WALTHER CCP: New Compact Pistol for US Customers & More

WALTHER CCP Compact Pistol
WALTHER CCP Compact Pistol
Walther Arms
Walther Arms

FORT SMITH, Arkansas –-(Ammoland.com)-  The Carl Walther company welcomes you to the IWA 2014 in Nuremberg and is pleased that you are interested in our new products.

This year we will again be unveiling a number of new models that everyone will be talking about.

In the DEFENSE area we are featuring the brand-new WALTHER CCP, a compact 9 mm Luger.

Its gas-delayed blowback action and polygonal barrel ensure outstanding shooting characteristics. The PPQ family, with its M2 models (magazine release on the side) in 9 mm Para, now has four-inch and five-inch versions, and the small-caliber PPQ 22, also in a four-inch and a five-inch sport version, has the same good handling.


For SPORTING weapons our motto this year is “Variety is the spice of life“. Thus we’ll be showing special versions of popular models for different “target groups“.

The WALTHER LG400 comes in an inexpensive Universal version for gun clubs as well as a Blacktec aluminum version in “life-affirming black”. The HÄMMERLI AP20 PRO (walnut molded grip) with its modular system and the WALTHER LP400 Club with an innovative ambidextrous plastic grip close the gap in both price and features between the entry-level models and the more expensive LP400 Carbon and LP400 Aluminum match air pistols. And then there’s the HÄMMERLI AP20 Hybrid, the perfect entry-level pistol for young shooters.

When equipped with a RedDot laser module it can be legally used by children under 12. After that, it can be converted at the factory to a full-fledged HÄMMERLI AP20.


About Walther Arms
Walther has earned the trust of law enforcement professionals, recreational shooters, and athletes through its line of reliable PPQ, PPS, and PPK pistols. Walther Arms manufactures and markets firearms of various calibers ranging from .22 to .40. For more information, visit www.WaltherArms.com.

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Andrew Norris

What kind of Holster are you looking for? I sell holsters contact me at [email protected] My name is Andrew and I will be glad to help you find a great holster.


I bought the CCP recently, total beginner, so if I can figure out how to take it down, anyone should also. The tool must be used to slide pin up and in, pull slide back and off. To put back together after cleaning, small rod needs to be jiggled into hole while being held so that it dangles, when slide is close to coming together, gas rod seated, use small tool to depress pin again and it will all seat nicely. Do it 2x you wont forget.

geoge clary

Recently got a 9mm ccp pistol. Would like to get a holster for it. Can you help?

James Allen Jr

I picked up my Walther CCP 9mm this week, and wanted to strip and clean it before going to the range. So, following the manual directions, I tried to release the slide so it could be removed, and FAILED. The frame needs to be held fast while the small tool (or screwdriver) release the rear of the slide . . . just a small movement, but necessary to release the slide. With only TWO hands I could not do it all.
Anyone have a proven method to let me get this NEW gun apart? Thanks for any asistance.
Jim Allen

Tom Carie

Finally got the CCP last week after being on the waiting list for several months. The gun feels great in the hand and comes in a nice case along with 2 mags, lock, takedown tool and manual. Looking forward to getting to the range, but the trigger does not feel user friendly. Long, catchy pull so you’re never quite sure when it’s going to break. I’ve had several Walther pistols over the years, but never encountered a pistol with a trigger like this before. I’m hoping that Walther’s technical support can come up with a solution to help with this… Read more »

Steve Wright

I picked up a P22 and was a Walther fan from that moment. The grip felt as if it were made just for me. But I wanted a 9mm and went the web site to see what they had available with a similar grip as the P22. And when I saw the CCP 9mm I knew that was MY gun. That was 6 months ago and after calling shops for 6 months I finally found one with two in stock. I bought both…one for me and one for my wife. We haven’t shot them yet. Probably going to the range… Read more »

David Davis

This question has been on my mind for 117 days, that was when I got my receipt for my CCP followed by “our deepest regrets the CCP that you paid for and were expecting to get shipped by the weekend has now been held up in production” My request for information came all the way from Ulm Germany where they make the CCP, one of the reasons is that the manual has not been printed yet and can not be shipped without ,so I keep going to the website and check on the manual, once it becomes available that is… Read more »

Byron Malogrides

Can anyone tell me when Walther is going to field the CCP. They have been teasing us for quite some time. Enough already. I don’t want to get caught in the stampede. Anyone know?

John C. Burden

Would like to purchase CCP 9mm



Tom Carie

When will the Walther CCP be available to consumers and what is the MSRP?
I recently returned a Remington R51 and I’m looking for a reliable, light weight and accurate replacement pistol


I am curious of the CCP, however, how can I ever convince my wife that I need another new gun. Sure would like to know the cost and when it will be available to the gun owners.


I had too chuckle when I saw your post. I am the same way. “How will I get this gun into the house without the wife seeing it.” Well, this past Saturday I had finally talked my wife in to her buying a gun of her own to increased violence.. She is retired air force and no stranger to fire arms. I took her to the gun store and left her with my buddy, who is the manager. She picked out a gun that she was comfortable with. In the mean time I saw the new Walther CCP and fell… Read more »