Navy Seal Trainer Urges Making New Year’s Resolution to Learn Self Defense

Center Mass Group
Center Mass Group

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – -( Each January, people around the world put resolutions into motion. While they may try to cut back on their calories or up their exercise, there is another threat that they may want to make a priority.

January is also known as National Self Defense Month, making it a prime time to put being able to effectively defend yourself on the top of your resolution list, especially when you consider the various crime statistics that plague the nation.

“We will never be able to completely do away with crimes, unfortunately,” explains Chris Sajnog, bestselling author and military tactics expert.

“The best we can do is to ensure that we know how to protect ourselves to the best of our ability. Without knowing how to do that, you will simply become another statistic.”

When it comes to crime statistics in America, some are shocking and demonstrate the need for learning defensive measures:

  • Sexual assaults. Every year in the country, there are an estimated 237,000 victims of sexual assault. That averages out to someone being sexually assaulted every 2 minutes.
  • Burglary. Each year, there are around 3.7 million burglaries that take place in the country. Of those, around 28 percent of cases involved someone being at home during the time the crime was committed. During 7 percent of those burglaries, a household member was violently victimized.
  • Bullying. It’s estimated that each day around the country there are 160,000 students who missed school out of fear of being bullied. One out of every three children in America is bullied at some point.

While we live in a country where roughly 47 percent of the households own a gun, many people are not skilled on how to effectively use it to protect themselves or their loved ones. This New Year, those who want to make self defense a higher priority will want to learn how to effectively use their gun for protection, as well as take some self-defense training so they are better prepared if something were to happen.

“The best people can do is be ready to defend themselves at all times,” added Sajnog. “Many people have seen teens in the country playing a knock-out game, where they walk up to a stranger and punch them out. Be prepared and knock back twice as hard; That’s what I say.”

Sajnog is the author of the bestselling book titled “How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL.” He is also a retired Navy SEAL chief petty officer, lead sniper instructor, certified master training specialist, BUD/S and advanced training marksmanship instructor, and was hand selected to help develop the curriculum used by the U.S. Navy SEAL sniper training program. He’s currently the president and senior trainer at the Center Mass Group in San Diego, Calif., where he teaches courses in pistol, carbine, shotgun and tactics to the military, law enforcement and civilians.

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