New Hampshire Bill 1589 – Sell A Gun To A Friend, Go To Jail

New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( I know that New Hampshire Firearms Coalition ( NHFC ) President Jon Evans and I have been asking a lot of you lately.

However, you the grass roots gun owners are our strength. To be honest, whenever the legislature is in session, our Second Amendment rights are at risk. We must be vigilant.

While we have been warning you about SB 244, a bill that would create a new gun ban for tens of thousands of Granite Staters, the anti-gun activists have been preparing to pass a ban on private gun sales.

The gun ban crowd is pushing HB 1589, a bill that will put you in prison for up to 7 years for selling a gun to a friend or neighbor. That’s right, under the provision of HB 1589 you can’t even dispose of your private personal property without going to a licensed firearms dealer.

This bill will criminalize commonplace activities you probably don’t even think about. Ever loan your rifle to a friend on a hunting trip? Ever let a friend try out one of your guns at the shooting range?

If HB 1589 is passed, these are the kinds of things that could land you in jail!

HB 1589 is so broad that any transfer that is not completed by a licensed dealer subjects the transferor to the penalties of a Class B felony!

If you think that’s bad, this new bill — House Bill 1589-FN — would set the stage for putting the names of New Hampshire gun owners into a national gun registry. It would do this by requiring that virtually any gun transaction in New Hampshire — private or commercial — be subject to a Brady Check.

Thus, if you lived in Stark or Fitzwilliam and wanted to sell your gun to your lifetime next door neighbor, you and he would have to take a day off and drive to a federal firearms licensee.

Once you got there, you might very well face the dirty little secret of the Brady Law: The system is frequently down for long periods of time — sometimes an entire weekend. And 8% of all inquiries result in “false positives” — normally because your name is similar to someone else’s.

Now, under the language of the Brady Law, it is legally permissible for you and your neighbor to take a day off three days later and drive back to the firearms dealer, accompanied by your neighbor. The problem is this: Most false positives never go “green.” Most dealers won’t sell a firearm unless the FBI transmits a “green.” And most people who try to get the FBI to correct its records are given the brush-off.

But that’s not all: Recently, BATF has gone into gun dealers in connection with its annual inspection and demanded to be allowed to copy all information from the dealer’s bound book and 4473’s — thus compiling a de facto gun registry.

So the drafters of House Bill 1589-FN claim that they prohibit a state or local firearms registry? Surprise! BATF is not a “state or local agency.” And it doesn’t consider its list of all gun owners to be a “registry.”

Consider how this bill would have failed to prevent Newtown (stolen gun), Aurora (passed background check), Tucson (passed background check), and practically every other modern American tragedy. This bill wouldn’t make anyone safer, it’s just another cynical attempt by Bloomberg-backed gun-grabbers to marginalize gun-owners, stigmatize gun ownership, and pave the way for the elimination of your gun rights.

Here’s what you need to do to help, HB 1589 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee on Tuesday, January 21 at 1:15PM. The hearing is scheduled to be held in Representatives Hall. Please try to attend this hearing and sign in to oppose HB 1589. Please also call and email the committee members and urge them to vote HB 1589 “inexpedient to legislate” (ITL).

Click here for a list of all members of the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee. When you go to the committee webpage, you will be able to click on each committee members name to send a personal email.

HB 1589 is sponsored by some of the most anti-Second Amendment, anti-freedom idealogues in New Hampshire. Including the committee Vice Chairman, Rep. Donna Schlachman (603)772-4934. The other sponsors are:

Rep. Elaine Andrews-Ahearn (603)772-7069
Rep. David Borden (603)436-4132
Rep. Rebecca Brown (603)823-8119
Rep. Laurie Harding (603)448-5206
Rep. Katherine Rogers (603)496-8521
Rep. Kenneth Ward (603)988-7580
Sen. David Pierce (603) 271-8631

You should also contact House Speaker Rep. Terie Norelli (603)436-2108 and House Minority Leader
Rep. Gene Chandler (603)374-6603 and let them know that you expect HB 1589 to be voted “inexpedient to legislate”.

Please contact the committee members, bill sponsors and House leadership to let them know that you strongly oppose ANY attempt to prohibit the private sale of firearms in New Hampshire. You need to be polite but firm when you explain to these legislators that HB 1589 might make them “feel like they are doing something” but in reality nothing needs to be done. There is no proof, anywhere that there has been any problems with allowing law abiding, peaceable, state residents to sell or trade firearms (that they lawfully own) to one another.

Private parties cannot order firearms through the mail or UPS, only licensed dealers can do that. HB 1589 only addresses face to face private sales.

Please also let these legislators know (because they are most likely ignorant about firearms) that dealers are licensed, but private parties are currently free and should remain free to dispose of their property as they see fit.

In Liberty,
Scott A. Krauss
Vice President – NHFC

About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire’s only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

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Joseph L Silvia

Has this bill been passed yet?

Leo Guy

This is what happens when you elect people that weren’t raised in NH, creators of this bill must be from Massachusetts or Obama ass kissers! Will let who I want hold or shoot my firearms who is known to me and not being convicted felon, mental heath issues( history) or prohibited by the courts from doing so. They can take House Bill 1589-FN and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!

JIm Coffey

As a NH House Rep, Hillsborough District 25, I will oppose any bill that infringes on my rights, or yours, to transfer ownership between myself and any law abiding citizen. What if I died, would the guns I own be seized until properly transferred to my wife. This type of interference in our lives goes beyond firearms and we should all stand together to put an end to it. Voting Republican this fall in New Hampshire will help send a message.

Tory II, Illinois

Gun control originates in the minds of cops.

N. H. Guest

I was born and raised in N.H. We used to live free. Now the only freedom in N.H. is the freedom to die. Nice of all you folks selling N.H. to the Soviet States of Massdeception and Caliphony. The tyrants they elect drive them out, or they get tired of the DUMB laws the idiots in office pass. That leaves them no choice but to take up residence in another state where, (being democrats), they then try to reform thier new home to the detriment of all normal people living there. It’s the liberal insanity. Denying God is in vogue,… Read more »

Loki Luck III

Sorry to bust their demoniac bubble, but Part First – Articles 1, 2, 2a, 4, 6, 10, and 23 of New Hampshire’s Constitution (Bill of Rights) nullifies HB 1589. Any questions, here’s the link:

Leo Smith

How can Americans allow these kind of People to be in the position of Law making. They are irresponsible at best and reckless and dangerous at worst. We need to kick them out of our country before they have a chance to destroy it.


Maybe they should change New Hampshire’s state slogan from “Live Free or Die” to “Live Free through Non-Compliance”?


The CommieCRats here in Colorado passed this same bill into law whereas you can’t even give your kids, grandkids, or your wife your firearm without going through the so called Expanded Criminal Back Ground check sytem as if the Federal NCIC wasn’t good enough to stop felons from owning firearms…The CommieCRats are on a roll in this country and their aim is to harass and make criminals out of responsible gun owners…The evidence is there…Here in Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper claims his new expanded criminal back ground check system on private sales is working…How can that be when gun violence in… Read more »