that deserve it. We can all fight for everyone else’s rights as we move along. Just being able to hit a target in near perfect conditions, even better than me, does not make a nonLEO qualified to carry. There is a lot more to it than just being a good shot. There is a lot more that I want to say and could say but enough is enough.

    42. Mike your arguement is irrelevant. What some else does with a gun has nothing to do with me. All the murders in the world have nothing to do with me. Don’t associate people with guns with murderers, one thing has nothing to do with the other.

    43. As a retired OSI agent, I look forward to the implementation of LEOSA. It seems that many of you don’t understand that carrying a weapon as a law enforcement officer on a daily basis for at least ten years is a big indicator that the individual was/is responsible with firearms and is less of a risk than someone without law enforcement training. Yes, there are always exceptions. As they do stupid things with their credentials, they’ll be weeded out. No way around that, no matter who you agency is. The only advantages I’ll have over my wife is that I can cross all state lines while armed and I won’t have to renew my CCW permit. I’ll have to shoot at least annually but she won’t (Utah).

    44. I am responding to the individual who stated Military police training for the Army is woefully inadequate but an academy no matter how long does not fully prepare you to be a patrol officer.
      I am not sure what school you went too, we carried our weapons 24hrs a day..we spent more time on the range than any Police Officer, I spented 22y/0 of service and I have a SF designator of 18X(Special Forces weapons specialist…just a point of interest, how many service members have been killed by Military Police Officers, I have pulled my weapon numerous times and I don’t recalled shooting anyone out of fear….no civilian officer is even in the same league as a military police officer…I serviced all over the world…if you were really a Military Policeman, then you know we trained consistently all year couldn’t have been an Officer, maybe a clerk assigned to a Military Police company.

    45. Thanks for reading my post Larry even if you obviously did not understand it. First of all 18x is an enlistment option not a a SF designator, or a MOS as we call it in the military. Secondly you are right I was not an “officer” Military Police are primarily enlisted not “officers” I would hazard a guess that it has been a very long time since a “military police officer” has shot anyone acting in a law enforcement capacity as generally there is only per shift and usually make themselves scarce. If our officers are getting super secret law enforcement training that I do not know about they better keep it secret cause if I find out about it I am gonna be pissed that they were never any help all those years.

      For my civilian friends who may be unable to identify a fraud please disregard Larry’s post.

      Also to clarify for anyone with equivalent reading comprehension skills as Larry the point I was trying to make was that experience is what makes a police officer not training.

      Additionally the diversity of experience a military police has the potential to receive has the ability to make a military police officer superior to his counterparts in my opinion.

      1. This is a response to Aaron, how in the hell did they even let you become a Police Officer,,,,we don’t shot people because we are well many years of Military training do you even have and by the way 18x only became s MOS, when we got into conflict…so anyone who read Aaron’s, post sounds like someone who tried to get into the Military and was rejiected, get your facts correct before opening your mouth. WANABEE, but couldn’t make it…don’t feel to bad bro, not eveyone is made for this life…its OK, we understand..

    46. Ok I’m adding my 2 cents. Basically all the cops on here say the same thing that MP”s don’t know what there doing blah blah blah. We’ll I would say a good 80% of civilian police officers have never fired there weapon at anyone and if they have they shoot 30 bullets hitting 1 target. Now a combat MP has fired their weapon what I can’t understand is why don’t you cops just say you don’t like another group of people allowed to carry concealed because now your more scared…. Seriously any cop that doesn’t like anyone excersizing there 2nd amendment rights should not be a cop….. As a cop your not above the law and your protecting the rights of people. As an MP your protecting and defending a little piece of paper called the us constitution…. So I guess that’s not good enough to you coffee drinking sleeping in parking lot cops

    47. I spent 20 years a MP and a Special Forces OP,,,I trained with civilian police all over the world and trust me….your training does even belong in Military Police Training, we train constantly after every shift, no matter what shift and from what I’ve seen most of you guy would never pass our PT test…we are Federal Officer not county, city or state police..All MP’s have Statutory Apprehensive Authority…to most civilian Police it just a job you go home and sleep in your nice warm bed, you have no idea, but we all work for the people of this nation..end of story…I think most of you are like Police during Katrina, you quit and just go home…try that in the Military you’ll never see home….peace to Aaron he’s an idiot….and I’m sure he knows nothing about Special Forces…soldiers were never allowed to enlist for SF until the wars starred, get your facts correct.

