Canadian High River Gun Grab Cover-Up Continues

By Dennis R. Young

High River Gun Grab
High River Gun Grab
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada – -( On June 20 2014, it will be one year since thousands of residents of High River, Alberta had to run for their lives to escape flood waters that inundated a large part of that town and flooded many of the 4,000 homes.

A State of Local Emergency was declared by the town council and the town’s people were ordered to evacuate. Two hundred and seventy-three Mounties and three hundred and thirty soldiers descended on High River.

During the night of June 20-21 2013, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) helicopters rescued 31 people from the rooftops of their homes in High River. According to hundreds and hundreds of pages of documents obtained from the RCMP and the Department of National Defence, through Access to Information Act requests, these 31 people were the last people to be rescued by either the CAF or the RCMP.

How can that be you ask, when everyone has heard that the RCMP with the help of the military searched 4,000 homes including kicking in the doors to almost 2,000 of them?

Sadly, no one has yet been able to answer that question or many others. In fact, most of the questions folks were all asking on September 5, 2013 at MLA Danielle Smith’s Town Hall meeting in High River remain unanswered to this day:

  • Who ordered the RCMP to search and kick in the doors to High River homes and why? Is it true that police didn’t do this in any of the 29 other communities that were flooded?
  • Why did the police man roadblocks with spike belts to keep residents out of High River for nine days? Police didn’t do this in any other evacuated Alberta communities.
  • Why were the regular RCMP officers posted to High River sent away on June 24 when “hard decisions” were being made? What were these “hard decisions”?
  • Why didn’t the RCMP get a warrant to break into thousands of homes? They had lots of time to do it.
  • Why didn’t the RCMP use the CAF helicopters equipped with thermal imaging technology to find survivors?
  • Why did the RCMP kick in the doors to homes that weren’t flooded?
  • Why did the RCMP kick in doors to homes that were left unlocked?
  • Why did the RCMP kick in doors inside a number of High River homes?
  • Why did the RCMP search some homes more than once, in fact, three times for one firearms owner?
  • Who ordered the RCMP to seize firearms, ammunition, magazines, and other implements of defence?
  • Why did the RCMP say they were only seizing firearms that were in “plain view” when so many residents claim their firearms were well hidden?
  • Why did the RCMP blank out the “Location Where Recovered” on lists of the 609 guns they seized?
  • Why did the RCMP clearly target homes with firearms and kick in doors to get them?
  • Why did the RCMP seize ammunition and magazines when they already had the guns?
  • Why did the RCMP destroy 7,500 pounds of ammunition?
  • Why won’t the RCMP tell us how many and what type of charges they laid as a result of their searches?
  • Why did the CAF provide transportation to the RCMP to the High River homes when their orders from the Minister and the Chief of Defence Staff specifically ordered them not to engage in law enforcement activities?
  • Why did the RCMP keep kicking in doors and seizing guns after June 24 2013 when the CAF said there was no further risk to life and limb?
  • Why did the CAF continue to assist the RCMP with their unwarranted door-to-door search and seizure operation for two more days after the CAF said there was no further risk to life and limb?
  • Why did the RCMP defend their actions in High River by saying they did the same thing in Slave Lake, Alberta but won’t release any documentation of what they did during the Slave Lake evacuation in 2011?
  • Why was a Provincial State of Emergency declared in High River on June 28 2013 – the same day the media reported that the RCMP was seizing firearms in High River?

So the cover-up continues. What really happened in High River and why did it happen at all?

On July 5, 2013, the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP initiated an investigation into the High River mess. After two extensions, the Commission says they will have their report finished next month. If the Commission’s report doesn’t answer all of the above questions, and others I didn’t have room for in this Commentary, a judicial enquiry will be the only way to get to the bottom of this colossal violation of property rights, privacy rights and the right to be secure from search and seizure for the High River residents.

And, there will be no way to stop the RCMP from doing the same thing when a state of emergency is declared in another town – maybe your own.

