New Hampshire Sub Committee Working To Pass ‘Sell A Gun Go To Jail Bill’

New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( Earlier this week we told you about New Hampshire HB 1589.

A bill that will put you in prison for up to 7 years if you sell or loan a gun to a friend, shooting partner or hunting buddy.

The bill had a public hearing on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 and opponents outnumbered supporters by 30 – 1.  Nevertheless, instead of just killing the bill, Rep. Edward Butler, Chairman of the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee has appointed himself and 2 other State Representatives to a “sub committee” to “study” the bill.

Here's what you need to do:

Contact the members of the Sub Committee, let them know in very clear and polite language, that you are strongly opposed to criminalizing the sale, gifting or loaning of your private property.

Explain to these legislators that HB 1589 might make them “feel like they are doing something” but in reality nothing needs to be done. Please point out that HB 1589 would do nothing to advance public safety. It would not have prevented the tragedies in Newtown, CT (guns stolen after a murder), Aurora, CO (passed background check), or Tuscon, AZ, (passed background check).

In fact there is no proof, anywhere, that allowing peaceable, law-abiding state residents to sell and trade their lawfully-owned property, in this case firearms, poses any risk whatsoever to public safety.

Don't be fooled, private parties cannot order firearms through the mail or UPS, only federally licensed dealers can do that. HB 1589 only addresses face to face private sales.  Please also let these legislators know (because they are most likely ignorant about firearms) that dealers are licensed, but private parties are currently free and should remain free to dispose of their property as they see fit.

Tell them to vote HB 1589, “inexpedient to legislate”, (ITL), no amendments, no study committees, the only acceptable vote is ITL.

Sub Committee:

Time is of the essence, the Sub Committee has already had one “work session”, January 23, 2014 at 2:15PM.  Please contact these State Reps. promptly.

If any of these elected officials writes back to you please forward that email to NHFC.

Thanks for your support.

In Liberty,
Scott A. Krauss
Vice President – NHFC

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  • 8 thoughts on “New Hampshire Sub Committee Working To Pass ‘Sell A Gun Go To Jail Bill’

    1. How about start a recall petition for those
      involved and remove the Socialsit Democats
      from office. Replace them with Americans
      who comprehend and honor their oath of office
      and word to the Voters of their state. We
      need to do the same with those on the National
      scene in Cogress and all elected offices where
      they want to violate the United State Constitution and their State Constitution
      also. We can try to take our nation back
      in a peaceful manner first, but if that fails
      We the People will let those who are corrupt
      what the wrath of the people is and it will not
      be a pretty sight.

    2. That’s ridiculous! Why do they care if I loan my son my hunting rifle or handgun to go plink or hunt for the day or whatnot? If I sell a gun to my buddy or he sells me a gun, so what? This idiotic bill won’t prevent jack and will simply criminalize honest, law abiding Americans! It’s stupid to criminalize family members, handing down heirlooms or lending someone their rifle for hunting or plinking! Most people are not psychopaths and this bill won’t do anything to prevent a psycho from getting a gun or making a bomb or using a car to commit mass murder. Why don’t we make it illegal to lend someone a bomb or a vehicle as well? Makes about as much sense as this idiotic bill does!

    3. I’m sure that the good citizens will not loan or sell a gun to any person that they know or feel might use the gun in any way that is illegal.
      This law would prevent giving a gun to your children. What a shame that would be.

    4. It might be worth remembering that the Second Amendment includes the phrase ‘shall not be infringed.’ Of course, the liberals, the Massholes, and the sociopaths will never pay attention to the rule of law – they just want control and destruction. That’s what they do.

    5. Dumbest proposal I’ve heard yet. It’s another harassment for people who’ve committed no crime in their lifetimes and who are responsible gun owners. I’ve gone on trips where I was lent a gun to upland bird hunt. Got some nice pheasants,went home defrocked them and cleaned them and got them ready for the oven. Put the guns away until another day instead of going out and robbing a liquor store for money to buy dope. These idiot politicians have obviously never been to a gun range,a hunting ground,or sat around a cozy fireplace after the hunt swapping lies and stories of past hunts. Also the 2nd amendment is not about hunting anyway, it’s about protection from tyranny by political nitwits. So how are they going to enforce this stupid law? Go on trips to catch somebody handing his son or daughter a gun to take a shot at a deer or at a target at the range while teaching how to shoot so they can throw him in the slammer?



      HB 1589 (the gun grabbing legislation in the NH House) was sent to a ‘study’ committee which was proposed by Rep. Ed Butler who wants this passed.

      Rep. Edward Butler owns an INN in Hart’s Location and this number is apparently the front desk. (603) 374-6131

      Please call that first.

      If they don’t take a message try his cell phone which is the number given. (603) 986-4387

      Let’s turn up the heat. Keep pounding on him and your own Reps and tell them to KILL HB 1589 !!!!!

      It violates our Second Amendment rights and is just plain WRONG.

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