Sarah Silverman Points Gun at Head, Finger on the Trigger, Making Fun of Black’s RKBA

Sarah Silverman Points Gun at Head, Finger on the Trigger, Making Fun of Black's RKBA
Sarah Silverman Points Gun at Head, Finger on the Trigger, Making Fun of Black’s RKBA
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AmmoLand Gun News

Hollywood –-( Left wing comedian and admitted pot smoker, Sarah Silverman, along with a band of useful idiots posing as NRA spokesman, make fun of the right of people of color to keep and bear arms in a newly release video on the Funny or Die website.

From the press release: “Funny Or Die presents a special message from the NRA, in which Sarah Silverman, David Alan Grier and other celebrities support the movement to put gun in the hands of those who need them most: young black males”

Black on black crimes is a serious topic and to suggest that all “young black males” are somehow all gang members and violent criminals and can’t be trusted to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms is at the least ignorant and at the worst racist.

Please feel free to Let Sarah know what you think of her latest work on twitter:

Visit Funny or Die to see the video and VOTE DIE:

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I guess Sarah has never herd of the actor who dies from a blank gunshot while he held a prop pistol to his head.

Jon-Erik Hexum (November 5, 1957 – October 18, 1984) was an American model and actor. He died as a result of an accidental self-inflicted blank cartridge gunshot wound to the head on the set of the CBS television series Cover Up in which he played the male lead.


Is it me or the poor photo,
looks like the pistol is rubber or plastic.


There is absolutely nothing funny or attractive about Sarah Silvermanand the only reason that she enjoys any success is her leftist following. Also, @Mozmo, I can’t say whether her father considered dumping her in the sink but, I did overhear her mother say the she wished that she had swallowed her.


The only thing Sarah Silverman has done worth laughing at is when she was punched in the face in “Way if the Gun”, I rewound and watched that a few times.


Sarah eloquently showing her incredible stupidity – a reasonably intelligent 4 year old can quickly learn not only what NOT to do with a firearm but WHY. It’s truly a shame this brazen act of rectal-cranial inversion didn’t result in an unfortunate accident. I wonder if her father ever came to the conclusion it would have been better to whack off in the sink…


Too bad the xxx didn’t blow her brains out. I think the NRA needs to file a very large law suit and help our cause with TV’s stupidity.


Just contacted the NRA about this. They were unaware of this video. I’m sure this is illegal as hell for them to say they represent the NRA!

Buck Crosby

DAMN ! It didn’t go off !


It would be refreshing if these “fame and fortune” people would at least, once in a while, take the time to learn and understand what is really going on before they just run their mouths spewing out ignorant opinions.


It wasn’t funny soooooooooooooooooo


Another racist comment from Tex.

John carr

Please, someone send that idiot at least one round.


Its really too bad that it didnt go off. That would have been comedy at its best

John Shaw

This is the people that are suppose to tell us how to use weapons and want to control our firearms! What an ass

Paul Ptack

Never ever point a gun at anyone including yourself. You can tell she has never been to a gun safety course or knows what a round would really do to that pretty face


Jesse? Al?