Colorado: Hickenlooper is Too Little, Too Late on Gun Control Apology

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper
“What more apology do you want? What the f—? I apologize!” ~ Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper

Charlotte, NC –-( Last Friday, June 13th 2014, Governor John Hickenlooper (D) spoke to a gathering of Colorado sheriffs in Aspen during the bi-annual County Sheriffs of Colorado Conference.

During this conference, Hickenlooper admitted that he and his office failed to meet with the sheriffs when they showed up en masse at the state Capitol in Denver and also admitted that he and his office failed to do their homework on the impact and importance of background check legislation that now unnecessarily affects hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens across the Centennial State.

Hickenlooper stated that “[t]here were a thousand things going on and other issues we were dealing with, I guess I didn’t get it.”  Hickenlooper went on to say that by the time he was aware of the criticism against the background check legislation, he had already signed it.

This seems not only unfortunate but also highly unlikely.  Thousands of freedom-loving supporters of the Second Amendment showed up to express opposition to this bill and others like it.  Individuals across the state made their presence and opposition known on a daily basis throughout the 2013 legislative session.

When pressed with further questions by the sheriffs, Hickenlooper interrupted the audience by saying “What more apology do you want? What the f—? I apologize!”  Hickenlooper, along with the other anti-gun extremists in Denver who voted in favor of passing the most egregious anti-gun legislation in Colorado history, continue to show just how out of touch they are with the state and the people who live here.

This failed attempt at redemption with the sheriffs by Hickenlooper is just one more example of why focusing on the polls this November is so critically important.  The outcome of this fall’s elections will directly impact what happens during the legislative session next year.

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  • 19 thoughts on “Colorado: Hickenlooper is Too Little, Too Late on Gun Control Apology

    1. Hickenlooper, Morse,Giron, Hudak and Bloomberg are treasonous Commie scum. The only reason they want your guns is to enslave you once they do. They will never admit that unconvenient truth. Come november here in colorado I plan to kick the door down on Hickenloopers office and all democommies and let colorado voters use my vibranium shield to beat it over hickenlooper and all democommies heads. Go republicans and all patrots in 2014 and 2015

    2. We don’t want you “f***ing apology”. We want your treasonous ass out! This man is a traitor to the Constitution, Colorado, and the nation, and should be dealt with accordingly.

    3. OK, so he “f***ing apologised”. Bid deal. That’s like a criminals saying he’s sorry. That criminal is only sorry that he got caught. If Gov H. is really sorry, he should start the process to get this legislation rescinded.

    4. Everyone likes to blame California for everything but if you look at some of the things that are going on try looking at chicago they have even worse gun control systems than Cali. and look at the problems that they have. There are a great many people in Cali. that are gun owners that everyday oppose what is going on in this state. Try blaming New York for a change, newyork has even more anti gun laws and they are in even worse shape. No people just like to blame Cali. for everything. I am a gun owner in this state And the biggest problem we have over the gun issue is are the no good low life dirty dog politicians, when we can get rid of them we do and or try to.

    5. The governor’s apology is complete, insincere nonsense, and the 2014 mid-term elections will determine not only the future of the Second Amendment, but also the future survival of the Republic.

    6. @Seanoamericano

      You are right on the money, brother, and I could not agree with you more. If the past 6 years are the libs ideas of success, I would sure hate to see what constitutes failure. Well, other than losing elections, that is.

      This Nov will be VERY interesting and, like many other Americans, I am hoping that the libs take such a shellacking that they run under the porch to be with their mommies.

    7. Yes, NRA gun nuts are scum, please feel free to explain who is out of touch to Senator John Morse, the Senate Majority Leader. Oh wait, that would be FORMER Senator John Morse…

    8. What more of an apology do we want? How about resigning IMMEDIATELY, to prove your ‘good intentions.’ And to the troll NRA gun nuts are scum, Denver may be a blue state town, but the rest of Colorado not only enjoys the shooting sports but have real reasons to possess weapons. When was the last time you were out in the wilderness, bozo? Will you reason with the bears? Will you reason with the rattle snakes? How about banning them? After all, they don’t even vote.

    9. To The NRA Gun nuts malcontent.

      Isnt Colorado where the recall of those anti American, anti Freedom and Liberty, Control Freak, Liberal Gun Control Losers were at? Whats more revealing in the mush of the liberal mind set is that the gov. offered his lame excuses and phony apology and then gets offended because its not enough to excuse when he trampled on the Rights of The People. For some reason because they said sorry its all ok. He is sorry that his pathetic excuse of an American wont be gov soon. Believe me we Real Americans have already had to suffer 6 years of liberal failures and promises and seeing the Republic being replaced with socialist proven failures, a ruined healthcare system, NDAA, NSA, Expanded Patriot Act, Drone Murders of civilians, Denials deflection and shirking of responsibility gay homo garbage, Vote fraud collapse of Borders. bank bailouts. skyroketing unemployment , assaults on the Rights of the People All of which have been hearlded by the left as success stories.

    10. To NRA gun nuts are scum:

      Go back to Kalifornia, you bottomfeeding socialist gungrabbing slug. Colorado USED to be a wonderful state, until you jackasses came down from your acid trip and ended up here.. We’ll see what happens in November, but either way, you’re not getting our guns. Maybe some of our ammo, though.

    11. What is wrong with you “NRA gun nuts are scum”! Ordinary american citizens who enjoy the shooting sports are no more the problem than guns are. The problem is criminals who don’t give a rats ass about killing our the law. You won’t stop them from killing no matter how many laws there are! Don’t you get it!

    12. Out of touch? Colorado is a BLUE STATE you sick right wing gun nuts. You nRA gun nuts are the ones out of touch with Colorado. The right wing gun nuts will suffer at the polls

    13. I was in the crowd protesting in Denver last spring. We tried to communicate our position to the State Senators and the Governor but they didn’t want to hear, or listen to our position. They’ll suffer accordingly at the polls .

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