    48. Yeah Military policeman for 20 years, 13 years georgia police officer training basically same with exception to georgia law regulations and codes. Police Officers regardless of city, county, state, federal, military & corrections officers are committed to protect & serve regardless of Their particular law enforcement title.

    49. Even if I had the LEOSA/HR218 carry permit, why would I go to an anti-gun “utopia” and risk being caught in their net by a local LEO who’s ignorant of the law. That in itself is enough to ruin your day.

    50. I am a NEW JERSEY resident and separated MP with 11 years of honorable military service. I’m also a combat veteran. I Just went through the New Jersey State Police RPO (retired police officer) gun permit process. DENIED… I quote, “An inquiry was made with the Office of the Attorney General regarding an interpretation of N.J.S. 2C:39-61. As a result of the inquiry, the opinion of the Office of the Attorney General is your military service as a military police officer DOES NOT meet the statutory requirements of N.J.S. 2C:39-61”. This is the avenue of approach for retired / separated police officers in the State of New Jersey. NJ does not issue permits to subjects… or I mean citizens of the state. Period. My understanding is NJ Police will also arrest any RPO who is a resident of NJ who does not have the NJ State Police RPO ID Card. So when DOD finally issue ID cards to retired / separated soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines, it could get interesting. God Bless Brothers and Sisters.

      1. Hey Subject not Citizen, I just wanted to make sure you were aware that you can now apply for your LEOSA card through DCS (contracted by the Army). You don’t need permission from NJ. I also found out that some county sheriff departments will then weapons qualify any qualified LEO with an ID card.

    51. I’m a resident of Washington State King County retired military police over 21 years how and where do i acquire a federal carry permit, under HR 218

    52. There are some issues here, everyone needs to understand. The DOJ Actually sets the Standards for National carry (HR-218). 1. 6 Months or more of Formal LE TNG at a Civilian Academy, or FLETCO. 2. MP’s are Soldiers, not LE’s.It’s my understanding they enforce AR’s, not Laws. With the Strange exception of CID, and DoD Police, who are Federal Police Officers. In my Agency, I was taught local ordinances, State Penal Laws/Statues, and Federal Laws/Statutes, and had to pass a written exam on all. If the MP violated these things, who would get Sued? There is a lot consider here.

      1. The Uniform Code of Military Justice is a set of Federal laws passed by Congress and signed by the President. MPs enforce the UCMJ, Title 18 Federal Criminal statutes, and Army Regulations.

    53. For Larry Telford- Tell me when did the Army start the 18X Program for HS kids? Do you even know what Laws are? Anyone can pull a trigger. In your case, as others, you are not allowed to Enforce ANY LAW!I suggest you contact the DOJ. They will tell you what states and Law Enforcement Agencies to stay away from.

