Designing Cooler Body Armor

Safeguard StealthPro Body Armor
Safeguard StealthPro Body Armor
Safeguard Armour
Safeguard Armour

Colorado – -(  For many years, body armor was designed simply for protection without regard to comfort.

Many people were becoming overheated when they wore the vests because the material that was used to make the vests was not breathable at all. Someone’s skin would become clammy and sweaty after just a few minutes of wear. This would lead to chaffing and someone feeling as though it wasn’t worth wearing the vests because of the discomfort that they felt.

Fortunately, advancements in body armor have occurred not only in the panels that are used for protection, but also in the vests that hold the panels.

When looking for a vest to wear on a daily basis, you want to be sure that the material is breathable. There are some materials that are lightweight and breathable to allow air to circulate better. This can help to ensure that the skin doesn’t become clammy because the heat from your body will be able to escape.

Body armor experts at safeguard have been developing new carriers to try eliminating this problem. If you are often very hot when wearing the vest, there are now options that have a cooling system built into them. There is a port that will connect to the air conditioning system in your car and allow air to be forced into the vest quickly and easily. There are channels that are built into the vest to allow air to pass between your skin and the vest. This can help to keep you cooler for longer and ensure that you do not become overheated, when you are wearing the vest for extended periods of time. When you use vests with this type of technology, the fabric that is used to make the vests actually recharges to keep your vest cooler longer. This means that you can stay cool, even while the vest is not in direct contact with the air conditioning.

The vests with this type of technology are still lightweight to ensure that you are able to maneuver freely, while you are wearing them. You want to be sure that you do not have to worry about feeling confined, especially if there is a chance that you could be running after someone in the near future. The cooler that the vest is, the longer that you will be able to wear it and more you will be able to do. There are vests that are made for men and some that are made for women. Each has different channels to ensure that the vest provides maximum comfort for both men and women. If the vest is worn by the wrong sex, the channels will not be able to circulate the air well. Since Kevlar panels cannot get wet, the vest allows you to stay cool without having to pour water on yourself or remove the vest.

Every second that you have the vest off, you will be putting your life in danger and could end up getting hurt or even killed. The lightweight, cool vests are ideal for any job that you may need to do that is dangerous.


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