Scott Brown Looking To Cash In Big On Gun Control

Armatix RFID Smart Gun
Armatix RFID Smart Gun. Can turn off your firearm remotely and track your firearm electronically.
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( Last year we warned you that Scott Brown was anti-gun and the Republican State Committee was actively recruiting him to run for US Senate.

New Hampshire Firearms Coalition members picketed a Republican party fundraiser in Nashua to underscore Scott Brown’s gun ban attitude. But it looks like the State Party did not get the message.

It is unfortunate that some prominent Republicans are falling all over themselves to back the anti-gun Scott Brown. Former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien said:

“Most Republicans understand that we would much rather work with an 80 or 90 percent friend of New Hampshire rather than having a 99 percent enemy of New Hampshire,” O’Brien said, “someone who does not support New Hampshire values, as is the case with Jeanne Shaheen.”

Really? How is a gun banner an 80 or 90 percent friend of New Hampshire?

Former State Representative, Steve Stepanek said:

“He’s not a candidate at this time, but I’m very pleased with what I see, and he is somebody I could definitely endorse.”

Both O’Brien and Stepanek are quoted in the Union Leader’s Granite Status column.

Apparently it doesn’t matter to O’Brien and Stepanek that Brown is a gun banner but it certainly matters to New Hampshire Firearms Coalition members.

We know that Scott Brown wants to ban semi-automatic firearms and certain magazines because he said so.  We have now learned that he is an “advisor” to a company called Global Digital Solutions. You may not have heard of this outfit but they represent the newest threat to your freedom.

Global Digital Solutions and Scott Brown are pushing a product that can remotely electronically lock a firearm and track a firearm with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  That’s right, Global Digital Solutions and Scott Brown are pushing a product that can turn off your firearm and track your firearm electronically.

In the words of Global Digital Solutions CEO Richard Sullivan with emphasis added:

“This revolutionary suite of services represents a real breakthrough by leveraging the power of web-based, digital technology to enhance safety and security in the small arms arena, both in the commercial and military sectors.  We think of it as personalized gun control and we believe the accessible worldwide market represents a multibillion dollar opportunity for GDSI.”

We at the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition believe that while this technology may earn Mr. Sullivan and anti-gun carpet bagger Scott Brown handsome profits, its introduction will likely be welcomed by other anti-gun politicians who will surely push to mandate its inclusion in all firearms. They have already done this in New Jersey.

Do you really want a gun that might not work when you need it for self defense? How many times a week do you need to restart your computer?  5? 6? 10? There is no restart in a self defense situation.  Including this technology into firearms will cost lives.  The RFID portion will allow the government to track your guns.  Think they won’t?  Really?  Look at the NSA scheme to tap the phones of ordinary Americans.  Scott Brown is taking us down a dangerous road!

Scott Brown said he wants to ban certain types of firearms and magazines. He probably realizes that is an uphill losing battle; so now, he is trying to get elected to the US Senate from New Hampshire so that he can go to Washington. Most likely to do the bidding for Global Digital Solutions. Will Scott Brown push a MANDATE for this dangerous technology being sold by Global Digital Solutions? 

If Scott Brown were to represent New Hampshire in the United States Senate it would not only be a stain on this great state but it will probably affect firearms commerce in the United States forever; in a negative way.

But the story doesn’t end here, it gets worse. Global Digital Solutions has offered to buy Freedom Group, the controlling entity for Remington, DPMS, Bushmaster, Marlin and Barnes Bullets.  You see, Richard Sullivan probably knows that no firearms manufacturer will voluntarily include his electronic locks and RFID chips in their products. The locks will result in higher costs and consumer boycotts like the one experienced by Smith and Wesson in 2000. The reason new Smith and Wesson revolvers have built in locks is because the manufacturer of the locks, Saf-T-Hammer, bought the company after boycotts almost destroyed Smith and Wesson.  Richard Sullivan, Global Digital Solutions and Scott Brown might be trying the same thing.

If the gun manufacturer is also the lock manufacturer then the locks will be included. Locks that can be disabled remotely by any computer hacker.  How secure are computer networks? The manufacturer can also install RFID chips so the government can track where all firearms are located.  And Scott Brown is part of this.

All gun owners are urged to call State Republican Chair Jennifer Horn at (603) 440-3070 and let her know in no uncertain terms that you expect the New Hampshire Republican Party to follow its platform and support the Second Amendment.  Tell her that she should stop making anti-gun Scott Brown feel welcome in our state.

You should remind all members of the Republican State Committee that their platform contains a strong pro gun plank (with emphasis):

“Protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to own and carry firearms to defend themselves, their families and their property; oppose any taxation, licensing restrictions, or registration of firearms; oppose the requirement to obtain a license to carry a concealed firearm; oppose any “assault weapons” ban; support the universal right of self defense wherever one has a legal right to be.”

And if you have some extra time to spare you should also contact the Party  Executive Director, Matt Mowers (603)225-9341 and let him know you won’t donate to a party that fields gun ban candidates.

In Liberty,
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire’s only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

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All New England states are now communist bastians of American hate . Nothing north of the Mason Dixon is deserving of our constitution and the attending bill-of -rights .


Interesting that these politicians want the rest of us to trust our lives to some RFID technology.

Very easy to jam frequencies of cellular phones, FCC makes it illegal to do so but it still happens.

Would not take much time and effort to look at the patent(s) and devise a small jamming device to be used during commission of a crime.

This would render any smart RFID firearms useless.


That’s rich. A ‘smart gun’ run by politicians. Out here in AZ, we also have Smart Guns — they’re called Law Abiding Citizens, and I’ll put any one of ’em up against your political Smart Gun, anywhere, anytime. You don’t suppose Scott Brown would hold himself criminally liable if for some reason, the computer crashed and all the people that desperately needed a firearm at that time, got bludgeoned, or shot, or raped, or tortured because what they depended on, didn’t work? Nah.


During military BASIC training they used to chant “This is my rifle and this is my ‘gun’, one is for fighting, the other is for fun.” Political Correctness put an end to that, and now the “Progressive” goal is to control both the rifle and the ‘gun’.


TSgtB You should be ignoring all the gun laws now. I may have missed something, but when I read the constitution I do not see where it says that government may place restrictions on the bill of rights. I have a copy hanging downstairs above my bar, when I go make myself a bourbon latter I will look again.

TSgt B

If the “government” passed a “law” mandating “smart guns” TODAY, I would ignore it. I will NEVER tolerate such a bogus, unethical, unconstitutional, illegal, Marxist/communist bullsh!t “mandate”.

Beyond that, I intend to but as many “old” guns as I can to add to my collection, and most of these are non-traceable and will stay that way.

Come and get ’em, TYRANTS! But first, look up the meaning of “the whole nine yards”.

Oh, and bring SWAT and a lunch truck; you’re gonna need ’em.

John carr

This is just more of Holder’s anti-gun BS. Someone should shove a smart gun up his a** side ways.