For more details please see my Eighth Letter to the Commission for Public Complaints Commission and my Letter to the Minister of National Defence:


(Submitted to CSSA by Dennis R. Young – May 21, 2014)

Dennis Young retired to Airdrie, Alberta in 2007 after working for 13 years on Parliament Hill for Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville. Dennis is a member of the Calgary RCMP Veterans Association, and an Honourary Life Member of both the Canadian Shooting Sports Association and the National Firearms Association. Dennis recently received the CSSA’s John Holdstock Memorial Award for his 20-year crusade for the rights of firearms owners. For more details on his enduring contribution to the firearms community, see the March 17, 2014 CSSA E-News Commentary at

The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities. Website

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The RCMP and the government are using High River as a opportunity to gauge the reaction of citizens in this type of incidental gun confiscation. Keep people out of their homes on any phony pretext [no one needed rescuing after 22 June] and quickly round up all the firearms based on registry data. The RCMP have basically declared war on gun owners. If you have a PAL, you’re the enemy and you can’t hide or negotiate with a police state. They know all about you,where you live,work, who your spouse is and your email and phone numbers. Be prepared for… Read more »


I will remain in Texas. It may become the last bastion of freedom in Amerika.


Some of you have mentioned the 2nd Amendment and we Canadian gun owners are envious of that amendment in your constitution believe me. However we have other laws that should easily cover this situation as almost all the people violated by the RCMP should have been protected from unreasonable search and seizure. Unfortunately the RCMP thinks that means they can decided what is reasonable not a Judge (which is the one that is supposed to make that decision) however the lack of action by any level of government on this issue is what is most concerning. The RCMP used to… Read more »


@Larry,I understand what you are saying.Can you imagine the hell we would be going through w/o the Second Amend.? We are going through enough hell with it ! What is going to happen is the gun-grabbing liberals will get a supreme court full of tyrannists (they are just about there) and try and repeal or rewrite the Second Amend. They will try telling Americans that it doesn’t mean what is says. Yeah right !!!! There will be a time when states control their own gun laws w/o any federal involvment. That in my opinion is why its so critical to… Read more »

Gary from Canuckastan

Registration = Confiscation!
Canada does not have gun crime problem, Canada has a gun law problem.
More Canadians get charged with victimless non violent firearm possession and storage offences than violent gun crimes.

Phil Hewkin

High River Gun Grab represents precedent-setting largest breach of rights and freedoms in Canada, Taxpayers pay CBC 1.1 BILLION a year to suppress this story. IF ONE CBC REPORTER’s home was illegally searched, we would never hear the end of it. Anyone recall gov’t saying “we are not going to confiscate anybody’s guns, that is SILLY”


What’s a little abuse by the RCMP when you’ve got that wonderful health-care system?

Old Ironsights

Sorry Larry, you have it all wrong… All Free Men (women) MUST defend their inalienable Human Right to Existence/Self Defense. The “Constitutional Rights” guaranteed by that document are not worthy of protection because of the Document,rather The Document is simply the “legal” part of the Protection of a Right that NO person, Agency or Government may ethically restrict. To remove a Man’s means of defense is to remove a Mans Right to Self Preservation/Existence. ANY Government/Agency that seeks to remove an innocent Man’s Right to Existence is, in fact, seeking his Death – and, as such should be dealt with… Read more »


@ hbhtex, our 2nd Amendment rights didn’t stop the leo’s in New Orleans from kicking in doors and confiscating weapons without search warrants after hurricane Katrina and I doubt it would stop those rcmp in Canada either. Big governments are going to do whatever they please until the people organize and stand up against them to protect our Constitutional rights.

TSgt B

These are many MORE reasons why you never, Never, NEVER register your guns. Ever!


too bad the canucks aint got sometin comparable to our 2’nd Amendment in the US ! Although the liberal trash dont like what it says its here to stay ! Them canucks need to hide their firearms from them Dudley Dooright fools !