    54. I am currently a central FL Police Officer (17 years) and a former USAF SP (13 years). To “A Police Officer”, All military cops are responsible for enforcing federal laws not just AFI’s or AR’s (which are actually the equivalent to municipal ordinances) or just DOD Directives (county level ordinances if you will)for that matter. MP’s are LE’s and have to be especially since not everyone on a military installation is a military member. Bases do have civilian civil service workers, civilian contractors and not to mention military spouses and dependants are civilians. If any one of these civilians were to punch a MP in the face what do you suppose the charge is? It’s 18 USC 111 violation of Battery on a Federal Police Officer, No different than F.S.S. 784.07 here in FL. The only difference is that the civilian would have to appear before a federal magistrate judge in a federal court. I have arrested all while in the military and have done the same since as a civilian police officer. As far as the rest of the military being covered under this. Sorry but Tac. Operators and such do not have the liability training and experience with interacting with innocent civilians who do not follow directions and often impede you properly. You can’t blow them off and pretend they’re not there, you become responsible for their safety. In other words other military career fields lack the ability and training to separate military and law enforcement use of force procedures. Not because they are unable to figure it out but because they were never “signed off” on it officially by the DOD. The DOD needs a way to say in court that they can in no way be responsible for the actions of an “off duty military member”. People are forgetting that the FED always ensures they have their “out” in law suites. If we are to truly be fair about this I will make a correlation with “police motorcycle training”. As a certified police motorcycle instructor (University of North FL, IPTM), IMHO NO ONE that has not been through a Police Motor Operators Course should be operating a motorcycle period. The course should actually be titled just Proper Motorcycle Operations Course since less than 0.01% of what is taught applies solely to law enforcement. The skills learned in this course cannot be crammed into a 3 day class like the MSF joke is. It provides the student with all the skills necessary to safely and properly operate a motorcycle while gaining an understanding of the “physics” to the actual capabilities of the motorcycle. A motorcycle should never take more than two lanes to complete a U-turn. 85% of all Motorcycle crashes where the motorcycle is not at fault could have been avoided. It really pains me that this course is not available to the general public but it is what it is. It takes every bit of the 80 hours to ensure the trainees can be properly evaluated before they are certified. So if we were to make a civilian version it would most likely be at least a month long, but who would be willing to do that and pay for it, not to mention take the time off from work? Who would be left legally riding motorcycles? Same issue here. We have 50 different States with 50 different law enforcement training standards, throw in the Federal Agencies and were stuck with more than 50 different levels of training and directions. Police are NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN created equal. We all police differently for varying reasons and yes even within the same organization like the USAF, no two bases enforces laws the same. I don’t understand for the life of me all this discontent here. We need to realize that it’s the FED up to their old divide and conquer tactics again so they can get away with yet another attack on OUR civil liberties. It would be much more worth everyone’s while and time to work together to get rid of the IRS and BATFE. IMHO everyone who is law abiding should be trained in proper firearms handling and should have the ability to carry openly if they so desired. The laws should also be written clearly enough for everyone to understand and attorneys should not be something “needed” but just a “nice to have” option. Lets keep our guns pointed at the politicians and not each other please.

    55. To “A Police Officer”: It is clearly obvious that you have never served a single day in a military uniform and have zero knowledge of the training and education that military police in any branch earn. The USAF Security Police Basic Course is accredited by FLETC for example. We enforce AR’s and AFI’s, but we also enforce state and federal laws every day. From assault to rape to murder, we are no different than civilian cops. A rookie MP or veteran patrol supervisor may refer the aforementioned felonies to MPI or CID, but civilians also refer to there division detectives. As far as 18x go, I would ask where anyone thinks SWAT was developed. It was not with the LAPD or FBI, and it certainly was not with “A Police Officer”‘s local department. It was with Americas special forces long before kent state. Please give our military LE more credit than what you think you know from watching the A Team.

    56. WOW. You idiots all need to ease off the DBOL and Winstral. So you were a cop. That just means you’ve committed more felonies than the rest of us. This is classic tiny dock syndrome. Not once did I read the phrase “civil rights”. You bozos don’t think the populace actually has any. YOUR EGO IS NOT YOUR AMIGO, Mensa. I carry now, always have and won’t stop. I earned that right by being born here. I’m a service-connected combat Veteran. Try and step to me with that “war. Veteran’s aren’t fit to carry” bullshit. I will debate any of you, and some principles, if you’re capable of listening. The SF argument proves most of you have any clue the mission CJSOTF is tasked with, or what selfless professionals the soldiers doing it are. These guys don’t just go kill everyone. And when AOB-140 brought assets back to be interrogated, NATO inspectors flew in and observed. How many cops ever had any oversight?

    57. I am having trouble understanding LEOSA exactly at the age of 19 as an active duty security forces member in the Air Force am I qualified to go purchase and concealed carry if I get the certificate

    58. Question. Could someone please tell me whether the same laws are used for those carrying under this law as an active police officer regards to determining the legality of a shooting? Cause if so…holy shit that’s an issue. my 82 year old grandfather still qualify s on the range but I’d be really. ..really really….really hesitant to give him the kind of impunity that law grants police. Actually I’m not really comfortable with it applying to active police. But that’s another issue.

