Red Ork Looks To Crowdfund Bullet Company

Red Ork Cast & Coated Lead Boolits
Red Ork Cast & Coated Lead Boolits
Red Ork Boolits
Red Ork Boolits

Orlando, FL –-( A start up entrepreneur in Orlando, FL has launched a crowd funding campaign to help get a new bullet casting company off the ground.

Red Ork Boolits will offer premium bullets for reloaders.

The Indiegogo campaign that owner Dan Crenshaw recently launched will help him form and grow his company faster than traditional business loans if successful. The campaign can be found at

Red Ork Boolits will feature the innovative Hi-Tek Lube coating from J&M Specialized Products in Australia.

This wonder bullet coating has been used in Europe and Australia for over a decade and was recently popularized in the US by Bayou Bullets.

Since this heat cured coating does not smoke like wax bullet lube reloaders can get lead bullet accuracy with plated bullet lack of smoke and barrel leading.

Red Ork pitch idea from Red Ork on Vimeo.

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