Guns, Blacks and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era

Guns, Blacks and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era
Guns, Blacks and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era

DENVER —-( Paul Kersey, enfant terrible behind the website Stuff Black People Don’t Like (, has published the most comprehensive look at gun crime in America with the release of Guns, Blacks, and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era. ( )

Released on December 7 2013, Kersey’s latest book is a comprehensive look at the reality of gun crime in America, offering a revealing look at just who is pulling the trigger and the ending not just lives, but the viability of major U.S. cities.

With the advent of federal civil rights legislation in the 1960s, America’s cities went to war. Washington D.C., New Orleans, Baltimore, Memphis, Philadelphia, and St. Louis became urban combat zones as extreme black-on-black gun violence exploded in the streets.

Urban whites became refugees, fleeing to the safety of white-flight suburbia. And the implosion of property values for both commercial and residential urban real estate made equity the unspoken casualty of America’s new urban war.

Paul Kersey documented the collapse of Detroit in the underground bestseller Escape From Detroit, published one year before the city’s 2013 bankruptcy. Now, in Guns, Blacks, and Steel, Kersey shows how cities like Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Rochester, and Savannah are on course for the same type of economic Armageddon that has destroyed the former Motor City.

The war continues — but how can it be stopped? Today, even as lawmakers propose new, draconian gun laws — laws that would disarm the law-abiding citizens of America — Kersey provides the most comprehensive book yet revealing just who is committing the bulk of gun crime across the nation.

Guns, Blacks, and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era is available in paperback form at, or for your Amazon Kindle device).

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As usual politicians seek to solve the problem using the politically expedient path of calling for more “gun laws”. Just remember legislation plus registration (via universal background checks) leads to confiscation. That is already happening in NYC via the SAFE Act.

Buck Crosby

So why hasn’t it abated yet ?

James A. "Jim" Farmer

The blame for this goes to Lyndon B. Johnson
(LBJ) our nation’s worst president, and the
Earl Warren Supreme Court! Again, we as a nation continue to pay for their legecy of
deceit, political corruption, graft, immorality,
executive and judicial abuse (they were both
dictatorial and deserved impeachment and removal
from high office) etc! The seeds of socialism
were sown by their ilk back in the 1950’s and
60’s. As an individual sows, so does a nation.


Calm down Jeff and pay attention not only white people moved to the suburbs most of your progressive blacks did so in kind. Yes it did create another divide in the black experience but it was definitely by choice. I watched my neighborhood change as a child. Those changes occurred by and too the black populous the fact is if you can dodge a bullet any person trying to be progressive is going to vacate a losing situation. Realize the facts kids in the suburb that are inclined to be non progressive will find a way to continue the trend… Read more »


Seriously – “Paul Kersey”??? You really don’t want to tick off Charles Bronson by usurping his name, now do you?!


I doubt there will be a section on cointerpol, CIA mind control and prostitution or how the government up until Iran contra was pumping drugs via the CIA into inner city neighborhoods which contributed to much of the gun violence. Nor will there be a section on how the CIA search for mind control drugs lead to the whole drug culture which eventually decimated vulnerable urban minority communities. Yes the CIA ran brothels in black ghettos where they experimented with sex and mind control drugs and got legions of black hookers addicted to new and dangerous drugs like LSD. This… Read more »