    59. Stop verbally abusing each other, The gun grabbers love this stuff, if you were security, police, military and were trained and carried a weapon, are not mentally incompetent, don’t abuse alcohol or drugs, haven’t been convicted of a felony, then you should be able to carry concealed to protect yourself and your family.

    60. the second amendment is the law of the land. we dont need H.R 218 giving one group of special people a privilege. its already every bodys god given right to self defense, no matter where they travel.

    61. Hello.. I am a retired USMC Military Police officer with 20 years as an MP. Has anyone heard any word in reference to the USMC starting the process to request the HR 218 permit?

    62. Godoy bless all
      My ñame is Eduardo, i an a former city Police Officer for 3 years at SJ PR also a former department of The army Police Officer for 9 years, and Military police and Military Police instructor for moré than 15 years at present i work for The Dept of defense as Personnel and administration in PR , at Military i and 1SG at civil affairs unit, my question is if i qualify to have this benefits. Thanks waiting for reply.

    63. Shall NOT be infringed ring a bell? To those of us whose oath doesn’t expire the 2nd Amendment is your permit NOT the yahoos who make these unconstitutional laws, bills, acts up, apparently our duly elected officials cant understand that, if someone doesn’t understand the importance of the oath need another job military, law enforcement and especially the politicians.

    64. thanks to border patrol and dhs people in florida no longer have any protections against unlawful search and seizure of your person, car, or home. with the 100 mile border now allowing checkpoints anywhere in the ares, the entire stae of florida now falls under this statute. forget the laws people, the laws are whatever that inbreed retard pulling you over says it is. being a cop is a natural result of brother and sister sleeping together, the resulting baby grows up to become a cop.

    65. Concerning LEOSA Military Police….I spent 8 years as a Military Police Officer and 3 years as a Special Agent in Counterintelligence with the Army….with all rights of conceal carry and enforcement of laws pertaining to National Security…would these 3 years be able to combine with my 8 years as an MP.

      1. I’m a NJ resident and I have the Army leosa credential. I called Nj state police and they told me to apply for RPO, it will be approved. IF ACTIVE OR FULL TIME LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER SEPERATED OR RETIRED, OR OTHERWISE A QUALIFIED RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER.This means even a reservist or national guard can apply and be approved as long as your credentials say QUALIFIED SEPERATD OR RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. I will apply shortly!

    66. I am a retired US Army CID Special agent. When I called CID HQ, they wouldn’t issue any type os retired ID card. My local police department, Spokane, WA, issued me my HR 218 card as they stated I qualified.

    67. As an 11 year AF SP Vet. A retired LEO. RETIRED. I want be RETIRED! I would also like to conceal carry. I’ve seen what the consealed carry class teaches is in NM. The training that was given to me over 11 years covers every aspect of the course offered hear in my state. Plus a lot more. I don’t know about you. I do not want to evet have to draw my gun. It beats a stick or rock any day. I’m not setting out to be wana be Cop. I am a Retired LEO. Not out to apprehend/arrest/detain anyone. I got better things to do, than to police my neighbor hood. if I ever have a need to pull a gun. I’ll have it with me. It will be to preserve and protect anyone from a life threatning situation. I’m not Rambo. Just the guy in that foxhole with you. A RETIRED guy who will stand and protect a 200+ year document written long ago. That said, HR218 is a good start to use and recognize all of my service related LEO training.
      As far as the training goes. The law says it is enough. Thats good enough for me. As far as you trollers go. Get a life! There are many vets out there that will not qualify. I thank you for your service. If you were not an LEO. Take your local ccw class. It’s a start.

