Ga. school shooting
Eric at the Gunmart Blog
Eric at the Gunmart Blog

United States –-( Let me start off by just saying that I am very sorry for raising my voice like that.

I usually don’t yell when putting together a headline for an article, but I’m really mad this morning… School is back in session and once again, repeat, once again! we have a lunatic who is hell-bent on murdering little children who took a rifle into a school and shot up the place.

So here we go… the killing fields of our “gun-free” schools are once again open for business and even after the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook nothing has changed. Our schools are still unsecured soft targets and murderous lunatics know good-and-well that they can get onto a campus and into our children’s classrooms with ease.

But not for the grace-of-God did anyone get hurt in this most recent incident that happened in Georgia. It certainly wasn’t because of serious security measures being put into place by our politicians and school officials. He wasn’t stopped by an armed security team that was monitoring everything going on at the campus. He wasn’t stopped because we now allow faculty and staff to carry concealed firearms on campus. The children weren’t saved by locking the classroom door and hoping for the best. Lives were not saved because we have made our schools hard targets where no authorized persons are allowed into the building what-so-ever.

This lunatic waltzed right in the door with a rifle. The only thing that kept this from being another horrific tragedy in which countless children were slain was the fact that he was talked-down by a very brave (and obviously very convincing) woman in the front office who talked him into not going through with his planned attack and to turn himself in.

That’s it. Our schools are firmly entrenched in “security measures” that completely rely on the murderous lunatics to dictate the outcome. Our children are completely, 100% at their mercy.

Whats worse is that the words that I keep hearing in every news report on this is “somehow a gunman got on campus”. Somehow? Really? Are we really surprised. It wasn’t too difficult. He just walked right in the door. That’s not security. That’s security theater. That’s not keeping the lunatics from gaining access to our children. That’s hoping that they don’t try. That’s hoping that they don’t bring a hammer and break the glass and then walk right in. That’s hoping they are too dumb to realize they can walk in whenever someone else is buzzed in like this guy did. That’s not a plan. That’s planning to fail.

What we have in our schools right now makes our kids no safer than they were before Sandy Hook, and that HAS TO CHANGE. Our schools are still completely vulnerable, and these lunatics know it. This guy didn’t look somewhere else to commit his murder/suicide rampage… he knew good-and-well that an elementary school was the perfect soft target.

The other really big thing that I keep seeing which is truly sickening to me is that the people charged with keeping our kids safe have the attitude that everything worked according to plan… that this incident was a resounding success. DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Michael Thurmond praised everyone involved.

He said, “This was a highly professional response on the ground by DeKalb County employees assisted by law enforcement.”

US Rep. John Lewis also praised all of the “protectors” and said what a wonderful job they did:

“all officials involved deserve our thanks and highest praise for securing a very dangerous situation so that no child or adult was physically injured. Their primary concern was for the safety of the children, and they successfully protected them from greater harm.”

No. I’m sorry, but this was not a success. It was a complete failure on every level, and it should be pointed out as such. Those tasked with keeping our children safe did not do so. Luckily no one was killed, however, everyone in that school was completely at the mercy of a lunatic with a rifle. That does not sound like a success to me. Praising school officials and talking about how well the security policies and procedures worked is only reenforcing complacency. Nothing that was put into place to secure our schools and make our children safe did anything to actually stop this from happening.

We got a free-pass on this. No one died… Thank God, no one died. However, if we don’t use this as a shining example of the fact that our schools are still very vulnerable targets, then it is only a matter of time…

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I wonder in how many of these shootings that people don’t ask for the gun man not to shoot them? How many of the victims may say to shoot them and spare someone else and the shooter not hear that either? After popping off a few rounds inside a building, you probably can’t hear anything anyhow. This may look like a glowing example to liberals of how people can overcome evil by words, but this was just a one in a hundred or less chance that the violence will stop. A person that is on a mission is not going… Read more »


But, if they secure the schools then how can they keep doing false flag incidents to take away our guns?


this one was not a white drugged,mind controlled operative….All the good guys with guns were outside of the school building and arrived later…the gun man was INSIDE chatting….that is NOT a plan …what did not happen was by the grace of GOD….next time…..all have been warned….by the failure of the plan……adjustments are needed….pronto….imho