New Optisan CX6 RifleScope Redefining Tactical Precision

Optisan CX6 RifleScope
Optisan CX6 RifleScope

Moorpark, CA –-( The new Optisan CX6 Series is the latest introduction from European sport optics brand Optisan, which is now available in North America.

The Optisan CX6 Precision Tactical Riflescope with patented MS3 glass etched reticle was developed for extreme tactical use and 3-gun competition incorporating three ranging systems for speed, accuracy and ease of use.

With 6 times zoom, this 1-6×24 30mm optic features true 1X power magnification for fast “both eyes open” target acquisition in close quarters, all the way up to 6X magnification for mid-to-long range shots for a distinct advantage over standard 1-4X or 1-5X optics. Having the versatility of a true 1X with up to 6X in one optic is a real tactical advantage especially in 3-gun competition.

The Optisan CX6 MS3 has design features built for CQB speed as well as multiple range estimation features for downrange accuracy. Three easy to use ranging features together with bullet drop and windage compensation make the CX6 a true all in one tactical optic. Shooters have their choice in ranging with either Power Ring, Bracket Width or standard Mil Dot methods. Used by the military for years, the Power Ring ranging method is a proven fast, accurate method of estimating distance to the target by bracketing the target within the MS3 reticle and adjusting the magnification power until the target fits inside the reticle. Range or distance can then be read off the corresponding yardage marking on the CX6 power ring.

The Bracket Width method of ranging is based on the width of an 18″ full size IPSC plate target. This quick ranging method is easy to use by bracketing the target with the corresponding MS3 drop line giving the shooter the distance to the target. For shooters who prefer to use Mil Dot ranging methods the Optisan CX6 MS3 also incorporates both vertical and horizontal mil dots. For bullet drop and windage compensation the Optisan CX6 MS3 uses a series of drop lines to 800 yards and windage dots representing a 10 yard crosswind for on the go compensation for distance and conditions.

For strength, the Optisan CX6 is built on a solid one piece CNC machined 30mm tube and incorporates a heavy-duty coil spring erector system for repeatability. Optisan uses proprietary ETE+ Microlux™ Fully Multi-Coated glass coatings for maximum light transmission, contrast and distortion-free resolution giving the shooter crisp, clear sight pictures. With long eye relief and recoil tested on a 50 BMG, the CX6 is built to take any caliber or application.

The CX6 has a six-step reticle illumination system suitable for night to daylight use with off positions between each step. The easy finger adjustable, resettable zero turrets with audible 1/2 MOA clicks allow the shooter tool-less in the field adjustments with proven repeatability. Other features and accessories include modern spiral cut, low profile designed caps and power ring plus premium screw in O-ring sealed metal flip up scope covers. With dedicated customer support, a Lifetime Warranty backs all Optisan CX riflescopes in the US.

A leader in precision optics throughout Europe and the UK, Optisan riflescopes and binoculars are now available in the U.S. Made famous for its commitment to product development and innovation, Optisan has built a reputation for high quality products and attention to detail in all aspects of European design. With worldwide sales and distribution in over 30 countries and its own manufacturing facilities in three countries, Optisan has a true global presence. Unlike most U.S. Optics brands that only “market” optical riflescopes and binoculars, Optisan designs optics and develops new products and manufacturing processes for its ISO9000 certified manufacturing facilities. By knowing what is on the inside of the riflescope allows for more control over the total quality of the product. All Optisan riflescopes are backed with a Lifetime Warranty and serviced in the United States.

To learn more about Optisan products including detail specifications, customer support and the Optisan Lifetime warranty visit

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Ron labate

Where can I buy the 1 by 6 scope ? 89801 zip code