    68. Would certainly appreciate hearing from anyone who has recently applied for a concealed permit under the guidelines of H>R. 218. Knowing where to apply and how to get the proper paper work started I assume would probably be the first steps. Any information and /or advice would be greatly appreciated. I”am a resident of Florida if that is helpful. Thanks for taking the time. All the best and keep safe. Vince

    69. I spent 6yrs active army and 20yrs reserve army. I would like to know if I can get a HR 218. I am not police office. I was an expert with a M16 rifle. Can I get a HR218

    70. I would like to know if I could get a HR 218. I spend 6yrs active and 20yr in the Army Reserve. I retived on Jule 25,2005. I was an expert with the M16 rife. I live in Florida. I lived here sense Aug 10, 1984. Please let me now. Thanks Jesse

    71. In regards to some people that want to carry a CCW they think they’re going to be like John Wayne and save everybody this is a fairytale land real life situations changes a person that has not been fired at can not say there an expert when it comes to the range sure you made it perfect shootings call to arrange but that target is not shooting back at you and you’re not under the pressure of returning fire 99% of people that are in that situation bolt the only true person license to carry a firearm you can please help humilit ex military personnel that’s been in combat has been fired at that knows what it’s like what you really have to do that you have to do that split second reaction so people that go to the range and has am in the military and claim expert 100% you only got half the half the battle won have some way out there shooting at you then you’ll see you if you really want that that weapons permit I myself have no problem I’ve been in Afghanistan I’ve been in Vietnam I’ve been shot at Ivan. Prisons I know what to expect of situations I’ve been more than rocketed shot at I’ve been beat up a bad about everything tourism I’ve been left 4 dead in Afghanistan even yes and I know what it’s like so there I saying when a military alarm force people really need to. Concealed weapon permit general public look at the weather and drive need i say more bye

    72. My question is this: As of 27 Dec 2015 my understanding is that the USAF has adopted a process to credential it’s current and retired officers so they can obtain a CCW. Now I am a retired military police officer from the US Army and to date I am totally unaware of a credentialing process so as a retired MP can obtain his LEGALLY and FEDERALLY APPROVED RIGHT to a CCW. I spoke with the MP school CSM in 2014 and he stated that the process was in the works and that the AF would be the model for the Army’s program. Well that was almost 2 years ago so what is the process? Can someone clarify it for me so as retired MP’s like myself can LEGALLY obtain their Federal CCW.

    73. Look at the bullsh&t title of the federal law: Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. That tells you the whole thing is phoney. Cops constantly cry about how dangerous their job is, but it doesn’t even make the top ten list from the Labor Dept. for death and injury. The fishermen on the Most Dangerous Catch, loggers and farmers all have more dangerous jobs, but you don’t hear them whining about it and demanding free coffee. Most cops are so afraid of other people in general that they get paranoid if they can’t carry their gun into the bathtub.

      Meanwhile here in IL, a retired cop from Nebraska walking down Michigan Ave. in Chicago does not need an IL concealed carry license, and has no Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties of 6 MONTHS or 1 YEAR in jail. If an on duty Chicago cop asks the retired cop if he is armed, the retiree does not have to answer, and does not have to admit that he is a cop. Proof that DTI is phony nonsense, and that the police unions destroying the civil rights of the private citizens who pay for all these parasites pose the greatest domestic threat in America to the rule of law & the Constitution.

      LEOSA is Good Old Boy secret handshake privileges, and sellouts in the legislatures state and federal like Rep. Brandon Phelps and the Klansmen in southern IL who vote for him give this to us instead of true law, with help from rats like NRA contract lobbyist Donald Todd Vandermyde.

    74. I was an AF SP for 4 active years. Separarated worked as a patrolman pastime for awhile before joining the PA DOC. I was forced to retire after 7.5 years due to a work related injury. I worked through 2 riots and a hostage situation while with DOC. From what I read my time can be combined as long as I have at least 10 years and retire from an agency. Now that said i should qualify , but I have also read that the commonwealth does not recognize the DOC officers. Any Pa DOC out there that have obtained the permit? If so contact me with your contacts that you utilized through DOC . From what ll heard it is the arresting powers that keep CO’s from obtaining. I guess an officer can be responsible to take these animals out for appointments and court but we aren’t responsible enough to protect ourselves with a permit to carry.

    75. Question: Does anyone posting here actually believe your opinions, accusations or comments actually mean crap to 90% of the rest of us? Information is important, opinions are like buttholes; everyone has one and they all stink.

