Anti-Gun Antagonist Ron Charach Goes From Ridiculous To Irreponsible

Gun Control Liars
Anti-Gun Antagonist Ron Charach Goes From Ridiculous To Irreponsible
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada – -( Responsible firearms owners continue to read in disbelief the absurd newspaper op-eds and letters to the editor from Toronto psychiatrist Ron Charach.

Charach’s anti-gun and anti-government rants might be amusing if they weren’t so immorally out-to-lunch. He claims that all gun violence could be eradicated by taking guns away from responsible gun owners with more legislation.

It’s unsettling when a so-called psych professional advocates that sanity can be legislated. One is tempted to warn Charach’s patients that their doctor is a magical mystery tour pilot in a world that doesn’t exist.

At some point, however, a line needs to be drawn when authority figures abuse public trust. And here’s the line – this shrill shrink has assumed the role of judge and jury following the Moncton RCMP shootings. Charach’s recent media ranting has convicted the person who stands accused in Moncton. And there’s more – he diagnosed the accused as “paranoid” based merely on news reports and a Facebook page that anyone could have written.

What to say about a psychiatrist who makes a long-distance diagnosis and then professes the man charged is guilty without trial? Responsible psychiatrists require personal interaction with an individual before offering a diagnosis as complex as paranoia. Even for Charach this is a new low. Furthermore, he paints all gun owners with having mental illness potential, too.

Check this sample of Charach’s post-Moncton newspaper twaddle:

“The paranoid Justin Bourque, a rebel without a cause, feared and loathed the Russians, but like his predecessor mass killer Marc Gharby Lepine, he might just as well have hated women, or Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, blacks or gays. We can’t really know how many more there are like him among the community of ‘legal gun owners’ – actually, he may have been one of the many granted an amnesty by Harper for failing to register all his weapons or even to renew his gun licenses.”

Ron Charach should be hauled on the carpet for malpractice. As one of The Toronto Star’s favourite anti-gun “experts,” the editorial staff should be pilloried for unleashing Charach’s half-baked conclusions into an unsuspecting public. The Star has long used its pages to sell anti-gun propaganda and Charach is their partner in deceit. He is akin to the TV actor who gains fake authenticity by wearing the white lab coat in toothpaste commercials. The public is conditioned to believe the testimonials of those in authority – even when they shouldn’t.

Portions of Charach’s op-ed illustrate what can happen when the fantastical and the fanatical meet in one mind. It is difficult to imagine so much misinformation and hatred for gun owners and government in one essay. If people listen to Charach, the truth is in great peril. The Toronto Star and its stable of public safety “hactivists” have managed to morph the anti-gun catch-phrase “if it saves just one life” into “if it fools just one reader.”

Here’s an action item for gun owners – tell the media you caught them spreading lies.

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John E Rinehart

Did you ever notice that most Psychiatrist are crazier than the people they treat. I love it when a Psychiatrist has to have their own personal Psychiatrist. the old saying money talks the B/S walks. Stop buying the paper look at every AD in that paper and inform them you will no longer buy their product if they do not stop their AD’s. everyone understands the bottom line lose investors and it gets thru the thickest of heads. Write Those Letters and see what happens. most of all stop buying and reading that RAG.


Yep,the liberals are the center of the universe and we just orbit around it.It’s their f*cking world we just live on it !….NOT ! Karma,..those pantie wastes time will come,..sooner than later too !


Did you forget about the gift of telepathic psychoanalysis bestowed upon every liberal by their liberalism? Most even come with a handy telepathic penis measuring feature. Or have you not witnessed the application of these liberal gifts when engaged in discussion with them?