It’s Time To Protest Scott Brown… Again

Scott Brown
It’s Time To Protest Scott Brown… Again
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( Apparently a former Massachusetts resident has yet to realize that here in New Hampshire we actually love our firearms.

We have a long and proud tradition of protecting our values, and can be downright stubborn and patriotic about protecting those things that we hold near and dear.

Our neighbors to the south tend to be ravenously anti-gun. Their values change depending upon which way the political breeze is blowing. But here in New Hampshire, we tend to expect our candidates to have principles and a backbone to stand for those stated values. Unlike the Gun Grabbers who flourish in Massachusetts, we only support those who will fight once in office to protect our civil rights.

What we have found interesting in this year’s battle for the US Senate seat is three of the four declared candidates are out there in front of the cameras and willing to be put on record for their support for the rights of citizens to own firearms. However, there is one candidate who is constantly avoiding being recorded, has the blandest of comments regarding the 2nd amendment on the issues section and is constantly dodging questions on where he stands.

For example, most candidates have put up on their website their values on the 2nd amendment. These statements go from great to the blandest of support…

Below is the entire content copied from two of their webpages:

Scott Brown:

“Scott Brown strongly supports the Second Amendment and believes the right to bear arms is an essential constitutional freedom.”

But after the Newtown murders the former Massachusetts resident said:

“What happened in Newtown where those children were subject to that level of violence is beyond my comprehension,” Brown told the Springfield Republican on Wednesday. “As a state legislator in Massachusetts I supported an assault weapons ban thinking other states would follow suit. But unfortunately, they have not and innocent people are being killed. As a result, I support a federal assault weapons ban, perhaps like the legislation we have in Massachusetts.”

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Contrast that to former Senator Bob Smith who said:

Amendment number two of the Bill of Rights says it all very clearly.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

What part of this language do the liberals not understand? It means we have the right to own guns, Period!

It means that if the citizenry does not have personal access to weapons to defend themselves, then they cannot form a militia to defend their nation. Even worse, suppose the Government did not let you have those weapons? Take their guns and you take away the means to protect their liberties.

The liberals are constantly throwing gun control legislation at us. We are always amazed that they pick out certain parts of the Bill of Rights, like freedom of the press, and support it unequivocally. Yet the second amendment does not merit a similar defense! Is the First Amendment any more constitutional than the Second? We do not find any evidence of that when I read the Founders!

For eighteen years in Congress I fought the gun grabbers. If elected, I will be proud to pick up the gauntlet again. For each and every year of my entire congressional career, I received a 100% rating from the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America .

I was the unchallenged leader in the Senate in defense of the rights of gun owners and I cannot wait to go back and give the liberals fits again on this issue. If you want a proven champion to protect your second amendment rights, I am your candidate!

We believe that if you can’t or won’t be strong on the 2nd amendment during campaign season, there is no chance that you will be fighting for our rights when you are elected. “Soft and Squishy” candidates like Brown leave us concerned that he will trample over our values as soon as the last ballot is counted.

As an example, it appears that all US Senate candidates but one have no issues about being recorded and held accountable. For example, it has come to our attention that Brown has been staging his appearances with carefully scripted questions and prohibiting the recording of the events. One of those occurrences was detailed here:

“The curious part began with the call in the afternoon before the event, when Brown personally asked me to ensure that there would be no video recording “In order that the discussion would be uninhibited”. We mentioned that blogger(s) would be present, and specifically asked whether he’d consider a separate micro-interview with Skip – no dice.” Click here for more information.

Another occurrence was here, where he refused to attend a primary event that included all candidates and all of the other candidates committed to attending. Brown was so pompous that he did not even respond to the registered mail that was sent to his office.

Brown appears unwilling to attend any event where his unscripted words may be recorded. If Brown can’t trust his principles to guide him on the campaign trail, how could we possibly trust him in Washington?

“Brown received his invitation on April 23 2014 by registered mail, but according to McCray, had still not officially declined the invite as of Friday.” Click here to read that article.

It is easy to say that you support the 2nd amendment.

When you cower away from a microphone and a video-camera to make the statements. However we know that Brown has a long standing record of supporting anti-gun policy, wanting to ban semi-sutomatic firearms, attending fund raisers with Billionaire Bloomberg and now he wants to change his tune, but only when he will cannot be recorded…

We really wonder about the sincerity of Brown’s alleged change of heart, when he continues to enforce his no-video-allowed policy at events.

Lastly, while we are not officially sponsoring either of the events below, we felt that it was of value to our members to know about them. GONH has invited all candidates to their members meeting and Brown has committed to going. It has also come to our attention that Brown has already requested that no video-cameras be allowed at this event.

As a response to Browns no camera policy, Rep. Hoell has committed to staging a protest the same night just across the street. (Details below on when and where he has committed to show up). Rep. Hoell believes that we should never compromise on this issue and is willing to hold another Republican that is wrong accountable.

We believe that candidates need to be publicly on record for their views on all issues and we will continue to press for that. Until then, we would encourage you to go to the protest as there will be free bumper stickers and a firearm that is being raffled off.

Public announcement of Brown going to Gun Owners of New Hampshire in Concord on May 20th.


WE ARE CALLING ALL GONH members, NH General Court elected officials, State and Federal Representatives, Second Amendment Sisters Board of Directors, and any other GONH invited guests:


Click here for the original announcment.

NHFC, Inc.
Board of Directors.

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7 years ago

What a surprise! A Massachusetts politician, regardless of where he lives, is anti-gun. He also lies/hides the truth. Surprise, surprise. Just like the Obama regime.

7 years ago

Scott Brown is a carpetbagger. He “moved” to NH from MA just to establish residency to run for office. Why?? Because he was rejected by MA voters. Reminds me of Benedict Arnold who as we all know was a traitor to America and changed sides for personal gain.

Anyway Scott Brown has NEVER been a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is a person who can not be trusted to support the US Constitution. Maybe his new name should be Scott “Benedict Arnold” Brown.