    76. As a policy, I vehemently object to ” perks for government strongmen,” but I actually feel bad for you guys on this. Having to qualify ANNUALLY on EVERY GUN you carry? You are better off getting a civilian permit. Who wants to go to all 50 states anyway? I will PAY TO AVOID shitholes like Maryland or New Jersey!

      I cannot speak for prison guards in the other 49 states, but applying this to VIRGINIA prison guards would be a FUCKING DISASTER! Many of them are genuine professionals, but FAR too high a percentage are FLAT-OUT UNFIT for such a responsibility, and Dept of Corruptions, AHEM, Corrections training standards are LAUGHABLE! I speak from experience, I’ve worked there.

    77. Won’t mean a damn thing when the “great American Turkey Shoot” to restore the Republic begins. And if you think it will? Just show them your special hall pass from the Feebies! 🙂 I’m sure that will help. No treason will not be sustained by this nation much longer. I and tens of millions of other citizens no longer give a rats ass what the comissars in DC will allow or disallow. The irony of the many posts here discussing “the law” . When our own government is by its own definition ,illegitimate by its own refusal to abide by said laws. When the lawbreakers,oathbreakers,and Rinos in this country are in chains Ft Leven worth bound ?Then we can discuss the law. Until then it’s just a circle jerk of special rights for some .

    78. Why aren’t we talking about the UPS planes loaded with potential Jihadis landing at smaller regional A.P.s and offloading them to busses? Or how about the known violations of US Law that have occurred again and again and again , (ad nauseum ) I suspect the oaths that many of you ,and I took may still mean something to us. Wish that was the same with those pulling the strings ,and loading up on benefits and exemptions from the “laws” they have passed. This while US Military Retirees and survivors take cuts to fund their own demise. Don’t give a damn what list you spooks have . We the People keep lists now too. And to ANY with larger Metro experience or the Deputy in the boonies ,you both know you can’t be everywhere at once. I have the same rights to defense of self,family, and property that you do. IF you disagree with that then look in the mirror when you start to assign blame when the blowback hits the prop. It is in fact Newtons 3rd principle in motion. And it’s high time.

    79. I’m happy that this is expanded even though it doesn’t apply to me. It’s a shame that it is so hard to get a permit for the average joe. If we can pass the background ck and qualify why not? Of course I know that answer. One thing you should be careful of though is that the state in question might honor your permit it may not honor your gun or ammo. NJ doesn’t allow hollow point ammo and many states have magazine size limits. This may not sound like a big deal but NJ charges $1000 per round for illegal hollow points

    80. Retired local, state, and Federal/Military LEOs are only ones who need a yearly qualification card to carry with their Retired Law Enforcement Credentials and are covered to carry Nationwide. All Active Local, state, and Federal/military LEOs only need to carry Active duty credentials issued by their agency to carry Nationwide under HR-218

    81. Alaska has no requirement for concealed carry , other than law abiding citizen , non prohibited person. That includes everyone .

    82. The Air Force has for quite a while, a very simple process to obtain a USAF LEOSA credential valid in all 50 states. Active, former (with 10 years) and Retired Security Police/Forces and Department of the Air Force Police qualify for it. Sorry to burst your bubble on being the first, but for over a year now retired SF have obtained their LEOSA credential.
      Link to apply:

    83. @Jeff Clute

      If you’re an LEO, be wary of taking your firearm to NYC. The NYPD is notorious for arresting out of town police on a whim, regardless of LEOSA. There’s actually case law on it (NYC/NYPD lost, the cop got the charges dismissed). But it’s worth remembering what the NYPD apparently thinks of other departments that they would knowingly disregard federal law. I’ve heard horror stories coming out of NJ about this type of thing as well.

