Gun Control vs Self Defense – A Tale of Two Videos, Which One Are You?

By Tred Law

Gun Control vs Self Defense - A Tale of Two Videos, Which One Are You?
Gun Control vs Self Defense – A Tale of Two Videos, Which One Are You?
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Recently the genuineness at Every Town for Gun Control released a video “Will you stop this?” trying to win over women to their side promoting victim disarmament, the real war on women.

It depicts a woman with a gun pointed in her face screaming as her violent, murdering, restraining ordered lover pulls the trigger in front of their supposed child. Fade to black…”now join our cause and help fight against freedom and your rights“. Yeah, you should want no part of this one…video below.

Now before you comment, contrast that with a video titled “GLOCK and Gunny – Wrong Girl”. A very similar script, girl home alone, scary stranger at the door. The difference in this video, from Glock Firearms, is they believe in empowering women and our right to keep and bear arms. Needless to say this video version of the same plot ends a lot better for everyone, but the bad guy.

So the question is do you want to be a helpless victim ending up dead from a gun shot wound to the head or having the ability to defend yourself against a person twice your size and living to tell the tale.

“God created men and women, but Sam Colt made them equal” ~ Anonymous

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If my house gets broke into it will be the last house he ever breaks in to.

Wild Bill

@RDNK, I concur, I have 11 dogs, and need the meat.


As others have written, law abiding citizens defend themselves, family and total strangers each and every day, without firing a single shot.

Often a firearm pointed at you can make you think quickly and stop what you are about to do.

The media often ignores these true stories because it is not in their interest.


Alan, Just the other day a gun somehow figured out how to open the safe from the inside and floated around the room looking for a baby to kill. Fortunately no babies were present but just in case one showed up at the door I ducked out of sight of the gun and came around the back of it, wrestled it to the ground and proceeded to unload it. I swear these guns are getting smarter all the time.


Nancy, The Jews in Nazi Germany died without harming anyone either. But Hitler already had his strategy figured out. He registered guns first then used these lists to arrest any Jews who refused to turn in their firearms.
Turning in guns because you think the criminals have too many firearms is like castrating yourself because you believe your neighbors have too many kids.


Check your Direct TV or Dish Net for a Show called “Stop The Threat” every Friday night….way better job of preparing you for the “Draw or Retreat” decision….Youtube also has the Show…


Notice that in the Glock video, nobody died. The bad guy passed out at the sight of a piece of Tupperware aimed at him. The other video… how bloodthirsty.


I am on the side of the second video, something similar to this happened to a friends. The bad guy broke in and was faced with a .40 S&W the guy froze right where he stood. You do NOT always have to fire sometimes just the sight of the gun will cause a bad guy to wet his pants. Those who would side with the first video well the only thing I can say is I hope that piece of paper is bullet proof, because your body is taking a shot.


I was going to watch the videos but was afraid the gun might jump off the screen and hurt somebody all by itself. Gee, do we have a problem with evil people doing bad things to helpless people or is the problem a tool that can be used for both good and evil?


The gungrabbers have lost and the parasites know it ! Bloomberg and his mad mommas will just be a humorious memory after the mid-terms ! And remember,always practice good gun control ! I suggest using the two hand thumb overlap grip ! Works for me ! Shoot and be happy !


Why let someone willing to kill you get away with murder and move on to murder others? I don’t believe in killing, but will protect my family even if it means someone breaking in to cause harm will die! A gun is a home tool to be used in case of emergency. People that would prefer to die due to a criminals gun could be causing others to die. React properly to the situation. Do not just shoot randomly. Stop the criminal from doing harm to you or your family. I have family to live and care for! I guess… Read more »


DRoberts, don’t feed the trolls!


Nancy, it’s certainly your choice how to respond to such a situation. But please do not impede those who chose to be armed and fight back.


Nancy, are you a pacifist ? Are you saying that you would actually PREFER to be killed in meek submission instead of fighting for your own life ?

But I’ll bet you wouldnt hesitate a second to call others with guns ( the Police) to come and try to save you. You would blink if THEY had to shoot and kill your attacker to save your life.



Guns in the home kill babies…

Wild Bill

Alan, guns do not kill anyone. Guns are just inanimate objects.


You gunbullies just wont rest until guns are everywhere. I am with the first video at least she died without hurting other people.


But she didn’t have to die, if she was able to d ed fend herself.

Wild Bill

@Nancy, I am not sure what gunbullies are. Even my spell checker is having trouble with it. I suspect it is another new made up word that fronts for a whole new made up argument that does not really exist. And Nancy, if you prefer to die without hurting anyone, then by all means go ahead. I am not sure why you would want to make it easy for them, but I respect your choice. I am sure that the world will be a lesser place without you, but we”ll get over it.