COFFEEBOXX: The ‘For When SHTF’ Coffee Maker

COFFEEBOXX: The World's Toughest Coffee Maker :
COFFEEBOXX: The World’s Toughest Coffee Maker :

USA – -( COFFEEBOXX – The world’s first ruggedized coffee brewer built to perform in the toughest places. It is the first brewer to take single-serve coffee beyond the home & office.

The COFFEEBOXX works where other coffee makers fear to tread — from the jobsite to the tailgate to the campground, the bunker and beyond.

It is field tested to meet unprecedented standards: crush-proof, dust-proof, spill-proof, rust-proof, water resistant, impact resistant. It uses the latest single-serve technology to deliver coffee anywhere coffee lovers work and play.

COFFEEBOXX Special Ops Black Edition
COFFEEBOXX Special Ops Black Edition

The product is in the crowdfunding stage right now headed for a March 2015 launch into retail stores.

  • Weighing only 11 pounds, its lightweight body and rubber carrying handle makes it extremely portable on jo bsites, at tailgates, concerts, or camping.
  • It is compatible with all K-cup style pods and has a 2.5L (84.5oz) water tank, which is 75 percent more water than the average home coffee brewery machine.
  • It also offers three different brewing sizes for the perfect cup of coffee.
  • It is powered by a 3 foot retractable heavy-duty cord.

This is another great example or American innovation and worth supporting. For more information go to:

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I bought a Coffeeboxx. Thought it was a cool idea, invested in it. Did take a little while to get it but considering time to market, not too shabby and it works well. Nice and quick in my Jeep for camping. Draws some juice so good when the car is running. Works like a charm. No muss, no fuss. Works for me.


BIG PROBLEM with a Kickstarter Program. You Oder Today, and Maybe in a Year or So. You’ll actually get the Product or A REFUND…


I live in an RV. I want something unbreakable and unspillable that will produce an entire pot of coffee on demand, no need for those fancy K-cups or even for paper filters – using nothing but ordinary ground coffee and water.