    84. You’re right on ,I know this { New York is like that because of,The main body of LEOs have bigoted and narrow minded,: I myself have been 31B~15 +years and 31E 12 +years[Army national guard DC]:(while simultaneously Holding federal law-enforcement credentials, {While in route from Washington DC to New York City in route to Chicago via Amtrak} there was a delay in my connecting train , two NYPD, made contact with me asserting i fitted a BOLO, And requested a photo ID-as I was recovering my wallet from the top part of my pack, they asked me did I have any weapon, I said not at this time, but I can legally and lawfully care, They food so, I want to reach in my top to get my credentials, One office to grab my hand, The other officer drew his Seid-arm,(I said whoa whoa where is this going to) when they finally did discovered I was a federal law-enforcement officer ,Plus a military police, with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay Cuba , Plus US Marine recon from the late 70s early 80s: instead of apologizing: they became sarcastic and snobbish(and walked off)–The way they discovered that I did these things-I had my DD 214 with me, I kept that would my drivers license something I learned from my brother a marine Vietnam vet-((but they insisted on it I was fabricating-(then I insisted to recover something from my backpack that is not a weapon ,–requested granted –without a search warrant” as they gazed At my double ID with Sprad~ weig ~eagle on top The shield,—and discovered that I can make an arrest without a search warrant in any state(they became pale in the face) and sarcastically dismissed me, I asked one of the officers for a business card, The other officer KEYDhis Mike on his radio, and say we get a call( I said to myself NYPD is most bizarre)

    85. Department of the Army now issuing retired LEOSA creds via same company as A.F.10 year minimum. As MP or DOD police. Need photo, complete application, 214 or SF 50. FBI self background check.cost is $160.00, good for life

    86. In accordance with HR 218 amended in 2013, all eligible will be required to have a ID Card stating that you are a Retired Police Officer, which on face valuer has Merit. The glitch is that although this requirement was tacked onto a DOD bill, DOD has shirked it’s responsibility to issue said ID Card at NO EXPENSE ! so DOD entered into what might be considered a pay for play contract with a DOD Contractor DEFENSE COUNSELING SERVICES, who claim to be all Retire Military Police or Air Police. They are Gouging Retires seeking to acquire the mandate ID Card $ 160.00 I have requested an investigation into this obvious abuse of Retirees via my Congressional Representatives, I urge All retires to contact their respective Congressional Reps and request the same. Since DOD thought that this requirement was needed and mandated it, via legislation, it is only Fair to Retirees that DOD issue the ID Card, that could be done by issuing a new DD form 2A Military Retired ID Card and adding to the section that says” Retired” to read ” RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT’ which can be verified with the individuals DD Form 214. at the time of issuance at NO COST to the Retiree. RETIREES PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS LAYING DOWN, WE DESERVE BETTER !

      1. Personally, I don’t think that’s gouging. I say that because I have to pay $135 every two years to renew my tags with the State. (for what? a new sticker) Compare that to the fact that my LEOSA ID card is good for life, no renewal. They have to pay someone to examine the packets and process and create the ID’s. Plus they have to maintain that data forever. All of that has cost associated with it. I think the charge is justifiable, but that’s just me. How can anything be free? I’m curious to know where you got that idea.

        1. Jay:
          Your spot on. Hit the nail right on. The application fee charged by DCS is proportional for their services.
          The only fee complaint I have with DCS is the fee charged for changing address and status it should be lowered as $20+ could go to half of that. Otherwise do far DCS has been doing professional methodical job. Sure I would like to see credentials and updates free as most Civilian Police agencies do. Who would not?
          So far DCS performance has been is good.

      2. Robert Taber:

        You missed some very critical parts of the implementation of the LEOSA law. First you have forgotten Seperated Military Police,CID and Army DoD Civilian Police personnel.

        As Many LEOSA qualified personnel are seperated but not Retired. As Such those seperated would not be entitled to a Retired ID card.

        Secondly the law including the 2013 NDA upgrade states nothing of authentication with a DD FM 214. It would be nice for qualified,Active,Seperated and Retited LEOSA qualifees the credential free of charge as most Civilian Police Departs do maybe one day.

        Reguarding Defense Consulting Services-DCS.

        Yes DCS does charge fees for the credential and any status changes or address changes all of which includes a lifetime issued credential for Seperated and Retired persons. As such it most often requires an extensive background checks to authenticate the applicants claim to the necessary aggregate years of Lawenforcement service.

        The Departments of the Airforce and Army did Not want Base/Post ID card sections handling this extra more in-depth tasks as a result this important task was this contracted out and DCS was appointed the contractor. All of which costs money to provide the necessary work services which are handled very methodically and professionally by Defense Consulting Services,(DCS) personnel.

