Atelier Trompeter & Ritchi – Luxury Engravings

“From craft one can elevate themselves to art” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Bondorf, Germany – -(  Atelier Trompeter & Ritchi stands worldwide for luxury engravings and the finest handcrafted knives.

Only a few exhibits leave the studio in Bondorf near Stuttgart every year.

They are presented at international exhibitions such as Moscow, Las Vegas or Abu Dhabi.

Luxury engravings – up to 700 hand-engraved points per mm²

Engraver Richard Maier crafts each of his works under a microscope and purely by hand. Every motif consists of tens of thousands of lines and points.

Up to a hundred hand-engraved points per square millimetre are possible.

The structures become “visible” through a special staining procedure. Richard Maier’s steel and scrimshaw engravings thus obtain a realistic effect.

“I see my works as poetry. This requires the knowledge of words and forming sentences. This is comparable to the craftsmanship of engraving. To grind a burin and therefore to engrave a simple line is as if you are learning the alphabet. My engravings are poems, they tell stories,” says Ritchi Maier about his works.

The knives of the Trompeter & Ritchi collection are crafted purely by hand and include handcrafted knives made from prehistoric materials and precious Damascus steel.

Trompeter & Ritchi – The Spirit Of Africa
Trompeter & Ritchi – The Spirit Of Africa

So only a few exquisite pieces are created each year. Various handle materials and blade steels such as fossil mammoth ivory or hand-forged Damascus steel are utilised in this regard.

Customers also frequently put together their personal knife according to their own wishes.

Various specialists work on a Trompeter & Ritchi knife.

Damascus blade smith, knife maker and engraver form the perfect union in this process. Saddlers and bookbinders accurately implement leather sheaths and customised cases.

Back-lock pocket knives, fully integral knives as well as various hunting knife models are the focuses of collections.


Since 1994, Trompeter & Ritchi has been the address for the finest engravings, scrimshaws and handcrafted luxury objects.

“The spirit of creation is the inspiration for the objects that we form.” ~ This sentence aptly encapsulates the philosophy of Trompeter & Ritchi.