    87. Jay, Defense Counseling Services is charging $ 160.00 for this ID Card, they have set up an elaborate system of verification which is Totally unnecessary, DOD put the rider in on HR 218 mandating this requirement, to which by the way I agree with. What I don’t agree with is who should issue the ID Card. This can be accomplished very easily at All Bases ID Card Sections, HR 218 only applies to Retirees with over 10 yrs or more of Documented Law Enforcement . That is Documented on the Original Copy of the Retirees DD For 214. So DOD made the Requirement and then handed the implementation off. That’s unacceptable
      DOD should re-issue Retied ID Cards with an annotation indicating that ID Card holder is Retired Law Enforcement..This could be done at minimum cost to the Retiree.
      I have a Active Congressional Investigation of this, I will publish the outcome. I urge Military Retirees that are eligible to contact their Congressional Representatives and express opposition to this.

      1. Bob, I appreciate your professional style response. Thank you for that. What you wrote was very interesting. However, I’m not sure what you mean by elaborate system of verification. I put my DCS packet together and receive my card 45 days later. I don’t know if you know this or not, but when I ETS’ed from the Army Reserves, I received no DD 214. I only have DD214’s for active duty service. I don’t have 10 years of AD. I have a combination of 14 years active and reserve. Using the system provided by DCS, I was able to prove enough time via copies of ID cards, orders, discharges, etc. And they accepted the documents I provided as enough proof. So please understand why someone like me would question why you call their system elaborate. It was because of their system is why I was able to receive my LEOSA card. I’m thankful for that. I believe on the other hand if it was left up to the DOD or military, they would have looked at their computer screen and said, no sorry. Do you see what I mean, brother?

        1. Jay,
          Now I understand your original posting better, you cobbled together the aggregate, something that got passed by DCS verification Standards of qualified for the minimum of 10 years of Law Enforcement, Good for you. Why you did not receive a DD Form 214 when you ETS”ed from the Reserves is presumably because you are still entitled to Benefit’s when you reach the approach Retirement age for Reserves, then you will get a DD Form 214, as a Reserve you are still subject to Recall. why DCS accepted the patchwork of documents that you provided, in and of itself is questionable, This is a good example why I question DCS Credibility, LOL

        2. Jay:
          Your right on. With all respect Bob seems to forget the major factor of
          “Seperated” Personnel. Retired ID cards are not possible for Seperated MP,CID and DoD Police. Many of us have a Hodge podge of time as an MP in the components ;RA,AR,NG etc.
          All this critical aggrgate time factor has to be properly Authenticated for conplainace with the 10 year aggregate year threshold.

          The Army Reserves has been more difficult to authenticate especially for retirees as they are known to not provide on retirement documents your MOS as MP. From what I hear this will change. The National Guard does place on the NGB 22 your MOS position.

          The issuance of a LEOSA credential is serious business that cannot be compromised and must be professionally and methodically undertaken. Something which so far DCS has been doing.

          People should remember this is a fairly ” New World” for the Military Establishment.
          It is highly likely that one day there may be a Centralization; Uniform Standard across the board for all Military Services Lawenforcement with regard to probation time, format of the actual credential etc. As well as a Centralized Processing Authority to process and issue LEOSA Credentials and updates etc be it DCS or another contractor or the Airforce and Army or DoD directly, we will see it’s all relativly new, give it some time the format of the credential will most likely change in time as well.

          So far the work done by DCS has been overall good efficient methodically done.

          1. Agreed. The requirements for a retired LEOSA ID are completely different than the requirement to be retired military. I’m a retired LEOSA but no where near meet the requirements to be retired military. Bob needs to understand that it’s not all cut and dry or necessarily all from one location. People should value ones efforts and labor. A while ago, I spent many years developing a website at I got ousted from some forums because I charged a small fee to be a member. It cost me several thousand dollars and an untold amount of hours to develop the site, yet some people got pissed because I didn’t offer the service for free. I fail to understand that logic. People should not expect ones services or labor for free. That’s all I’m saying really.

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